What To Do And What Not To Do While Styling Your Kids?

As far as the fashion tips for kids are concerned, let’s not start things with recommending those skinny ties or 3-inch heels for the adorable little ones you have. Yes, it’s quite understandable that we have moved too much forward from those decades-old eras into the new arenas where we have designer clothing even for kids. And many of those styles that we have in the stores for children are ones that any adult would have adopted gleefully.

Slicked Center Part With Poofy Coils

Modern day kids have access to fashion as they are exposed to all the latest technology and devices such as smartphones as well as all-sized screens. They know about the latest trending styles more than anyone else due to the ever increasing connectivity we have in the world today. Nevertheless, kids must still look and act like kids, ain’t it?

So, why not check out some of the dos and don’ts of kids fashion and styling that the parents should be careful about. Here we have a few things listed out for you.

Always Put Comfort Upfront

It is always possible to have both style and comfort imparted into your kids’ fashion. However, when you’ll only have fashion stuff in their closet, they’ll surely feel a bit limited. When choosing the party dress for your girl or a suit for your boy that he has to wear on some special occasion, always ensure that you’re going for a breathable fabric as well as cut that lets the kid to play, run and be a real kid.

Here are a few questions that you should be asking yourself:

  • Will your little be able to comfortably run, bend over, sit, climb and twirl in the dress you’re choosing?
  • Will your son be able to jump, run, and climb while wearing the dress pants you’ve chosen?
  • In cases when your little one is on potty training, will they be able to adjust the outfit easily without fearing any embarrassments?
  • Will you be at ease throughout the event and there will be no fears that they might end up ripping, tearing or staining the outfit?
Long Side Swept Hair

If your answer to any question listed above is “No”, your chosen outfit may not sound like a practical choice for the lifestyle of the family. Try to avoid clothes that have too many ties, buttons, and poorly-stitched flourishes. It is all too easy for the design details to go missing or fall off as your child gets into his own. So, avoid dresses which may require so much of help for only taking them off or putting them on.

Underdressing Is Better Than Overdressing

When you have to attend weddings, for example, you’d want your kid to look really nice and perfectly put together. However, if your little one doesn’t like to play dress up, just do not force them. They already have to party with some grownups and that’s enough of torture for them.

photo credit: Milly Minis

Just make sure that there is no fight and fussiness whatsoever. There might be quite a few casually comfortable clothes that your kids can wear and still look fantastic. Even though you might not like to dress down on somebody’s special day, kids still make an exception.

Dress Them Up According To Weather

It may be fine for one to simply strap on some cocktail dress on the New Years Eve while leaving their coat behind as nobody wants to get into the hassle of coat-checks. However, that’s not really a choice for our little guys.

photo credit: Sonia Rykiel Enfant

If there’s a wedding on a day when the weather is unpredictable and you’re attending it with your son/daughter, ensure that you clear a couple of bride-approved layers with happy couple. Even though she might ask for strapless dresses to be worn for the bridal party in October, it may not be the best to expect your little girl to wear the same.

photo credit: I Love Gorgeous

Let The Kids Have Some Input

Even though it is tempting to do it all on your own, letting the kids to participate in how they should style is always a great idea. Even with 2-4 years toddlers, you can allow them to pick from a couple of options as to which dresses they’d like to wear. When they start making their decisions at such an early age, they feel empowered and it helps build the confidence and develop their personality. Besides, it also helps them to become active participants when you’re doing their morning routine. You can even let them decide what type of hair they’d want to keep. Now, all you’ll be left with is to go through some baby hair growth products and see how quickly they grow enough hair to style it the way they like. Every single bit of input is surely going to do wonders for them at this early age for sure.

So, these are some styling dos and don’ts that you should be following with your kids. Just make sure you have enough up your sleeves to keep your little ones comfortable and stylish at the same time.