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Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Boys Often Endorsed By The Best Fashion Schools

Fashion schools have really played a major role in redefining the world of fashion and style over these past few years. There have been a lot of them that have introduced new fashion trends not only in what you wear but also in hairstyles and haircuts for kids.

The experts at these schools define every year what your little man should be wearing and how you should help them look stylish and elegant while making sure that they don’t breach their school code. Kids have their own requirements of style as you also have to maintain that cute little child in them. So, the best option you have is definitely to get your kids the hairstyles that have already been endorsed by the specialists.

  1. Side Parted Hairstyle With Slicked Back Hair

Source: aziz_xan_official

Side parted hairstyles have a chic vibe to them always and if you know exactly how to get it right then nothing can beat the looks of this wonderful hairdo. Make sure your kid has medium length hair and part it to a side before slicking it back with the help of a quality styling product.

It will look cool, shiny, and textured to make it a wonderful hairstyle for your little guy. If you can go with a hard part, that would make it even better. A chic, stylish, and elegant look, this one really speaks volumes about itself.

  1. Short Spiky Hairstyle

Spikes hairstyles have always been amazing and they really make a stylish and cool look overall. One of the best low maintenance haircuts, spikes just require you to give your boy a perfect short haircut and style it with extra texture using a quality styling product. Just apply the pomade or styling gel onto your palms, rub it up and run the fingers through his hair to spike it up to perfection. It will really look gorgeous on him.

  1. Combover Fade Haircut

Source: official_barber_ai

 Looking for the best fade haircut for your little one? Why not go with something that’s been endorsed by most of the fashion schools today? Yes, a combover fade really makes for a chic, stylish, and easy to achieve hairstyle that will speak volumes about itself. The hairstyle is pretty simple as you just have to make sure that your kid’s hair is grown to medium length on top and combed all the way to the back to create amazing vibes. The sides are given a faded look and you can even go for a disconnected undercut here. Style it with a hard part and you can’t ask for anything better.

  1. Short Quiff With High Fade

Source: ngocno97

 Heard of a quiff haircut? Don’t want to go with the conventional style? Why not style it a bit short than the normal hairdo? Yes, quiffs have always been amazing and they will be ruling this year too with just a bit of different approach towards styling. Keep it short on top and have a high fade on the sides to make for a perfectly stylish look that won’t breach the school code of your kid either.

  1. Buzz Cut With Hair Design

Over the years, you must have seen many variations of typical buzz cut hairstyle but they remain the same at their core – short trimmed and tight to the head all over. So, you can go with this same hairstyle this year as well but with a bit of a twist. First get it trimmed shorter all over and then achieve some cool geometrical designs on top. Your kid is definitely going to cherish this wonderful look.

  1. Pomp Fade Haircut

The kids haircuts that have been inspired by typical pompadours are pretty easy to achieve and they really look awesome. You can definitely go for the blow-drying option but it really would be enough to style it with a product. If you are just beginning, you can try a bit of classic stuff like Layrite. Even though the hairstyle looks cool when styled by combing over the hair on top but you can also style it to a side or maybe wear it loose.

  1. Curly Hairstyle With Low Fade

Kids with curly hair often find it hard to style their beautiful locks. However, with just the right approach, their hairstyling problems can be well taken care of. Most fashion schools today endorse the fact that the best way you have for styling curly hair of your kids is to style it messy on top. That’s exactly what he have here. The hairstyle is given a perfect balance with a mix of messy top and neat sides. Keep the curls to medium length on top while going with a smart low fade on the sides. The hairstyle would look gorgeous and your kid would be ready cherish his wonderful new look.

  1. Textured Pompadour With Side Part

Pompadour hairstyles for boys can be a popular choice every year but this time around the fashion gurus have chosen to go with a more textured and casual look. It is a typical pompadour style as far as the look goes but that added texture makes it look different and more casual. Apply some styling product to achieve a perfect style at the end of the day.

  1. Spiky Faux Hawk

Another wonderful hairstyle which comes with a whole new twist this year, a spiky faux hawk look would make your day when looking for kids hairstyles. The hairstyle has a unique stylish vibe to deliver as it is achieved in a typical faux hawk style on top but is styled a little bit forward and has a spiky touch to it. The sides are given a high fade which resembles more of an undercut fade. Overall, the hairstyle looks just perfect and it won’t require much of hassle to achieve the look every time.

  1. Wavy Fringe

If you want to style his naturally curly and wavy hair into a more casual hairstyle, a wavy fringe is definitely the way to go this year. The hairstyle requires you to keep it a bit longer on top so that the natural waves become evident as you bring his hair forward or slightly to a side. The sides have a taper fade and it complements the hair on top to perfection and actually balances it off. Overall, it is a more casual look and will make a perfect choice for your kid in his everyday routine. The natural waves really look gorgeous.

So, what do you make of these recommendations from the top fashion schools around? Do you think any of these kids haircuts is going to make a difference to your kid’s overall style this year? We believe he is definitely going to look more fashionable and stylish than ever if you choose to go with one of the looks listed above. Just start screening through the listed options and find your kid a wonderful hairstyle to sport this year.