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Box Braids Styles That Will Create Elegant Vibes For Black Girls

There are plenty of hairstyles introduced for girls to create elegant vibes. However, not many of them are for the black girls who have a specific hair type which needs lots of effort to style. Organizing those thick, strangled, and kinky strands is always a hassle in itself too. However, if you want one hairstyle that would do it nicely for your kinky locks, try box braids styles. There are so many unique variations of the look and you can easily learn how to do box braids and look cool on any day.

Box Braids Styles To Look Cool This Year

Can you imagine some cool looks that could be styled with nice box braids? Don’t worry if you can’t as here we have some cool hairstyles that you may want to check out.

  1. Box Braids Bun With Side Plait

Box Braids Bun With Side Plait


If you have learnt the art of creating beautiful box braids, this cool hairdo won’t be a hassle for you to achieve. The hairstyle requires you to grab some volume and form a nice, heavy bun on top. The braids lower down the sides are brought together and knitted into beautiful plaits to create a gorgeous vibe.

  1. Curly Box Braids

Curly Box Braids


You can’t take the curls out of your kinky locks, right? Why not try this amazing look which secures the box braids on top nicely with a side part and leaves the tips viciously curly. The hairstyle really looks amazing and can be a perfect choice for parties.

  1. Massive Ponytail

Massive Ponytail


Created beautiful box braids with your lengthy, kinky locks? Want a nice way to secure it to perfection? This beautiful hairstyle gives you a perfect option for flaunting nice braided look. Secure the ponytail high on top and you got it. Add some ornament to it and it will look gorgeous.

  1. Big And Thick Box Braids

Big And Thick Box Braids

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Big and thick box braids can be styled in a variety of unique ways. Some cool implementations are shown here. Whether it is a small puff at the front, a heavy and thick bun on top, or just braids taken from the sides and tied into a knot at the back, the big and thick box braids look just amazing.

  1. Box Braided Bob Haircut

Box Braided Bob Haircut


Want an even more stylish and modern implementation of the box braids styles? Try out this beautiful look that frames the face nicely with inward curving. Some cool ornaments twisting around the frontal braids can make the hairstyle look chic and elegant.

  1. Honey Highlights Box Braids

Honey Highlights Box Braids


What stylish look it is with beautiful honey highlights creating a sense of attraction for this beautiful hairdo. Create a nice side parted look by making most of the braided strands fall over to a side and it will look amazingly stylish with beautiful honey highlights.

  1. Keke Palmer Box Braids

Keke Palmer Box Braids

Sometimes simple is stylish and elegant and this beautiful look is just a perfect example of that. The hairstyle boasts of cool, long hair which is box braided to create a more organized look. The style is pretty simple with most of the volume swept nicely to a side.

  1. Double Wrap Updo

Double Wrap Updo


Want something rookie and stylish? This beautiful double wrap updo will do the trick nicely. The hairstyle boasts of nice and cool pigtail buns created on either side of the head right on top. The center-parted hairstyle makes a perfect choice for any day.

  1. Box Braided Cornrows

Box Braided Cornrows

Cornrows make the most obvious of choices for black girls with kinky hair. This beautiful variation combines cornrows with a bun on top to make it look perfect overall. Long box braids falling over the shoulder and extending at the back add to the beautiful look of the hairdo manifolds.

  1. Faux Locs

Faux Locs


If you want to deviate a little from the typical, trendy box braids styles, this cool variation would do nicely. Instead of braiding in the typical fashion, the strands are twisted together to form a cool look. A side swept vibe is created nicely and it looks gorgeous.

  1. Long Box Braided Bob

Long Box Braided Bob


Another cool bob hairstyle variation created with the box braided hair, this one is a bit on the longer side. Swept to a side on top and created with thick braids, the hairdo looks gorgeous on any day.

  1. Casual Braided Half Updo

Casual Braided Half Updo


This box braided half updo hairstyle makes a perfect choice for parties and even a casual day out. The braided strands are knotted somewhere around the crown area quite creatively and they just look amazing in the overall scheme of things.

  1. Silver Ombre Braids With Black Roots

Silver Ombre Braids With Black Roots


Box braids really make a cool choice and if you want to keep it a bit simple, just leave it long and open and it will create amazing vibes. All the style is added with the silver shade added right to the tips. Overall, it looks gorgeous.

  1. Medium Box Braids With Ponytail

Medium Box Braids With Ponytail


For girls with medium-length hair, this box braided hairstyle makes a perfect choice. It looks elegant as ever with a medium ponytail falling over the shoulder. The hairstyle really creates a gorgeous vibe.

  1. Box Braided A-Line Bob

Box Braided A-Line Bob

Don’t get jealous with the stylish A-line bob sported by your friends with sleek, straight hair. You can try this beautiful A-line bob variation that is created with box braids. Add a few stylish accessories and the hairdo will look even better.

Box braids styles make a wonderful choice for black girls with kinky locks. There are a lot of amazing variations available and you can find something for every occasion. Even casual hairstyles for girls are available that would make you give gorgeous vibes in everyday routine. Try them out now!