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20 Lovely Dreadlocks Styles for Kids/Girls (2024 Trends)

Discovering the perfect dreadlocks styles for little girls can sometimes feel challenging. Yet, with the diverse array of options available today, styling dreadlocks is far from boring!

Black little girls have a unique hair texture that lends itself wonderfully to a variety of dreadlock styles.

The versatility and creativity of these hairstyles can truly let your little girl’s personality shine. Whether you desire a simple and neat look or prefer a more creative style, we have plenty of exciting kids dreadlocks styles to inspire you.

You can customize these styles to fit your little one’s preferences and lifestyle. So let’s explore some captivating ideas together.

Stunning Dreadlocks Styles For Kids/Girls 2024

For those kinky and curly hair, you really need to pick the best hairstyles that would give them a whole new look.Whether you want something funky or a hairstyle that’s more on the modest side, check out the list below and you’ll surely find something matching your specific requirements.

Red Dreadlocks With Extravagant Top Knot

If you have always preferred length, this is the hairstyle you need to go for. It boasts of some color too and allows long dreadlocks to fall over on all sides. The beautiful, extravagant top knot makes a unique statement and attracts all eyes.

Golden Locs

Twisting your strands together is all it takes to achieve this timeless look. For a more elegant vibe, you can give it a golden shade and accessorize with some matching little accessories. The volume it creates is just amazing.

Dreadlocks With Angled Braid

This cool implementation of dreadlocks with an angled braid starting halfway through the top and going towards a side looks gorgeous. A perfect party hairstyle for little girls!

Beaded Locs For Kids

For this style, dreadlocks are adorned with a selection of colorful beads. This gives the hairstyle an added pop of color and makes it a perfect choice for girls who love a touch of fun and color in their hair.

Curly Ends Locs

Here, dreadlocks are maintained only until halfway down the hair length and then allowed to transition into natural curls at the ends. This gives an interesting dual texture look to the hair, combining the neatness of locs with the playfulness of curls.

Dreadlocks Bob for Little Girl

This style is perfect for those who prefer shorter hair. The dreadlocks are styled in a bob cut, which not only makes it easier to manage but also gives a cute and trendy look to the wearer.

High Ponytail Dreadlocks

This dreadlocks style features a high ponytail, which gives a youthful and vibrant vibe. The hair is neatly gathered at the top and tied into a ponytail, letting the locs flow freely at the back.

Bantu Knots With Dreadlocks

For this hairstyle, dreadlocks are styled into Bantu knots. It’s a fun style that’s also protective, as it tucks the ends of the hair away. It can be achieved by coiling sections of the hair into small knots at the scalp.

Dreadlocks With Headband For Black kid

A simple and effective style, this involves wearing a headband to push back dreadlocks from the face. The headband could be a stylish accessory or a simple fabric tie. This is a great way to keep hair out of the face while also adding a touch of style.

Side Ponytail Dreadlocks

This style involves gathering the dreadlocks into a ponytail on one side. This can be a fun and playful look, especially with the addition of hair accessories such as ribbons or bows. It’s also an easy way to manage long dreadlocks.


Crown Locs

You might have seen many braided crown hairstyles, but this one is quite a unique take at the look. It’s gorgeous!


Cool Dreadlocks Design

This one is all about creating dreadlocks on top in a cool unique pattern.


Dreadlock Design With Knot

This beautiful design is about creating beautiful dreadlocks design on top with small braided layers concentrated in the center. The knot at the back adds a cool element to the look.


Twisted Locks With Color


This beautiful hairstyle is all about twisting layers together and adding a touch of color to it. The golden locs really make a statement.


Faux Locs

This unique look takes the kinky nature of your hair to a whole new level. It’s kept to shoulder length and imitates a fauxhawk look on top. Overall, it’s an amazing look to flaunt!


Long Dreadlocks

This hairstyle is all about creating beautiful, long dreadlocks. A unique touch is given by altering the thickness of each layer of strands.


Dreadlocks Taken To The Back

This one boasts about taking it all to the back. At the front, it looks more like a combed back hairstyle.


Thick Side-Swept Locs

This hairstyle is all about creating thick locs and then sweeping it to a side. Generally, it falls towards all the sides.


Square Dreadlocks Braid With Bun

This beautiful hairstyle knits the dreadlocks on top in a cool way to form square shapes on top and forms a beautiful, authentic bun lower down the nape. It really looks amazing.


Thin Dreadlocks With Bun

This hairstyle boasts of very thin dreadlocks all over and gives it a different vibe by creating a massive bun at the crown. A bang-like look is created at the front as well by leaving some locs loose.


The locs hairstyles can have all sorts of amazing implementations and your imagination is the only limit to them. Think of any unique look and you can achieve it with your dreadlocks.

The beautiful hairstyle ideas listed above, including the cool faux locs, could be a great starting point to get some inspiration and give your beautiful dreadlocks a different vibe. Start now!