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How To Find The Best Kids Hairdresser Near Me – Ultimate Guide 2024

Planning to get your little one the first haircut or, maybe, a new style for the season? Are you just stressed out due to one bad experience you had at the last salon? Well, if you can find the best options for kids haircuts near me, you should never have any such bad experiences. However, there are quite a few things you should be taking into consideration before you head out for getting your kid a haircut. In fact, there are many stressors for your little one too. Don’t worry; here we have this guide that’s going to answer all your concerns and queries you may have.

Finding The Best Kids Haircuts Near Me

Probably, the hardest thing about getting an appointment for your kid’s haircut is to get him to the best place out there. To be honest, you can actually find a few salons which are way friendlier for kids compared to others. You can come across some which aren’t really the best for kids. A good idea would be to ask other moms you might know to find a perfect place. Word of mouth, probably, turns out to be the best option for getting a few recommendations. It is also a good idea to browse through Yelp listings and check out some reviews for the best salons near me. Give them a call and ask how kids’ haircuts are handled by them. You might be surprised to hear that there are salons which are geared specifically for adults. Ensure that you have found one which is more kids-oriented.

Where You Can Get Best Kids Haircuts And Styling Ideas

Obviously, you’d know the suggestion here would be! The platform is a go to choice for finding the best haircuts for kids. You may be able to search with gender but if you talk about kids, they are more interested in how it looks regardless of whether it’s meant for boys or girls. You may also like browsing a few haircut ideas at Instagram.

Calming Your Kids If They’re Stressed Out

Keep in mind that kids reflect the anxieties of our own. If you’re stressed out, your kids will be too. On the other hand, if you’re calm but still confused as to why your little one doesn’t sit in the chair calmly, here we have some tips for you.

Try New Hairdresser

To be honest, there are a few hairdressers who just are a nightmare for kids. It’s normal. You don’t have to fight through any bad experience. In case, if the kid is not happy even before the haircut starts, just end that appointment right there. In case, if they have started cutting already, you should get through that and must not go back. Nevertheless, you’ll be amazed to see what difference will be made by another hairdresser.

Try Another Hair Salon

Hair Salon

There are salons that are advertised to be kid-friendly but they actually aren’t. They have a very strange vibe, especially, for kids. So, it’s better that you must try another hair salon if the kid is not happy with the current one. Your little one will be calmed down when they are taken to another place. There may be a playing area for kids there to attract them. Your kids may also get a chance to pose before a slide, or even take one. They may also be able to sit there and read a few story books or watch TV while waiting for their turn.

Prepare Your Kids

At times, only a bit of preparation can change things upside down. Grab a comb to explain to your kids exactly what their hairstylist will be doing. Try to answer all the questions your kids may ask and address any fears they may have before they sit into the chair. Just explain to them how cute and awesome they’ll look after the haircut. Running them through what’s going to happen is definitely make the prospects less scary. Even if their kids have had their hair cut before, it’s going to help if you can explain to them exactly what they are up to. In case, if your desired haircut would require their hair to be blow dried, practice it at home making sure that the noise is not scary to them. You may even decline the application of blow dryer in case if it is way too scary.

Best Time For A Kid Haircut According Moon

Haircut according to moon calendar

You can follow the Moon chart to get your kids haircut. Once you have prepared your little one for the new haircut, you might wonder when exactly you should get it done. The best option for you would be to do it on least busy days and also when your child is feeling the happiest. Making it happen on the same day may be tough, especially during school year, but that is quite possible. If at all possible, choosing a weeknight would be better as compared to weekends. For preschoolers and toddler haircuts, make sure you take them to the salon once they’ve been fed and they’re feeling full.

When It’s Best To Get Your Child Their First Haircut?

When It’s Best To Get Your Child Their First Haircut

To be honest, deciding on the best time for your kid’s first haircut is really a personal decision. The decision comes with a lot of emotions linked to it. Besides, there is no right or wrong time here. In case, if your kid is around 8 months and the hair starts getting into their eyes, you’d probably want to get them a trim. For other kids who do not grow their hair significantly until they get close to 2 years of age, you can wait till then. It would also be a good idea to wait till the first birthday of your kid and make this one a pretty special occasion. You may even avoid haircuts completely. You will find many instances where parents don’t get their kids a haircut until they get 5 years of age, at least.

How Frequently Should You Get Your Kid A Haircut?

How Frequently Should You Get Your Kid A Haircut

Well, it depends on the speed at which your kids’ hair grows, whether they prefer thick and long hair, or how difficult they find it to maintain their kid’s hair. Split ends often create more knots and tangles, and you should better get them trimmed. That’s all you need to know about kids haircuts near me and how you should approach the event. Have a good time getting your kids a perfect haircut. You would love the experience of picking out some gorgeous new hairstyles for your kids and give them a perfectly unique look. They’d love the customized attention paid to them and how everything will be revolving around them. In fact, they won’t be able to wait until they need to get a new haircut once more.