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Baby’s First Haircut – What Options You Have For A Clean and Cool Look

Your first baby is special, we all know that. What about the very first haircut of your little guy or girl? That’s equally special too! So, do you have any special plans for carving out a special look on your boy? You must be looking for the best options in baby’s first haircut so that he draws all eyes and gets the attention from everyone around. You don’t always have to think out of the box here and a simple, clean look would do it rather elegantly. Just find some of the best kids haircuts that create nice and clean vibes for your little one.

The Coolest Baby’s First Haircut 2024

When looking for the first haircut options for your kid, you can stick to the more formal looks or you can try some blown-out styles to see how your kid carries these looks. The options are endless and you can pick any of the hairstyles for boys listed below.

  1. African-American Curly Taper

African-American Curly Taper

A curly taper looks gorgeous on the naturally curly hair of the African-American boys. And if you can add a little hard part to the mix, that’s even better. The hairstyle would work best for his school too and you should be shy in styling his hair like that.

  1. Spiky Quiff for Baby Boys

Spiky Quiff for Baby Boys

Kids adore quiff hairstyles like nobody else. And if you are looking to create some special vibes for your little man, this really is the way to go. Comb it all forward and form a nice and short spiky quiff at the front. It will look amazing and will be accentuated further with the help of a nice hair design on the sides. A temple fade can add another unique element of style to the look.

  1. Messy Top With Hair Design
Messy Top With Hair Design

Getting your baby boy his first haircut is special, and getting him the first hair design is even better. Yes, if you want to create unique and special vibes with your kids hairstyle, creating a bit of mess should never be overlooked as an option. Keep his hair short on top and even shorter on the sides while leaving the top messy. Create unique and beautiful designs on the sides, just around the temples, and you have a wonderful hairdo ready for your little boy.

  1. Curled at the Ends

Curled at the Ends

You can always let your kids’ hair to grow naturally and make unique vibes with those curled-out tips. It will look classic and will create amazing vibes if your kid has golden hair. The hairdo doesn’t require any styling to be done and it is just about the natural looks of your little boy.

  1. Equal Length with Spiked Up Front

Equal Length with Spiked Up Front

Keeping it all at the same length on the top and spiking his fine hair up at the front can always create gorgeous vibes. You can count on this hairstyle for a variety of occasions from casual to formal. The sides can be trimmed shorter at the bottom while the hair on top can be allowed to fall over to the sides too. You may need some styling product to achieve this style to perfection. Besides, it’s not one of the low maintenance haircuts and will require you to take special care of it.

  1. Parted Side Bangs
Parted Side Bangs

Another hairstyle where you must allow your kids’ hair to grow freely in all directions with no restrictions whatsoever, this one also makes gorgeous vibes. The hairstyle is best suited for kids with fine and thin hair which makes it easy to achieve as well. The only styling you have to do is to part it casually and take the bangs to a side by sweeping them either by your fingers or with the help of a comb. The natural curves to the grown out tips will make it look even better.

  1. Punk Rock Tot

Punk Rock Tot

Punk hairstyles have something unique about them and they can always set your kid apart from the crowd. The cool and gorgeous vibes it creates is second to none. For achieving the look, make sure that you have some length left on top and go for a disconnected undercut on the sides while allowing the hair on top to fall over. Achieve a slicked look with the help of a styling product applied to side-swept hair. Overall, it will look amazing and everyone will love this style of your baby boy.

You must do some special preparations for getting your baby’s first haircut and must start by deciding on the best boys hairstyles available. The options are endless, and it’s just the matter of which hairstyle you think would better suit your boy.