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25 Classic Ducktail Haircut Ideas For A Tasteful Retro Look

Are you a fan of vintage styles, particularly the classic ducktail haircut popular in the 50s and 60s? This iconic hairstyle has made a comeback in recent years, with many men opting for a retro look. However, finding the right inspiration can be challenging.

The ducktail haircut was first popularized by celebrities like Elvis Presley and James Dean and has since become a timeless hairstyle. It’s a style that exudes sophistication and masculinity, making it ideal for both casual and formal occasions.

Whether you’re looking to relive the glory days of the past or simply want to incorporate a retro touch into your modern look, the classic ducktail haircut is a great option.

This article compiles 25 vintage ducktail hairstyle ideas that will help you achieve a tasteful retro look that’s both stylish and timeless.


Best Ducktail Haircut Options For A Classically Modern Vibe

Here we have hand-vetted some of the old classics and brought to you with a modern vibe. Check out these wonderful options and pick the best ducktail hairstyle for you.

1. Wavy Slicked Back Ducktail

This beautiful hairstyle with a wavy top lends a ducktail a completely modern look. The hair is all slicked back with a nice wavy pattern while the back makes an arc at the bottom. It’s a true modern classic!


2. Slicked Back With Undercut

The Slicked Back With Undercut photo captures a sophisticated yet modern take on ducktail haircuts. In this style, the top hair is slicked back smoothly while the sides feature a sharp undercut.

The undercut adds a contemporary edge, and the slicked-back hair seamlessly transitions into a ducktail at the back, making it a stylish choice for those looking for a polished look with a twist.


3. Textured Quiff Ducktail

The Textured Quiff Ducktail photo features an edgy take on classic ducktail haircuts. The back resembles the traditional ducktail hairstyle, while the front boasts a textured quiff. This combination adds volume and style to the hair, making it a great choice for those who want to blend the past and the present in their haircut.


4. Pompadour Ducktail Hybrid

The Pompadour Ducktail Hybrid showcases an exciting blend of a voluminous pompadour with the neatness of ducktail haircuts. In the photo, the hair is combed back to form the classic ducktail, while the front has the added height and curvature of a pompadour. This style is elegant and makes a bold statement.


5. Side Part Ducktail

In the Side Part Ducktail photo, you’ll see a ducktail hairstyle with a defined side part. The hair smoothly transitions into the ducktail at the back. This polished style is versatile, lending itself well to both casual and formal settings. It’s an ideal choice among ducktail haircuts for boys who want a classy yet understated look.


6. Faux Hawk Ducktail Fusion

The Faux Hawk Ducktail Fusion photo displays a creative mix of a modern faux hawk and the traditional ducktail. The hair in the middle is kept longer and spiked up, while the sides transition into a sleek ducktail at the back. This hairstyle is daring and perfect for making a fashionable statement.


7. Curly Top Ducktail

The Curly Top Ducktail photo features naturally curly hair paired with a ducktail hairstyle. The curls add a playful element to the otherwise structured ducktail, making it a fantastic choice for those with natural texture in their hair.


8. Layered Ducktail

The Layered Ducktail photo presents a ducktail haircut with added depth and dimension. Layers are cut throughout the hair, and it seamlessly transitions into a ducktail at the back. This style adds movement and is particularly flattering on thicker hair types.


9. Ducktail with Skin Fade

In the Ducktail with Skin Fade photo, the sides are faded down to the skin, and the hair gradually increases in length towards the back to form a ducktail. This is a modern twist on the classic ducktail hairstyle and adds a sharp, contemporary edge to the look.


10. Braided Ducktail

The Braided Ducktail photo showcases a unique and artistic style, where the hair is braided and gathered into a ducktail at the back. This style is intricate and ideal for those who like to experiment with different textures and patterns in their hair.


11. Spiky Ducktail

The Spiky Ducktail photo displays a high-energy style where the hair on top is cut and styled into spikes, descending into a ducktail at the back. It’s a fun and edgy choice among ducktail haircuts for boys looking to stand out.


12. Ducktail with Side Swept Bangs

The Ducktail with Side Swept Bangs photo features a ducktail hairstyle with a gentle, side-swept fringe at the front. This adds a soft, approachable element to the classic ducktail and is ideal for those looking for a more relaxed style.


13. Ducktail with Beard Connection

The Ducktail with Beard Connection photo shows a ducktail hairstyle that seamlessly connects with a beard. This style creates a cohesive look and is a mature, distinguished option for those who can grow facial hair.


14. A Classic Ducktail For The Redheads

The Classic Ducktail For The Redheads photo showcases a traditional ducktail hairstyle on a redhead. The rich color of the red hair brings out the texture and layers in the ducktail, giving it a vibrant and eye-catching appearance.

This style is a beautiful option for redheads looking to embrace a classic ducktail haircut.


15. Pronounced Full Ducktail

In the Pronounced Full Ducktail photo, the ducktail hairstyle is the star of the show. The hair is styled in a way that the ducktail shape is very pronounced and full.

This style is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement with their hair and fully embrace the vintage charm of ducktail haircuts.


16. Ducktailed Top

The Ducktailed Top photo features a variation where the ducktail is primarily formed with the top hair. The sides are kept short, and the top hair is styled backward to create a ducktail shape.

This is a modern and edgy take on the classic ducktail, making it a versatile and fashionable choice.


17. Inverted Ducktail

In the Inverted Ducktail photo, you’ll find a creative twist on the traditional ducktail. Instead of the hair being styled towards the center at the back, it is styled outward, creating an inverted effect. This is an adventurous and unique style for those looking to experiment with different variations of ducktail haircuts.


18. Ducktail With A Line And Razor Design

The Ducktail With A Line And Razor Design photo displays an artistic take on the ducktail hairstyle. The hair is styled into a ducktail at the back, and the sides feature a sharp line and razor design.

This adds a custom and modern flair to the classic ducktail, making it ideal for those who want to incorporate some intricate detailing into their haircut.


19. Inverted Ducktail on Crop

This beautiful ducktail haircut takes the very concept of the haircut to a whole new level. Rather than slicking it all back, the hair on either side is slicked forward so that it meets in the center of the cool crop.


20. Typical Ducktail With Combover

Typical Ducktail With Combover photo features a traditional ducktail coupled with a classic combover at the front. The hair is neatly combed over to one side and transitions into a ducktail at the back.

This style exudes elegance and class, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a refined and timeless look.


21. Inverted Ducktail With A High Back

This beautiful design is about combing it all back at the top and the sides while trimming the back a little higher. It’s a classic look with a little modern touch.


22. Short Ducktail

For this beautiful hairstyle, you don’t have to grow the hair too long. The hairstyle requires short trimmed hair and brings it all in the center at the back of the head. A little fade towards the bottom does the rest.


23. Long Combover Ducktail

Grown long at the front and combed all the way back, this beautiful hairstyle boasts a unique and elegant vibe. The hair the sides and around the neck is trimmed to the skin to lend it a chic look.


24. Casual Ducktail

This classic hairstyle variation is a typical ducktail hairstyle with slightly messy hair on top.


25. Messy Top With Design At The Back

This hairstyle keeps some volume on top that is curly and messy while there is skin fade on the sides. A beautiful surgical design is created at the back that resembles an arrow. Overall, it looks gorgeous and modern by all means.


A ducktail haircut can be implemented in so many different ways that can change the classic vibe of the hairdo into a more modern look. The ducktail hair doesn’t have to be boring and you can pick one of the interesting variations of the hairstyle from the list above. Try a ducktail hairstyle and revamp your look with something different. There are some interesting options on the list above, see if one of them fits your style.