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Top Easy Hairstyles To Do At Home to Make Your Girl Look Like A Princess

How often do you call your little girl a “Princess”? Well, every parent sees a princess in their little girl but you really need to style them up that way as well. You can choose a beautiful white dress for her and a nice pair of shoes too but what really makes the difference is the way you style her hair. There are a lot of easy hairstyles to do at home that won’t take too much of expertise on your part and you can achieve them fairly easily on any day.

Easy Hairstyles To Do At Home 2024

Here we have outlined some of the simplest options you can try with your little girl this year and make her really look like a princess. Let’s explore all these options that you have.

  1. Flower Braid


How often do we see a classic flower braid hairstyle appear on the list of best hairstyles for girls? Yes, they really make one of the best choices available and can be achieved in a jiffy. Here’s how to style it up!

  • Grab a hair section from either side of her head going in line with the temples. Going towards the back, form these hair sections into a cute small ponytail. Now start braiding and create a braided ponytail right to the tips.
  • You can create an illusion of more volume by tugging at the braided sections so that it loosens it up and your desired look is achieved. Exaggerated edges will also give her ponytail a beautiful flower-petal finish.
  • Spin her braided hair around to form a cool bun and use pins to secure it against her head.
  1. Classy Pony

A ponytail may look simple and too commonplace but you can always go for a classy pony hairstyle to give your little girl a whole new twist of style. Here we have a perfectly classy pony style that you can try with your little girl.

  • Part the hair into a couple of even sections at front and the back. The back half should be secured into a typical ponytail.
  • The right half in the frontal section should be put across the hair on the back of her head. Make it go over the hair tie before pinning it on the top of her ponytail so that the elastic could be covered up.
  • Now, pull the left frontal section across back of her head and drape it over that ponytail you created in the first step. Pin it down securely to the head and you’re done.
  1. Twisted Halo

A typical halo on top always creates amazing vibes and that’s exactly what it is going to do here as well. However, we have a pretty simple variation of this hairstyle that won’t take any special expertise on your part. Here’s how to do it in two simple steps:

  • Twist a small hair section back from a side of her head before securing it using a pin right in the center.
  • Now, repeat the same step on the other side as well and tuck the hair behind that first section you had twisted and secure it with a pin in the center again.

That’s all, her beautiful twisted halo is ready and she can flaunt it right away. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Double-Knotted Ponytail

This is another classic look to achieve for your little girl and really makes for one of the simplest easy hairstyles to do at home. Yes, you just need to master the art of braiding and it’s quite possible that you might already have. Let’s see how you can achieve this look.

  • Part her hair into a couple of sections and create a simple low knot with these sections.
  • Now, form another knot with these two hair sections and use hair tie to secure the ponytail under that second knot. Conceal the hair tie by wrapping some strands around it.
  1. Side Braided Ponytail

You can’t keep braids out of girls’ fashion and here we have another classic look that you can try with your little girl’s hair. The look is simple to achieve and you can create the hairstyle in a couple of steps only. Here’s how to do it.

  • French braid a hair section on a side starting it at the hairline and taking it down all the way to the hair ends. Secure it using small-sized hair tie.
  • Gather all her hair as well as the braid to form a nice ponytail which should then be secured with the transparent hair tie. Conceal it with some hair wrapped around it and then pit her hair into place.
  1. Triple Topsy Ponytail

You can have all sorts of different ponytail hairstyles and here we have a unique take at it. Your girl is surely going to enjoy this simple school girl hairstyle and will definitely rock the look. Here’s what you need to do to achieve this hairstyle

  • Use clear elastics to secure her hair into three ponytails and make them go one over the other.
  • Flipping the ends of the tails up, simply tuck them away between those clear elastics and her head. Pull these out through bottom section for creating the beautiful topsy tails.
  • Finally, tuck a couple of ends on the top, taking them down through those ponytails underneath.
  1. Simple Intricate Braid

You can’t keep braids out of fashion as they can be styled in so many different ways and here we have another one. Here are the steps to follow for creating this beautiful braid.

  • Part the hair into a couple of sections and start braiding at one side going all the way to the tips
  • Now, braid the other section on similar pattern
  • Pin those braids together discreetly using bobby pins and create an intricate look before securing the braid using elastic. Use some strands to hide the elastic

So, if you have been looking for some easy hairstyles to do at home, you can simply pick a few from the list above. All these hairstyles have been picked after looking closely into how much of time and effort they need to pull them off to perfection. They’re simple and they can really make your little girl look like a princess on any day. If she has been badly missing a revamp of late, it’s time that you style her hair with any of these beautiful hairstyles listed above. Make a pick today!