Top Toddler Boy Haircuts 2020 For Giving Your Little One A Stylish Outlook

We all are crazy about style and fashion and we want to look the best version of ourselves everywhere we go. We love it when someone praises our style and gets attracted to us. But how often do we think on the same lines for our little ones? Is that typical and bland hairstyle enough to make them cute and stylish? Probably not! In fact, we should be as serious about their hairstyles and overall fashion statement too as we are about ours. Yes, that makes choosing the best toddler boy haircuts ever more important. Give your little guy something special to flaunt his style in a unique way and make a statement while attracting all eyes around.

So, here we have some of the coolest toddler boy haircuts that will enhance the personality of your Mr. Charming manifolds and won’t take too much of effort in achieving the look.

  1. Side Swept Hairstyle With Undercut

Side Swept Hairstyle With Undercut

Source: Jamieeasonmiddleton

For kids with fine hair, achieving a cool look is often a challenge. However, this one here gives a perfect way to style fine kids hair. The hairdo boasts of medium length hair on top while it gets very short on the sides and the back which obviously is the case with undercut hairstyles. Keep it simple on top by styling it towards a side casually and it will look just amazing. The hairstyle works best for casual routines and may need a bit of styling to make it look appropriate for special occasions.

  1. Long Grown Out Red Hair

Long Grown Out Red Hair

Source: Jppilates1

Whether your kid has naturally red hair or you have achieved the look by giving it a tinge of color, the best way to style his hair would be to go with a long grown out look. This, especially, stands true for kids with chubby appearance as the grown out hair will balance everything out to perfection and they would look really amazing in the new style. You don’t have to do much of styling either and casually sweeping the hair on top to a side will make it all look amazing. The frontal bangs look just amazing as they fall over the forehead. Casual but stylish, that’s how you can define this beautiful hairstyle to perfection.

  1. Grown Out Kinks

Grown Out Kinks

Source : Andre_daniel_velazquez

It’s a fact that kinky hair looks the cutest when it is all grown out. Take this one for example. The hairstyle doesn’t seem to have any kind of organization whatsoever. It is grown naturally in all directions and just left as it is. However, some maintenance might be required after every couple of months or so to make sure things do not go completely haywire. The natural rolls would make a statement everywhere your little one will go and people will surely love him for his beautiful hairstyle.

  1. Long Side Swept Hairstyle

Long Side Swept Hairstyle

Source : Emelierussell

Growing hair long is always a bonus for little kids as far as styling is concerned. The long-grown hair creates a perfect vibe and they really look amazing. For kids with blonde hair, long and side swept hair would make a great style statement. The hairdo would be quite a simple one and it won’t take you too much of time to achieve the look to perfection either. In addition, you won’t have to do much of maintenance and the hairstyle will be set up back again easily with finger combing the hair. It can be given a perfectly formal look quite easily as well because you will just have to add some pomade or wax to the top and style it in whatever way you like. So, all sorts of options would be open to you.

  1. Short Side Swept Hair On Top With Undercut

Long Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: All.things.gio

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Slightly different from a typical buzz cut, this beautiful hairstyle features short hair on top that is nicely swept to a side. There are no bangs and there is nothing so long giving you very little room to play around with the look. Nevertheless, the style is complete within itself and it makes for an amazing look overall. Just keep it looking fresh with the help of some styling product that can give it a bit of wet look. The sides have a nice and high undercut making the hair on sides shorter compared to what we have on top. Overall, it’s a neat and clean look that makes for an amazing style statement.

  1. Side Swept Textured Hairstyle

Long Side Swept Hairstyle


Short hair on top and a fade on sides, this beautiful hairstyle makes for a wonderful and formal look overall. The side part seems a bit casual and soft which makes it look quite elegant and stylish. The soft textured look on top is achieved with side swept hair and it will work to perfection on special occasions. You don’t have to worry at all about the sides because the fade blends in the look rather nicely.

  1. Textured Quiff With Faded Sides
    Long Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Killian.brady

Quiff hairstyles always make for an amazing look and they can be achieved to perfection with a variety of hair lengths. This beautiful look here is about a nice and textured quiff that is achieved with short-to-medium length hair. Apply some styling gel or mousse and it will get a nice, textured and fresh look at the front. In fact, that’s what is going to make this hairstyle look chic and elegant. The sides have a nice faded look but there is nothing extravagant. The toddlers will love it and so will everyone else.

  1. Centered Spikes With Undercut

Long Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Detroitdani

Spiky hair makes for a perfectly casual look that will definitely grab all eyes and will make your kid look standout. There are quite a few amazing variations of spiky hairstyles and you can achieve it in all possible ways. This one here requires you to bring all his hair into the center and then run the fingers through after applying some styling product with a strong hold. A casual run of fingers here and there is surely going to give you something that you would love to settle for. The sides have a nice and typical undercut which works wonders with spiky hairstyles. It will have the same effect here as well.

  1. Boy Bob With Bangs

Boy Bob With Bangs

Source: Wegotthismamas

Bob hairstyles for boys are something not so common as the hairstyle is usually associated with girls. However, if you can pull off a perfect boys bob, it is definitely going to impress everyone who takes a look at it. This one here features fine and beautiful locks spread in all directions. It makes somewhat of a cute pumpkin on top and really looks wonderful. The bangs at the front actually define the look and they cover the forehead nicely to give your boy a full head of hair. It’s really something nice and cool that will even work on those special days.

  1. Side Swept Textured Hairstyle With Casual Part

Side Swept Textured Hairstyle With Casual Part

Source : Fatimahandyousef

Another cool look that your kid can flaunt both at school and on special occasions, this one is all about short and nice hair that have volumes to speak about themselves. The hairstyle requires you to get his hair cut to medium length and then swipe it all to a side nicely to a side with a textured look on top. There is a casual side part which creates a perfect illusion on top. Combine it with a high or mid fade and you can’t ask for anything better. The hairstyle will definitely impress the most discerning of viewers.

  1. Long Forward Swept Mohawk With Undercut And Design

Long Forward Swept Mohawk With Undercut And Design

Source: Meramarcoboi

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Mohawk hairstyles have a nice, funky look to them and they have some amazing vibes to deliver too. This one here is not a typical spiky Mohawk look but it is a nice variation of the hairstyle that works for straight hair types. The hairstyle features nice side-swept bangs at the front and there is a cool hair design on the sides achieved over an undercut. Remember that we have a disconnected undercut here that will look really cool with the contrasting lengths on top. Overall, the hairstyle is chic and casual and works wonders for little boys haircuts.

  1. Side Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Side Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Source: Sjdampier11

Another simple, yet elegant, look for little men to flaunt, this beautiful hairstyle is about those nice side swept locks on top. The hairstyle boasts of some length on top and it looks just amazing when combined together with a high fade on the sides. Perfect for school and formal occasions, the hairstyle has volumes to speak and give your boy a stylish outlook.

  1. Side Swept Textured Hair With Bangs Falling Over

Side Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Source: Sharni_engel

You can achieve quite a lot of different looks for your little boy with straight, textured and long hair. Remember, this hairstyle is about medium length hair that is swept nicely to a side and given a textured look by finger combing it through. Let a few bangs fall over towards a side and make a great statement. The faded sides give a contrasting touch to the look but it all combines to pull out a perfect hairstyle overall. A bit of textured on top can be kept in place with the help of a styling product and you can’t get anything better than this.

  1. Spiky And Textured Hairstyle With High Fade

Side Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Source :

This beautiful hairstyle is not actually a spikes hairstyle. Instead, it gets a bit of spiky look achieved on top by finger combing the short-to-medium hair to a side. In fact, that’s how the texture is added to the frontal locks as well. It is pretty organized on top and it makes for really amazing vibes. The sides have a nice high fade and you can always replace it with an undercut as well for an even cleaner look. The hairstyle really works wonders for special occasions and even for casual parties.

  1. Casually Side Swept Hairstyle With Undercut

Casually Side Swept Hairstyle With Undercut

Source: Telesaa

A cute look for all those cute boys, this beautiful hairstyle is about creating a casually side swept hairstyle on top. The hair is kept to medium length on top and it is somewhat spiky as well. However, it’s all laid down and it is given a casually swept look. The sides have an undercut which looks just amazing with the overall style. You can’t ask for anything better for those casual days.

  1. Short, Casual And Spiky Top With Mid Fade

Short, Casual And Spiky Top With Mid Fade

Source: Camdenkiersnowski

If you have always been looking for the best casual skin fade haircuts for your toddler boys, this is the hairstyle you would want to go with on any day. The hairdo boasts of medium-to-short hair on top and there is no organization at all. Just run your fingers through or create a mess on top to pull out this amazing look to perfection. The sides have a nice mid fade that looks even better. Even though the hairstyle is very casual, it will still work out on those special events and parties you have to take your kid to.

  1. Grown Out Kinky Hairstyle

Grown Out Kinky Hairstyle


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Source : Kingmani

When it comes to black boys haircuts, kinky hair is the obvious challenge that you have to deal with. The hairstyle here is all about growing those kinky hair without any limits whatsoever. If you can give it a flat top look, it will look even better. A roundish look can be achieved by keeping the top flatter and getting the sides to grow a bit further. Your little pumpkin will create amazing style statement with his unique and attractive look. The hairstyle will work in all sorts of settings be it casual or formal. It really is a perfect hairstyle for toddler boys.

  1. Textured Combover Hairstyle With Undercut

Textured Combover Hairstyle With Undercut

Source : Eli_grayson

We have had many textured hairstyles on this list and here is yet another one. However, this beautiful look is tailor made for formal occasions where all the hair on top is slicked back and textured to perfection. The look can be achieved by combing it all over on top and using a strong hold styling product to keep it intact. There is a gentle side part that adds up to its elegance and the undercut on the sides really has volumes to add to the finished look. The hairstyle is pretty organized and it looks really amazing.

  1. Cute Little Mohawk Hairstyle

Cute Little Mohawk Hairstyle

Source: Lifeofadickinson

Mohawk hairstyles have a unique stylish vibe to them and they look really impressive when styled for toddlers. This perfect look here can be achieved with short-to-medium length hair on top and it works even better for boys with straight blonde hair types. The hairstyle has wonders to convey about the look itself, but it will make your kids look cuter for sure. The sides have a nice undercut which starts very high on top and close to the top hair that start moving towards the center and raised up right there. A perfect centered spikes look, this one really gives you something that you won’t be able to defy.

  1. Casually Side Swept Hairstyle

Casually Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Nicolecorinnebeck

This beautiful hairstyle has nothing special in terms of styling but still it looks really cool and amazing on toddler boys. In fact, it’s the simplicity of the look that works wonders for little guys and impresses everyone who takes a look at it. Just give your guy a hair wash, pat dry it with a towel, and finger comb it all to a side. The sides are a bit faded but you have to make sure that you do not get it too short. In fact, they should be blended nicely into the hair on top and there shouldn’t be much difference in length that would discern the top hair from those on the sides. If you can trim the frontal bangs at varied lengths so that it looks perfectly in line with the rest of the hair that would be even better. Just see what else you could try with this simple look to make it feel more elegant and stylish.

Toddler boy haircuts don’t have any bounds and you can get as creative as you may want to achieve an amazing look that would impress everyone around. There are many stylish hairstyles for little boys out there and if you are able to pick the right one for your kid, it will work wonders to add to his style and confidence. See if you find any of the toddler boys haircuts on top attractive and give one of them to your little one. You’re surely going to find something that will look standout on your little kid.