Top 10 Twiggy Haircut Styles For Your Girl This Year

It is always a hassle for moms to come up with the most stylish haircuts for their little girls. The trends come and go but there are some hairstyles that never go out of fashion no matter how old they are. Remember the Twiggy’s iconic Hairstyles from 60s and 70s? They really looked great on her long and beautiful spider-like lashes and cool blue eyes. The iconic twiggy haircut was actually a pixie haircut that we have seen trending over the years.

Lesley Hornby, the supermodel from England, who’s known better by her name “Twiggy”, sported the haircut a long time ago and she really made great vibes with this beautiful hairdo. Here we have some of the best variations of the hairstyle that she rocked in those years and you can always try these beautiful hairstyles with your little one.

  1. Textured Side Swept Pixie

Textured Side Swept Pixie

A typical pixie haircut, this one boasts of medium length hair swept to a side and has natural texture to it. Styled with light brown hair, the hairstyle features a casual side part that gives it more of a rustic look. As for the cut, get here a typical pixie with slightly edgy look.

  1. Long Pixie With Casual Texture

Long Pixie With Casual Texture

A beautiful look that will make your little girl feel more vibrant, the hairstyle features hair a bit on the longer side. The way it curves falling over the forehead really makes a perfect vibe. The edgy look on the sideburns lifts it up a notch. This low maintenance haircut will make her look awesome for sure.

  1. Long And Textured Pixie

Long And Textured Pixie


Obviously, the twiggy haircut is all about pulling off a beautiful pixie hairstyle and this one is no different. Achieved with blonde hair types, the hairstyle makes a perfect party hairstyle. It’s not that hard to achieve either.

  1. Messy Short Bob

Messy Short Bob


If you want to take the look away from a typical pixie and want to experiment with it a bit, you can definitely go with a cool short bob haircut. We all know bob hairstyles look amazing on little girls and they really are among the cutest hairstyles. Just keep it a bit messy on top to make it look different.

  1. Curvy Bob Hairstyle

This bob hairstyle variation features a flat side swept top while the frontal fringes are grown long and made to curve around, framing the face perfectly. The hairstyle looks really cool on girls with blonde hair.

  1. Side Swept Party Bob

Side Swept Party Bob

Another cool hairstyle for girls with light brown hair, this one is a wonderful variation of a Twiggy haircut. In fact, this hairstyle is perfect to be worn on a party night and it creates a perfect vibe. Accessorize it with a cool accessory and it will look really amazing.

  1. Side Swept Twiggy Haircut With Bold Accessory

Side Swept Twiggy Haircut With Bold Accessory

The side swept hairstyle is a cool variation of a straight bob hairstyle with edgy tips. There is a parting on top and it’s quite unconventional because it goes angling to the back. The bold hair accessory on top really makes a statement and adds a unique touch of style to the haircut.

  1. Bob Hairstyle With Frontal Bangs

Bob Hairstyle With Frontal Bangs

A typical bob hairstyle, your girl might have even worn this beautiful look before as well. The hairstyle has voluminous bob hair that curve into her face and look just gorgeous. The hair on top is styled with frontal bangs and it’s left slightly messy on top. Overall, the hairstyle is simple and doesn’t really need much styling.

  1. Forward Swept Bob Hairstyle

Forward Swept Bob Hairstyle

This bob hairstyle variation makes a perfect twiggy haircut with its unparalleled resemblance with the signature look. The hairstyle features chin length hair on the sides and the back. The top is swept nicely forward and the bangs make a statement too.

  1. Short Bob With Side Part

Short Bob With Side Part

This cool short bob hairstyle really makes every little girl shine with its beautiful vibes. The hair is cut short so that it looks a bit denser on top and the casual side part makes a unique statement. Naturally textured on one side and a bit messy on the other, the hairstyle really beats all other typical hairstyles out there. It’s perfect for parties.

There are many twiggy haircut variations that you could try with your girl’s hair on any day. The hairstyles have their own unique look and they resemble more to pixie hairstyles. Call it a twiggy haircut or a pixie or bob haircut, it’s actually about styling her hair with shorter lengths. Whichever option you choose to go with, just make sure it looks gorgeous on her.