Strikingly Amazing Green Hair Hairstyle Ideas For A Vibrant Look

Ready to give your hair a unique punch of style? You must be trying out some vibrant hair color and styling ideas to be the showstopper wherever you go. A vibrant green tinge is certainly the most popular choice these days, and you can easily find out plenty of green hair ideas to style your hair to perfection for parties and special occasions. No matter what green hair dye you use, check out the coolest styling options below to add that missing oomph to your hairstyle.

Funky Green Hair Styling Ideas For A Pleasantly Beautiful Look

Whether you have opted for dark green hair or emerald green hair, the following hairstyle options should help you achieve a cool new look.

  1. Short Wavy Hairstyle With Green Shades

Short Wavy Hairstyle With Green Shades


Brownish on top and greenish on the sides and back, this beautiful hairstyle makes a wonderful choice. The wavy look is complemented by multiple shades of green to elevate it a notch further.

  1. Combed Back With Waves

Combed Back With Waves


The hair on top is combed all the way back while there is beautiful wavy touch given to the hair as it runs down to the bottom. Strands from either side are taken back and clipped right there. The unique shade of green color makes it look even better.

  1. Long Open Hairstyle With Green Tinge

Long Open Hairstyle With Green Tinge


This beautiful hairstyle boasts a simple look. However, it does have a funky side to it, achieved with a parrot green tinge given to the hair underneath the top layer.

  1. Layered Haircut With Braided Implementation

Layered Haircut With Braided Implementation


This is a cool hairstyle for greenish hair. The hairdo boasts a layered and edgy haircut which can be formed into thick braided pigtails as needed.

  1. Green Twisted Braids For Kinky Hair

Green Twisted Braids For Kinky Hair


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A go-to hairstyle for black girls, this hairdo requires the hair to be dyed half-way through. It looks gorgeous.

  1. Funky Green Bob


Bob hairstyles are stylish, but this one is even better. It is dyed with different shades of green and looks amazing.

  1. Short Combed Back Hair With Green Dye

Short Combed Back Hair With Green Dye


Short and stylish, this hairstyle is nicely combed back. The hair on the sides is given a green shade and is secured with an accessory at the crown.

  1. Everyday Hairstyle With Braids

Everyday Hairstyle With Braids


Want a stylish braid for your girl for a day at the beach? Try this green braided hairstyle.

  1.  Faux Hawk


This beautiful hairstyle looks gorgeous on boys of all ages. The funky faux hawk with skin fade adds a modern touch to anyone’s style.

  1. Brown Bob With Green Fringe


This brown bob is given a unique touch with a nice layer of green on either side.

  1. Colorful Reverse Braided Pigtail

Colorful Reverse Braided Pigtail


A funky party look, this hairstyle boasts a mix of colors. The hair at the back is reverse braided and secured into a pigtail at the crown.

  1. Naturally Wavy Side Parted Hair With Green Color


This beautiful hairstyle is given a nice side-parted look. The hair on the sides is given a cool yellowish-green shade to elevate it to a whole new level.

  1. Green Chignon


This beautiful chignon is as unique as it can get with a beautiful green hair dye.

  1. Funky Short Crop With Shaved Sides


This funky hairstyle features both dark green hair and light green hair to complete a nice short crop. The sides are shaved off to make it look bolder.

  1. Wavy Hair With Braids


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This cool implementation of green hairstyles is not just unique but also makes an ideal choice for special events.

  1. Emerald Cornrows

Emerald Cornrows


If you want to wear dark hair, this emerald green hairstyle with cornrows braids is tailor-made for you. A wrapped ponytail at the crown is the perfect attention grabber.

  1. Funky Hairstyle With Volume On Top


Another cool hairstyle with emerald hair on top, this beautiful hairdo boasts wavy volume. The sides have been trimmed to the skin with a nice surgical design elevating the look even further.

  1. Half Black-Half Green Hairstyle


This is another unique take at green hairstyles with half of the head dyed in green. The hair is then combed back and braided nicely.

  1.  Short Bob

 Short Bob


Bob hairstyles can be given an even better look with a tinge of green. This hairstyle is a perfect example. You can also give it an edgy vibe by going for an a-line bob.

Green hair can be styled in so many different ways to achieve a gorgeous look. It looks stylish and unique, especially, because of the vibrancy of the color itself. Whether you choose emerald green hair, dark green hair, or any other green hair dye, it will look just amazing. Pick one for yourself here, and make your style statement.