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Regular Haircut Options That You Can Try In Your Everyday Routine

Choosing the best hairstyles for boys can be tricky sometimes. Especially, when you aren’t too serious about making your pick and just about everything would do, but then you think you can’t really compromise on your style. So, choosing a regular haircut for your everyday routine shouldn’t be taken for granted and you should put in a fair bit of thought while making your selection. Here we have brought to you some of the best hairstyles that you can consider this year. Let’s check out!

Regular Haircut Guys Can Try In 2024

A regular haircut is simply something that isn’t too fancy but can still keep you in style in your everyday routine. That’s exactly what these hairstyles given below are all about.

  1. French Crop With Fade

French Crop With Fade


French crop is the simplest of looks you can try for your regular routine. Bringing the hair forward, you don’t have to put in any extra effort for styling. The sides have a nice fade which is equally simple to manage.

  1. Blown Out Waves

Blown Out Waves


A casual blown out look makes a wonderful choice for any day. This beautiful hairstyle is a true reflection of that. Just run your fingers through to maintain a nice wavy look.

  1. Forward Swept With Undercut

Forward Swept With Undercut


Short hair swept forward is the simplest to manage. And when you go for a nice undercut on the sides, that’s even better. A perfect combo overall!

  1. Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut


A nice and simple Caesar haircut is the simplest, yet stylish, hairdo you can get for your little boys. Keep the sides faded and bring the hair on top forward before achieving a nice and textured puff at the front. Overall, it looks great.

  1. Textured Combed Back Hairstyle

Textured Combed Back Hairstyle


If you like long and textured hair more than anything else, this hairdo would do the job for you perfectly. It is more about creating a simple combed back look while you need to apply some product to achieve the desired texture. Trim the sides short to create clean vibes.

  1. Side Swept With Hard Part And Fade

Side Swept With Hard Part And Fade


Prefer some volume on top? Why don’t you sweep it all to a side and achieve a more stylish regular haircut with a hard part and high fade? It’s a trendy look and everyone is going to love it for sure.

  1. Kinky Spikes With A Surgical Part

Kinky Spikes With A Surgical Part



Kinky hair always has something special about it and can be made to look stylish with a little bit of effort. What about this kinky and spiky look? The hairstyle speaks volumes about your kid’s personality and that surgical part half way through adds a unique touch of style to the hairdo.

  1. Forward Swept With Spiky Front

Forward Swept With Spiky Front


Keep some volume on top, sweep it all forward and raise the frontal hair up into spikes; that makes a wonderful hairdo for any day at home. A cleaner look is achieved by having a nice faded look on the sides.

  1. Casual Messy Hair With Side Fade

Casual Messy Hair With Side Fade


If you’re not a fan of a clean, stylish look, this hairstyle would do nicely for you. Keep it messy and wavy on top while you can balance it out with a mid fade on the sides. It looks gorgeous overall.

  1. Short Pomp With Hard Part

Short Pomp With Hard Part


What a clean and gorgeous look it is! The Best Hairstyle is about medium length hair formed into a nice short pomp while there is a hard part that defines the look to perfection. Faded sides complete the hairdo in style.

A regular haircut doesn’t have to be anything special but it should definitely create a nice and stylish vibe. There are so many cool options that you can consider and the ones listed above are certainly the best of the lot. See which of these hairstyles appeal your fancy and go for the ones you like the best.