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5 Cool Black Baby Hairstyles Trending In 2024

Styling the hair of your little kid is always a challenge because they usually don’t have enough volume on top. However, if they do have enough of it, you can look into various black baby hairstyles that could be achieved to give them a trendy look. Yes, we understand that it is the hardest to style but you can still find some easy options that won’t take too much of effort for styling.

5 Black Baby Hairstyles

If you are looking for the coolest, trending looks for your baby girl, here we have the options you must consider. You won’t have to be a professional for achieving these looks and it will all go as easy as you like.

  1. Heart-Shaped Braided Ponytail

Heart-Shaped Braided Ponytail

This is a fancy ponytail style that would work with the long curls and can make a perfect choice for special events like weddings. The hairstyle boasts of a typical heart-shaped ponytail that starts with a part down the center. Next, you will have to create one more part along a side that starts around the crown area and curves into a heart shape towards her ear.

After clipping it close to her ear, start Dutch braiding here with the help of hair outside that heart part. Keep Dutch braiding until you have reached her hair’s back and then unclip other section. Here again, keep braiding until you have reached the nape of her neck and then clip it again. The entire process should be repeated on the other side as well right to the nape of her neck. Eventually, unclip both the sections and then combine all her hair together. Make three strands and form a typical braid out of it. Use elastic to secure the braid into place.

  1. Bow-Tie Ponytail

Bow-Tie Ponytail

Bow-ties have become a wonderful way to jazz up just about everything from your shirts to your hair. So, if you are styling your girl’s ponytail, a bow-tie can really work wonders for her. You can simply smooth her hair down into a nice and sleek ponytail before securing it using elastic. After that, grab a couple of large strands from her ponytail’s back and simply wrap them around at the front.

Secure a couple of pieces into the other ponytail. However, before you pull it through that elastic, make sure it is tucked in with another longer piece left hanging. Eventually, you need to press that tucked bun towards its base before wrapping the longer strand over the one in the middle. Pin it up in a way to create a bow effect.

  1. Cool Wand Curls

Cool Wand Curls

If you are looking for black baby hairstyles for a specific event, a wand can help you in creating that polished curly look that will create a perfect symmetry. For those uninformed curls, clip-less curling iron is going to produce faster results. You can also achieve the look without using any heat through Flexi-rods overnight.

  1. Half-Up Simple Ponytail

Half-Up Simple Ponytail

This really is one of the best choices for African baby hairstyles. Just smooth down a small section of hair into a ponytail or clip to simply pull away those longer curls. It will help keep everything out of her face and she will look gorgeous as well.

  1. Half-Up Braided Hair Bun And Charmed Braids

Half-Up Braided Hair Bun And Charmed Braids

It’s a cool half-updo which adds a new stylish twist to her simple hairstyle with a couple of cornrows created close to the ears and embellished with beads and gold cuffs. A braided hair bun can then be wrapped in a gold wire to sit high on top of her head.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to black baby hairstyles. You have to be careful with your choice, though. Obviously, you would want to go with something that is perfectly suited for your little girl and also works well on the occasion you want her to wear that look. Consider the options given above to create cool and gorgeous vibes.