Easy Hairstyles To Do Yourself For School On Those Busy Mornings

Finding hairstyles for girls that you could do on your own is never easy. There are all sorts of intricate hairstyles that come in trend every year and you have to single out your options from an array of versatile looks. Whether you’re looking for something that works for you or planning to save time styling your little girl’s hair before school on those busy mornings, here we have some easy hairstyles to do yourself for school. See which of these you’re going to try next!

  1. Rope Braid Ponytail

Rope Braid Ponytail

Braids have become a typical choice for girls over the years and they really have a cool vibe to offer. But if you have got bored of creating those typical braided looks, here we have a different take at it.

To begin with, brush it up and get rid of all those tangles and knots from her hair. After that, form a high ponytail starting just above the crown area. Securing the hair into a beautiful high ponytail, apply a bit of hairspray to make sure that any flyways are taken care of.

Next, you have to make that rope braid which this hairstyle is all about. Create two sections out of the high ponytail you had created earlier and twist each of these sections in same direction. Twist both the sections together as you move in opposite direction for forming the rope braid.

Keep rope-braiding right to the bottom and when you have achieved a perfect style, secure it using a nice hair tie. It will create an interesting look overall.

  1. Criss-Cross Hairstyle

Criss-Cross Hairstyle

This is another cool look to achieve when you are planning on easy hairstyles to do at home before heading to school. Here’s how to achieve this look.

Take a couple of small hair sections from the frontal part and pull both of them all the way to the back keeping it all tight. Use small elastic band to secure it to perfection.

Now, take another couple of sections from front before repeating the same step as above. You may stop it here or continue to do so and form a cool braid eventually.

It’s a perfect hairstyle to ensure that hair do not fall over your face and, even though it doesn’t take more than a minute, it seems quite put-together overall.

  1. Dutch Braided Bun

Dutch Braided Bun

If you have always wanted something organized and cool, a Dutch braided bun would do the job nicely every morning. In fact, the hairstyle is a perfect match for anyone who loves experimenting with their hairstyles and wants to have a cool, fun look.

To achieve this hairstyle, section off the frontal hair and start creating a beautiful Dutch braid. Use small elastic to secure the braid you have just created and pull it all up into a cool ponytail. Stop right there or take it a step further by forming a beautiful braided bun at the back.

The hairstyle makes sure that the hair do not fall on the face and looks pretty well-organized. Besides, the braid element really makes this hairstyle look unique and beautiful.

So, which of these easy hairstyles to do yourself for school would you like to go with next? They are all pretty simple to achieve and won’t take a whole day of styling to be done. And, if you are looking for something that won’t breach the school dress code, you really are safe going with any of these hairstyles listed above. It’s time that you make a choice and see how it works out.