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How To Get Waves With Straight Hair And Flaunt A Unique Hairstyle?

It’s a common misconception that you can only achieve 360 waves with curly hair type. However, that’s not always the case. Waves With Straight Hair with even the slightest of wave can be trained to give you a 360 wavy effect. Remember, it might take a few months for seeing the results as desired. For achieving a perfect look, lots of your time will have to be spent on brushing as well as maintaining the hair. So, how to get waves with straight hair? Let’s find out!

Determine Hair Type To Know How To Get Waves With Straight Hair

Before creating waves, it is important that you know what type of hair you have. Grow the hair to 1-2 inches length at least. It will help you find out if there is some natural wavy touch to it or not. With straight hair type, achieving a perfect look that stays can be a bit of a challenge but that’s pretty much possible.

Buy A Medium Wave Hair Brush

Once you know your hair is conducive to this type of best hairstyle, next you need to buy yourself a top-quality medium wavy hair brush. Try to skip the hard ones because they’ll pull the hair just too much and can ruin the waves you are trying to achieve. Instead, try buying something with boar bristles as they will not split, tear, or damage the hair like in case of synthetic bristles. In case of irritation, switch to soft-bristled brush right away.

Starting At The Crown, Brush It Forward 50 times

After covering your head completely from the front, start brushing regularly at the front for achieving great results. Brushing it often and for an extended period of time will lead to a wavy pattern and will reinforce the pattern to make sure the waves stay in place. As you’ll have to make hair brushing a regular part of your routine, do it whenever you find time. Make sure that you brush the hair in same pattern all the time.

Make Waves Towards The Back As You Brush From The Crown Moving Down The Nape

That’s something you need to do extensively, like 50 times. Stand in front of a mirror and make sure that you brush through all the hair sections on your head. Yes, that’s because you can easily miss some patch when you can’t see what’s you are brushing through. Don’t forget to make waves towards the back of your head as that’s the hardest area to reach and can be easily overlooked. Neglecting that area means you’ll have an uneven look overall. Keep repeating the same action every time you brush your hair through. Most of wave-forming will be done by the bristles, but you should consistently do it in the right direction every time you run the brush through your hair.

Brush The Hair On The Sides Towards The Chin

Complete 50 strikes of brush on either side of your head. Angle your strokes slightly downward making sure that your brush is pointed in the direction of your chin instead of the cheekbones. You might start observing the waves in around 6 weeks time if you started with straight-textured hair. If you are lucky, however, you might get success within 2-3 days. However, if it doesn’t show up as early, wait patiently and you will eventually get the desired results.

So, now that you know how to get waves with straight hair, it’s time you get to work and start creating waves in your hair. With 360 waves, you are surely going to achieve some wonderful hairstyles that look gorgeous. Try out now!