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The Best Baby Hairstyles For Boys That Will Rock This Year

When you have the company of your new-born, it’s a special time and you would love to capture just about every moment of this precious time. Parents, particularly mothers, are obsessed with their kids’ looks and that’s where picking the best baby hairstyles  becomes really important. Whether it’s about snipping of some strands in the first haircut of his or some heavy designing for his first day at school, everyone would remember the haircut of your child.

10 Best Baby Hairstyles For Boy

It is always a good idea to replicate some of the adult haircuts when you are looking for boys hairstyles for babies. They really look cute on little boys and you can consider all the options from Mohawks, shaved designs, undercuts, quiffs, and combovers. And, when you give your boy one of these beautiful looks, you’re really up for an incredibly fun look. Let’s not keep you waiting and check out these top 10 picks for you.

  1. Punk Rot Tot

Punk Rot Tot

Source: Instagram

For those rebellious kids, you should look for a haircut that matches their personality too. And, nothing can make a better choice for them than this beautiful punk rot tot. Pair a long bang swept to the side with skin shaved sides to create a perfect edgy look. Slicking it down would also be a good choice but you can also spike his hair up if you like to. In fact, the styling possibilities here are endless and you can create a variety of amazing looks at the end of the day.

  1. Cute Little Mohawk

Cute Little Mohawk

Source: Instagram

Nothing would look cuter than a little boy of yours styled in a cool little Mohawk and a nice bowtie. The look may feel like a cliché on somebody older, it really looks adorable on little boys. It creates the vibes of cleanness and neatness. Nicely shaved sides combine perfectly with some spiky volume on top to help your boy pull off a perfect hairstyle.

  1. Short Haircut With Cool Shaved Waves

Short Haircut With Cool Shaved Waves

Source: Instagram

Etched designs can work with a variety of beautiful hairstyles and also with different hair types. This one is a beautiful hairstyle that combines disconnected undercut with a nice shaved wavy pattern to achieve a cool look overall. The hair on top is also kept not-so-long and is styled to a side with some styling product. The hairdo really looks gorgeous.

  1. Cute Baby Quiff

Cute Baby Quiff

Source: Instagram

Quiff hairstyle has also been a popular choice among hairstyles for boys. And, it works perfectly fine for cute little boys too. If you want your son to look standout, this baby quiff is a perfect choice for him. Give it a unique touch with the help of flipped bangs and this edgy design will work for your little boy better than anything else.

  1. Modern Mullet

Modern Mullet

Mullet haircuts have long been adopted as a mix of professional and casual looks. However, what once used to be an unfashionable choice has turned into something super-popular nowadays as it gets a modern vibe with those undercuts on the sides. So, if you have a crazy little guy who wants a new haircut, this hairstyle is definitely going to make a perfect choice for him.

  1. Sweet & Spiky Haircut

Sweet & Spiky Haircut

Source: Instagram

If you don’t want to commit your kid to those full-on Mohawks, why don’t you try something with a nice long bang which you can style in whatever way you like? This sweet and spiky look gives you just that. Apply some good gel for spiking it up and achieve a fun look for your little man. You can always smooth his hair down for special events.

  1. Long Wavy Top With Short Sides

Long Wavy Top With Short Sides

Source: Instagram

If your kid has got naturally wavy hair, just let his hair texture make a cool statement by letting him grow those soft curls so it flows freely. When it comes to styling, you can give it a nice shape simply by closely clipping the sides and it will add some nice personality to his look.

  1. Rocking & Retro Hairstyle

Source: Instagram

This slicked back hairstyle used to be extremely popular back in the 1950s. And, it’s picking up now as well among those who love to have something classy on top. Overall, it is quite a simple look that can be made more current simply by adding cool shaved details on the sides. The mix of rocking and retro looks is just amazing and you can’t expect this from most other hairstyles out there.

  1. Skin Fade Haircut

Skin Fade Haircut

Source: Instagram

A nice skin fade would be a great choice for ensuring that your kid’s haircut lasts for some time in a perfect shape. It makes sure you do not have to take multiple trips to the barbershop. What’s even better is that it allows you to leave the hair on top longer as you like and achieve something fun like this beautiful sleek look.

  1. Rocking Stripes

Source: Instagram

If you are not so sure as to which hairstyle would work the best for your little boy, try this stylish look that boasts of rocking stripes. You can call it an extension to a typical skin fade undercut style which is short on the sides and has some volume on top. The hair on top is slicked nicely to a side and is kept into place longer than you might imagine. A couple of shaved strips replacing the part make a statement for this rocking new look of your boy.

The baby hairstyles can be as versatile as you would want them to be. Just figure out how much effort you want to put into achieving a perfect style for your little guy. Just pick him a nice haircut that would make him look even more gorgeous and stylish and let him rock his new look. Pick from the styles listed above and you are surely going to help him flaunt a stylish look.