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Top 10 Simple Hairstyle For School Girl To Explore This Year

Girls love their hair as if they have got a prized possession which also strongly defines their facial features. However, what’s always challenging is to come up with a simple hairstyle for school girl that looks pretty on them and works fine with their school’s dress codes as well. You don’t always have the luxury of time when you have to dress your girl up for school in the morning. So, choosing something that can be achieved within minutes should be your first focus. Besides, you should also make sure that the hairstyle elevates your girl’s gorgeous looks and gives them a perfect vibe for school.

Considering all these points, here we have compiled a list of best simple hairstyles for girls and you are surely going to love them.

Simple Hairstyle For School Girl

To ease your routine in the morning a bit, you should try these top 10 hairstyles for girls that we have listed for you. Each of these creates a unique vibe and looks really special on little girls.

  1. Bow Bun Hairstyle

The most important concern you have about your morning routine is to get your kids ready and set for school before it gets late. This quick bun hairstyle is definitely going to help you with this. With some hair pins, hair bow, and elastic bands, you’ll be able to pull off a perfect style.

Here are the steps to achieve this look:

  • To start with, tie maximum possible hair into a type of small ponytail.
  • Let some hair go of below it and use these for rolling out a beautiful bun from the ponytail. The bun should then be attached to lower hair using hairpins.
  • For any left out hair, it should be divided into various sections. Now, twist it all together wrapping it at the base of the bun and pinning it into place.
  • In order to make it look proper, use cute-looking hair bow that works well with her school uniform.
  1. Classic Pony

A major reason as to why girls often complain about ponytail hairstyles is that they often end up with tightly pulled hair. It often leads to headaches and other such issues as well. So, here we have this wonderful alternative that can be styled with elastic bands and hairpins only. Here’s how it is done.

  • Take all the hair of your little girl and style it into one small ponytail while leaving the frontal hair aside.
  • Create a side part and take hair from one side to pull it all behind across top section her ponytail. Keep it close to the base of the ponytail with the help of hair pins.
  • The same steps should be repeated with other side to give your girl a perfectly classy hairdo that will make her feel confident too.
  1. Dutch Pigtails

If your girl wants more of a sporty style, these beautiful Dutch Pigtails would be a perfect idea to give her a school hairstyle. It is quite convenient to achieve as well only with elastic bands.

Here is how you can achieve this:

  • Part her hair a bit further away from exact center and take the part right to the nape of the neck.
  • Starting from left side, pick all her hair on the front.
  • Divide the hair into three different sections and start braiding. Keep alternating between every side as you braid with middle one and add extra hair from each section.
  • After completing the braid, use elastic bands to secure its ends. Repeat the same on other side. Her hair would really look and feel perfect.
  1. Triple Hairdo

On the days when the school van has already arrived and she is getting late, this beautiful hairstyle would do the trick for her. Here is how to achieve it in two simple steps.

  • Create 3 ponytails horizontally and tie the hair together. Using elastic bands loop them together in the center.
  • Using hair from outside the band, make small buns and also use pins to hold these together.
  1. Side Braid

This one works even for the girls with short hair and will look amazing on school-going girls. Here we have the steps to achieve this wonderful look.

  • Brush it all to a side and tie her hair into a beautiful loose braid going over her shoulder.
  • Use a band to secure the braid’s end. For tying it a bit tighter, use some hair pins.
  1. Ponytail With Bump

Ponytails do not always look interesting, especially, when you have achieved them in a typical way. However, this wonderful hairstyle can also create an illusion of longish hair effectively. For pulling off a perfect hairstyle, you will need a hair teaser brush, bumpit clip, fine comb, and elastic bands.

  • Place bumpit clip in the pony where you want it to actually pop up.
  • Smoothen it up a bit with the help of a comb. Keep it fully smooth.
  • Just collect her hair now and tie it into a simple and clear ponytail. Now tease the hair down gently and take it to the base.
  • Smoothen it up over that bumped portion to give your girl a perfectly cool look overall.
  1. Twisty Hair Bun

It is always hard to combat the summer heat when you have medium-to-long hair. However, you can still make it work for your little girl by styling her hair into a cool hair bun and she will really look amazing. Here is how it is styled.

  • Part her hair into a couple of sections and create ponytails from each of these behind her head.
  • Next, divide each of these ponytails further in another couple of sections before completely twisting each of the sections.
  • Now you have a couple of intertwined ponytails on either side. Twist them up behind her head and forma beautiful hair bun which should be secured using hair pins so that they are kept together.
  • If you feel like it is a little too tight, just loosen it up a bit and it will look more casual and appealing.
  1. Waterfall Braid

This is another simple hairstyle for school girl which apparently looks a bit hard to achieve. However, it only takes a few simple steps to achieve this look to perfection. Here is how to go with this one.

  • Part her hair towards a side and pick a big hair section from the parted hair to achieve a complete braid.
  • Use the thumb and the index finger to pull out a smaller hair section through that gap in first stitch of the braid. Now keep repeating this step as you move through every stitch of her braid that you created in the first step.
  • Once you have created the waterfall look, secure it with hair pins and make sure that the braid remains behind her head.
  1. Bubbly Ponytail


When the hair is styled into ponytails, they make girls look a bit nerdy or studious. And, if your little one wants something that looks cooler, this beautiful hairstyle is definitely going to ring some bells. Here is how to get this wonderful hairstyle.

  • Start as you normally do and brush here hair completely before you could tie it together into a beautiful ponytail.
  • Create three sections of the ponytail by creating a visual division. After first section, tie some small band and then start gently pulling her hair apart in this very section. Widen each section up a bit to create somewhat of a bubbly shape.
  • Tie one more band towards the end of that second section and continue to repeat. The sizes of each section can be kept the same or you can make it go in the ascending order.
  1. Rose Bun


If there is a celebration or party scheduled at school, any simple hairstyle for school girl may not work out for her. In that case, try giving her this beautiful rose bun. For achieving a perfect style, you’d need hairspray, elastic bands, and hairpins.

Here is how to achieve this hairstyle:

  • Separate her top hair to form three different sections and start braiding each section individually. Use hairspray to pancake the left section.
  • Hold top of a braid now and roll the body of the same braid around it, forming sort of a circular hair bun. Hair pins should be used for each of the circles.
  • Keep repeating in same fashion with every braid and push ends underneath the hair bun to complete the look.

How do you like these simple hairstyle for school girl options presented above? Obviously, you need to put in some effort, at least, to make it work for you. But once achieved, the hairstyles would look really amazing. The plus point, obviously, is that they can be easily sneaked into your busy morning routine and you don’t really need to spend hours in achieving the final look. Try one of these today with your little girl’s hair and give her a perfect style to brag about at school.