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Chic And Elegant Christmas Party Hair Styles For Girls To Catch All Eyes

With the Holiday season upon us, everyone is busy preparing themselves for the Christmas and New Year. All sorts of preparations are going on from home decorations to getting the best stylish outfits. Everyone is ready to host their guests too and prepare sumptuous dinners and serve the most delicious food. Among all that, Christmas Party Hair Styles are also receiving a lot of attention. Obviously, everyone wants to look their best when they meet the guests, and hairstyles play a major part in defining one’s beauty.

Like every year, we have lots of new, chic, and elegant Christmas party hair for girls that will make a statement and grab all eyes. You just need to pick the best of the lot that will work for you this New Year.

Christmas Party Hair For Girls To Amaze Everyone

The new lot of Christmas party hair for girls has arrived and we are all set to enjoy the Holiday season like never before. Here we have listed some of the best hairstyles for girls. Let’s have a look.

  1. Easy Santa Hat Style

Easy Santa Hat Style

Santa remains the most iconic character linked to the Christmas and New Year and girls and boys love to style them up like Santa. For girls, this beautiful hairstyle brings a cool Santa look. The hairstyle is simple to achieve as well with frontal hair combed back and a couple of French braids created halfway through. Make sure they start parallel to each other and part away as they end into nice little ponytails at the nape. Knit red and white ribbons between them and add a cool white accessory just where the braiding starts.

  1. Wreath Hairstyle

Wreath Hairstyle

If you’re looking for the best short hairstyles for little girls, this one has got you covered on all fronts. The beautiful hairstyle comes with a few amazing styling elements and makes a unique vibe. Just give a wavy touch to your girl’s voluminous Bob towards the back and add some colorful ribbon accessories on top to make it look amazing. A cool red bowknot on top gives all the Santa vibes.

  1. Rope Twist Braided Crown

Rope Twist Braided Crown

Want to style this Holiday season like a real princess? Why not wear a crown of your own hair accessorized with beautiful red, green and white flowers and leaves? This hairstyle will make you feel royal while still imparting some stylish Holiday look into it with all those colors. Just start braiding a rope braid at the front and take it all the way around her head to form a beautiful crown. It will look gorgeous and nothing less.

  1. 4-Strand Ribbon Braid

4-Strand Ribbon Braid

Braids are the order of the day and if you are looking for something stylishly gorgeous, this 4-strand braid is going to do the honors for you. The beautiful hairstyle looks simple at the front with all combed back hair. However, it is ever more stylish at the back with colorful ribbons stitched through the braid to give you stylish looks for the Holiday parties.

  1. Pull Through Christmas Tree Braid

Pull Through Christmas Tree Braid

The Christmas Tree is probably the most common and the most important adornment for the Holiday season. What if you can replicate that into your beautiful hairstyle this Christmas? Yes, that would give you a true Christmas Party Hair Styles and you are surely going to rock the look. This beautiful hairstyle we have here resembles the popular Christmas tree with all the beautiful colors incorporated into a typical pull-through braid. It’s chic and organized all at the same time with the frontal hair nicely combed back.

  1. Hair Bow Style With Twisted Tails

Hair Bow Style With Twisted Tails


A hair bow always makes a statement hairstyle and this one we have here isn’t anything different. The hairstyle boasts of a tightly combed back look at the front while the big hair bow at the back, just below the crow, imparts all the style into this beautiful hairdo. To add to the looks further, the tail that goes below the bow is dissected into parts and each of them is given a rolling twist to make it look even more interesting. It makes a perfect style to flaunt this Christmas.

  1. Simple Twisted Braid Hairstyle With A Color Pinch

Simple Twisted Braid Hairstyle With A Color Pinch

This beautiful hairstyle is both simple and stylish. It is a perfectly balanced look that would do a great job on any party night. The hairstyle is nicely combed back at the front while the back is left open and naturally wavy to make a unique style statement. What actually amps up this beautiful look is a ribbon bow accessory in a matching color with your outfit and a nice twisted braid with a ribbon knitted through it. The braid forms a nice circle design just below the bow to secure the braid in style. It just looks awesome and nothing less.

This year you can flaunt some amazing Christmas Party Hair Styles that would easily catch everyone’s attention. Just pick one from the list above and you’re good to keep yourself the center of attention throughout the Christmas Holidays.