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Pick The Best Baby Girl Hairstyles To Give Your Kid A Gorgeous New Look

You love your cute little princess, right? There are a lot of different baby girl hairstyles options that you can consider to make her look like a real princess. Yes, girls are always conscious about how they look and what kind of statement their hair makes for them. And, that starts happening early in their childhood, shaping their personality as they grow older.

So, you should be careful about the choices you want to make for her so that she gets a beautiful look that she loves about herself as well. You get some cushion with the hairstyles for little baby girls, though. First, they are not as conscious about their hairstyle as a teenager and, second, they just look cute no matter how you style their hair.


Try These Adorable Baby Girl Hairstyles Options

If you have always found it hard to come up with a unique and stylish look for your little girl, here we have some options that you can consider. These amazing hairstyles and haircuts would look gorgeous on your baby girl. Just go through these options and pick something that looks gorgeous on your little one.

1. Straight Blunt Cut For Baby Girls

Straight Blunt Cut For Baby Girls

It’s one of the cutest looks you can ever give to your little girl. The hairstyle makes a perfect choice for little girls who have straight and beautiful locks. Regardless of her face shape, the hairstyle can be applied to her hair and make amazing vibes.

The look is pretty simple and you won’t have any trouble achieving it. The Bob look will be even easier to create for the stylist if you can show them the picture above.


2. Straight and Sleek Shoulder-Length Hair

Straight and Sleek Shoulder-Length Hair

Source: Instagram

It’s a perfect hairstyle for girls with beautiful straight hair. Just let her sleek locks run to the shoulder length and you have done it.

The hairstyle doesn’t need an hour to achieve and makes the best and the simplest look for school. In fact, it won’t hurt if she wears the look to parties or in her normal routine too.


3. Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair

Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair

If your little girl has shoulder-length hair, the cool wavy look can be achieved with the help of a simple curling iron. Curl it a little on the sides as well as the back and it will give her a cute new look that she won’t just love but will flaunt everywhere she goes.


4. Fringed Layers

Fringed Layers

Source: Instagram

For baby girls with thick and long hair, it’s a perfect hairstyle that will also make it feel light. The hairstyle is stylish enough that you can even give it to her at parties as well.

The blunt cut given across the ends really makes amazing vibes. Just make sure that she has enough length to her hair to achieve this look to perfection.


5. Short Stacked Bob Haircut

Bob hairstyles can have a lot of different variations and they really look cool on little girls. Some of these variations have a greater focus on bringing some volume to the look which makes the style shine on little girls.

A stacked bob haircut is also among such options. It really looks gorgeous and attractive on blonde, white babies.


6. Layered Bob

Layered Bob

Another bob haircut on the list, this one is slightly different from the one above. The length is a bit longer and the style is different too.

The hair is cut in layers than how it is trimmed with a stacked bob hairstyle. It looks gorgeous overall and can be given a unique wavy touch with the help of curling iron. The frontal bangs are cut short and it falls over the forehead nicely.


7. Medium Length Haircut

Medium Length Haircut

Source: Instagram

For baby girls with medium hair length, it’s a perfect choice. The hair is kept to her shoulders at most and it is styled with a simple side part.

The hairstyle works best for girls with silky straight hair and doesn’t need too much time and effort to achieve it to perfection. Just make sure that you achieve this look only if it works with the face shape of your little baby.


8. Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut

If longer hair doesn’t work out for your baby girl, give her this simple, short, and nice pixie haircut. Your little girl will look quite adorable and cute in this look is achieved to perfection.

The haircut really makes a perfect choice for those summer months as it will make sure your girls feel cool throughout the day and night. You may like to try out different variations of this baby girl hairstyle to achieve a look that creates a gorgeous vibe.


9. Simple Haircut With A Color Pop

Simple Haircut With A Color Pop

Nothing can work better for your baby girl than a simple haircut like this one. If you have always tried the traditional options for your little one, it would be a good idea to give her something new, stylish, and different this time.

In fact, you can take those simple haircuts to the next level by adding some color pop. It will make the simple haircuts look even more stylish. V-shape is achieved with the help of front layers to make your baby look cuter than ever.


10. Short Beach Waves

Short Beach Waves

This is another cool and stylish look to achieve for cute little baby girls. The beach waves can be achieved best with the hair that has some thickness to them. And, it looks even better when the girls wearing the look have blonde hair type.

A wavy touch is given to otherwise straight hair towards the sides and the back while keeping the top nice and straight. The hair on top is parted on the side to make it look perfect overall.


11. Princess Hairstyle

Princess Hairstyle

Source: Instagram

Do you refer to your baby girl as your ‘little princess’? We all do! But the best option you have to make sure that she looks like one is to style her hair that way. And, this princess hairstyle is your way to make her a princess look-alike.

The hairdo works best for special events as it creates a really stylish look. The hairstyle is a modern one and everyone is going to love it for sure. Small hair with curls makes this hairstyle special and helps create a fashionable look.

You can also add in some hair accessories to secure her hair just as shown in the picture above and make it look ornate at the same time.


12. A-Line Haircut

A-Line Haircut

A-line haircut and side bangs added with bright and beautiful color lines make this hairdo quite attractive and amazing.

The hairstyle makes a cool choice for those casual days where you only want to have some fun and enjoy your time with the family. It’s always pleasing to see your girl in a charming new look and that you can achieve with this colorful A-line haircut.


13. Colored Baby Hairstyle

Colored Baby Hairstyle

Another one with some color added to create unique and amazing vibes, the hairstyle takes things a step further from those typical conventional hairdos. Babies always love new colors and they are attracted to them.

Various washout dyes are available today and your baby will be safe using them too. You can add color to just about any hairstyle out there but this one with long colored bangs probably makes the perfect style statement.


14. Small Space Buns

Small Space Buns

Source: Instagram

Hair buns have always made for a cute and gorgeous look for little girls and here we have a cool variation. It can make one of the best baby hairstyles for curly hairs and would work even better for girls with straight, fine locks.

A casual side part and short space buns created on either side of the crown make for a gorgeous new look. The hairstyle can work fine for functions, parties, and special events. Remember, the look is not the cleanest and has some casual vibes to deliver. So, plan her overall style keeping that in mind.


15. High Side Ponytail

High Side Ponytail

Source: Instagram

Ponytail hairstyles for girls have been a simple and common hairstyle option that works for girls of all age groups. And, if your baby girl has grown it long enough already, her hair can be formed into a nice high ponytail achieved towards a side too.

The hairstyle makes one of the best choices for your little girl in daily routine and it doesn’t really require too much of effort in maintaining the look either.

Keep the frontal bangs a bit deeper and style the long ponytail towards a side. Make sure it hangs down right to her shoulder so that it may look as cute as you like.


You don’t always have to think out of the box for achieving a baby girl hairstyles that creates gorgeous vibes for your little girl. In fact, some of the simplest girl hairstyles can do the job for you as well. You just need to make sure that you pick something that works for her.

Look through the options above and try a few hairstyles for your little girl to come up with something that really creates a special effect for her.