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14 Christmas Hairstyles For Kids That Will Rock In 2024

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is busy preparing for the holiday season. This is the time when everyone wants to take their style to the next level and kids are no exception. So, what Christmas hairstyles for kids are you looking forward to for your little girls this year? Well, you just need to be creative and the options will be endless. Even the simple hairstyles can be taken to the next level with a little bit of creative styling.

Best Christmas Hairstyles For Kids In 2024

If you are not clear yet as to which hairstyles you should try out for your little girl this year, here we have a few recommendations for you. Try these hairstyles for kids this Holiday season and give your little girl a nice and beautiful look to flaunt this year.

  1. Perky Ponytail

Perky Ponytail

Source: Instagram

Yes, ponytails make a casual hairstyle usually but it does not mean that they can’t be a choice for you on the holidays. Just add a bit of volume up top and simply wrap an additional layer of locks around the base of her pony for adding a new dimension to your girl’s otherwise typical hairstyle. A whole lot of compliments will be awaiting her as the holiday season sets in.

  1. Holiday Bow
Holiday Bow

Source: Instagram

This Holiday Bow for Christmas isn’t some classic half-up and half-down hairstyle that you have been styling your girl’s hair with for years. It’s a unique new style and it is pretty easy to achieve as well.

You can achieve this unique bow hairstyle for your little girl by curling her hair and running the fingers through them so that they may have a more natural feel. Take around an inch long hair section on top and use elastic to tie it together. Pull her locks halfway through for creating a nice looped bun and make sure that the ends are left out. As much hair goes into the bun, the bigger and more dramatic feel it will give to the hair bow.

Now split that loop into half for creating a couple of smaller loops and securing them to the opposite sides using bobby pins. For finishing it off, pick up her remaining strands from the tail and wrap it all up around the center of the Holiday bow you have just created. Use bobby pins to secure the look and fluff both the sides to complete the styling.

  1. The Simple Updo

The Simple Updo

This probably is the easiest of Updos you could do for your little girl. It takes seconds to create a nice textured look and it’s a perfect choice if your girl normally wears her hair down in daily routine. This will give her outfit a whole new look and feel this Christmas.

It’s one of the best Christmas hairstyles, and won’t take too much effort for achieving a perfect look. Start creating it with a nice and high ponytail before braiding it the way you like. Pulling the braid’s edges outward, give it a bit of texture. The technique is known as “pancaking” and it can be helpful for you in creating a bit of illusion. It will give a feel as if your girl has fuller, thicker hair on top. For finishing it off, take a typical bun maker and twist her hair to the top before pinning in all those stray pieces.

  1. Sleek & Smooth Hairstyle

Sleek & Smooth Hairstyle

When you guys have to hit up a few parties on the Christmas night or you are just worried about giving your girl different stunning hairstyles throughout the day, a sleek and straight hairdo is going to work wonders for you. The hairstyle can be achieved by blow-drying her hair straight before going over her small hair sections using the flat iron. Straighten it up parallel to the floor to achieve an ultra-sleek hairstyle. For achieving a long-lasting wear and for added protection, ensure that you spritz her locks using a heat protector prior to styling.

  1. The Wet Look Hairstyle

The Wet Look Hairstyle

Even though many don’t consider wet hair to be welcoming for Christmas styling, they do make a perfect choice. Whether you don’t have enough time for styling your little girl’s hair or you are looking forward to something easy to style, the wet hair look always has something undeniably stylish about it. The hairstyle doesn’t require too much of styling to be done either. You just have to grab a wax or gel you love and apply it generously allowing her sultry locks to speak up for them.

  1. Braided Hairstyle With Accessories

Braided Hairstyle With Accessories

Braids can be a typical hairdo but you can always amp up the look with some amazing accessories. This Holiday Season, add a bit of sparkle to her hair with a range of different accessories and make it look as awesome as it can ever get. Let her hair steal the entire spotlight and make a statement for your little girl everywhere.

You can start achieving this wonderful hairstyle with some braids towards a side of her head and then grab some nice, sparkling hair clip to give her a perfect party-ready hairstyle on the Christmas Eve.

In case, if you do not have some dazzling hairclip to style her hair, make one of your own by hot-gluing some hair barrette to a brooch you have always loved.

  1. Retro Curls

Retro Curls

What about getting your girl ready for a nice retro holiday this year? A perfect glam look would be always stylish whether you are celebrating Christmas at your home or anywhere fancy.

For achieving this retro hairstyle, start with a nice deep side parting and separate her hair into three different sections on the right, left, and back. After that use 1” curling iron for curly all the sections and rolling every curl under, holding it right there for 3-4 seconds prior to securing it using a single-prong clip. Put the fingers through each curl and roll it until you get to the roots for achieving the best results. Continue doing the same until you have completed your roller set. Let all those curls to cool down.

Use flexible hairspray on a brush, remove all the clips, and then brush through those curls in the larger sections. It’s pretty much similar to the way you’d brush a typical ponytail. Spritz some more hairspray for finishing it off to have some extra hold and that’s it.

A good idea here is to add some definition to certain waves and curls by leaving the clips in front of her hair. Brush it for 3 to 5 minutes before that.

  1. Punky Pixie

Punky Pixie

As far as creating an amazing party looks is concerned, pixies offer all the versatility you need. You can style them in all the ways imaginable. The style creates more of a boyish look but still has some girly vibes to it. The hairstyle can be worn in countless possible ways and can still be unique, stylish, and elegant. The shiny and rolled version we have here makes a wonderful choice for Christmas.

  1. Cool Braids

Cool Braids

When you are looking for New Year hairstyles for girls, some cool braids can work wonders for your holiday hostess. Obviously, she’d have a lot more on her plate during the Holiday season than to simply keep focusing on her hair. And, a classy braided hairstyle would definitely make an ideal choice for her. It looks pretty and it is quite practical at the same time as well. She will look her best in this beautiful hairstyle and her hair will be kept out of her face as well.

  1. Updated Headband

Updated Headband

Source: Instagram

A stylish look can have much more to it than just carving out a unique braid or getting your girl a short pixie haircut. You can update some of the accessories as well for giving her a uniquely beautiful hairstyle as well. A nice stretchy headband might work wonders for creating the most sophisticated hairstyle for her. And, what’s best about this look is that there won’t be any bobby pins involved in the styling process.

For creating a uniquely wonderful look, you will first have to curl her hair using a curling iron or a wand. If you do not have much time left, only curl it at the front. After that, you can pick a cool stretchy headband with a bit of sparkle to make a unique style statement for your little girl. A nice lace would work here too if it creates the desired effect. Place that sparkling headband over her forehead while tucking the hair into it around the sides and the back. Don’t do much with the frontal strands for creating a modern, chic, and undone look overall.

  1. Sassy Updo

Sassy Updo

Has your girl always been impressed with the fluffy long hair of the Santa? Has she always wanted to make an amazing style statement with a similar hairstyle? A cool and funky updo featuring enough texture makes a perfect choice for her. You may need to apply volumes of sea-salt spray to her locks for achieving this updo, though.

  1. Holiday Twist

Holiday Twist

Apparently, the hairdo might feel a bit complicated, but it is actually very easy to achieve. Rather than braiding her hair, you can simply twist it around for a different flavor this Holiday season. This is one of the newest addition to modern-day kids haircuts and you’d love the end result for sure. In fact, your girl is also going to love it too.

Just curl her hair and simply run the fingers through for separating all those curls so that they can be turned into nice and loose waves. After that, grab a couple of hairpieces taking one from each side, and use elastic to secure them together. Take a small hairpiece from underneath each of these sections and pull that strand over and through the first hairpiece on either side. Connect both the hairpieces above the previous ponytail and repeat the same process again on both the sides before securing it using elastic. Use the hair jewel of your choice for completing the look and have a nice festive touch.

  1. Classic Blowout

Classic Blowout

If you want to make your girl look stylish and classic at the same time, this blowout look will work wonders for her. It can last for several days if you apply a dry shampoo to her hair. Stylish and elegant, it will definitely make a statement for your little girl on the Christmas Eve. You can even carry this one forward to the New Year Night as well and let your girl make a statement with this unique hairstyle.

  1. Top-Notch Topknot

Top-Notch Topknot

For those lazy gals, a topknot makes a dream hairstyle. However, these topknots don’t always have to seem sloppy. You can tease the roots to achieve maximum volume while a popular shine serum can be run through the rest of her hair for lending it a more polished vibe and a perfect holiday hairstyle. Yes, it will be a top-notch Topknot for sure and your girl is definitely going to love it.

So, with Christmas just around the corner and preparations reaching their peak, it is time that you find out the best Christmas hairstyles for kids. Besides the typical options available online and in the magazines, it is a great idea to be creative yourself and try to experiment with the look you want to give them. Even if you are going with one of the best hairstyles for girls, it may not work for all of them. You have to do some tweaking to make it appropriate for your little one. Make this Holiday season special for her by opting for one of the best hairstyles around. She is definitely going to love it if she gets a look she can be pleased about.