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Suave Ducktail Haircut Options For A Tasteful Retro Look

If you are looking forward to giving a retro look to your hair, a ducktail haircut would be a perfect choice for you. A hairstyle that dates back to the 1950s, the typical ducktail hair requires it to be parted into two and slicked back so that it meets in the center. Fortunately, there are many new variations of the look that have evolved over time and they allow you to make the most modern picks too. So, choose a ducktail hairstyle that fits your needs and enjoy a unique retro-to-modern feel any day.

Best Ducktail Haircut Options For A Classically Modern Vibe

Here we have hand-vetted some of the old classics and brought to you with a modern vibe. Check out these wonderful options and pick the best ducktail hairstyle for you.

Wavy Slicked Back Ducktail

This beautiful hairstyle with a wavy top lends a ducktail a completely modern look. The hair is all slicked back with a nice wavy pattern while the back makes an arc at the bottom. It’s a true modern classic!

Slicked Back With Undercut

This one takes your ducktail hair back and complements it with a nice undercut. It delivers a cool vibe overall.

A Classic Ducktail For The Redheads

This beautiful retro look is a true implementation of a ducktail hairstyle. The hair at the front is nicely combed over and looks amazing.

Pronounced Full Ducktail

This one is a true classic with mid skin fade. There is volume on top and it is slicked back in two visible parts.

Ducktailed Top

This cool look boasts a nice undercut all over with volume right in the middle of the head. The entire hair volume is combed back in ducktail style.

Inverted Ducktail

This inverted ducktail looks nice and is a modern hairstyle for any day.

Ducktail With A Line And Razor Design

This duck tail look parts it all in the center and combs the hair back. There is a little line in the center at the back of the head and a slanted razor design to elevate the look.

Inverted Ducktail on Crop

This beautiful ducktail haircut takes the very concept of the haircut to a whole new level. Rather than slicking it all back, the hair on either side is slicked forward so that it meets in the center of the cool crop.

Typical Ducktail With Combover

The hair is combed over at the front and it is turned into a typical ducktail around the back.

Inverted Ducktail With A High Back

This beautiful design is about combing it all back at the top and the sides while trimming the back a little higher. It’s a classic look with a little modern touch.

Short Ducktail

For this beautiful hairstyle, you don’t have to grow the hair too long. The hairstyle requires short trimmed hair and brings it all in the center at the back of the head. A little fade towards the bottom does the rest.

Long Combover Ducktail

Grown long at the front and combed all the way back, this beautiful hairstyle boasts a unique and elegant vibe. The hair the sides and around the neck is trimmed to the skin to lend it a chic look.

Casual Ducktail

This classic hairstyle variation is a typical ducktail hairstyle with slightly messy hair on top.

Messy Top With Design At The Back

This hairstyle keeps some volume on top that is curly and messy while there is skin fade on the sides. A beautiful surgical design is created at the back that resembles an arrow. Overall, it looks gorgeous and modern by all means.

A ducktail haircut can be implemented in so many different ways that can change the classic vibe of the hairdo into a more modern look. The ducktail hair doesn’t have to be boring and you can pick one of the interesting variations of the hairstyle from the list above. Try a ducktail hairstyle and revamp your look with something different. There are some interesting options on the list above, see if one of them fits your style.