Boys Cool Haircuts For A Stylish Look This Summer

Whether you have opted to go for a new haircut or looking for a revamp to the existing style of your little guy, the perfect hair makeover is always necessary. There are many cool haircuts that will make your little boy look even more handsome. Here we have the list of best hairstyles for kids that will help you make your little guy look smarter and more handsome than ever.

When you’re not really interested in chopping it all off his head, the best approach is to do a bit of styling. His hair can be styled in different ways and you can have anything from short hairstyles for boys to long hairstyles for boys.

Boys Cool Haircuts To Look Forward To This Summer

There are many hair styling options that you can consider for your little one during summer months. From long to short, all sorts of hairstyles could be adopted and a unique and stylish touch can be given to your kid in summer. Let’s check out some of the best options we have listed here.

  1. Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hairstyle With A Mid Fade

There are some haircuts for boys that reveal the inherent man in your kid by giving him a new, mature and smart touch. This slicked back look is also one of them. Tapered accurately on the sides, this haircut is finished through that voluminous slicked back look on top. It looks gorgeous, cool, and stylish all at the same time.

  1. Precise Crew Cut

Precise Crew Cut

If you have ever styled your kids’ hair with a sports haircut, here we have a fresh look to it which stands out among all those short hairstyles for boys. The modern classics are never going to fail and this variation of the crew cut is never going to disappoint you either.  The shorter sides and little pomp on to make it look immaculate, clean, and very well-defined.

  1. Buzz Cut Style With A Shaved Line

Buzz Cut Style With A Shaved Line

Your strict and simple military buzz cut may be turned into a cool and fresh style with a slight change. Its clean outline can make it look neat and precise while a bit of detail is added with the help of that shaved line on a side. The hairstyle is tailor made to save you precious morning time because it won’t need any styling and everything is in the cut itself.

  1. Scissor Haircut With Design

Scissor Haircut With Design

Scissor haircuts are a perfect choice when it comes to accentuating his ruffian character while saving time on styling his hair. For achieving this disheveled style, the scissors will be run randomly through his hair. There is some texture added to his hair as well and it will definitely make for a trendy look overall. For such daring look, shaved-in lightning makes a perfect choice.

  1. Disconnected Taper Fade

Disconnected Taper Fade

Another beautiful hairstyle that’s all about definition, this one requires the top to be cropped before disconnecting it from sides using shaved-in line. Being edgy and sharp, you’d like to balance out this look using soft taper faded sides.

  1. Textured Comb Over

Textured Comb Over

Quite unexpected to some, a textured comb over look can also make your best 5 year old boy haircuts. The sophisticated and restrained swept silhouette makes a nice medium between casual and occasional look. That’s why, the hairstyle isn’t just perfect for little boys but for men as well. When it comes to styling, this hairstyle makes a very flexible choice. Depending on your chosen parting and styling product, it’s always set to give your kid a fresh and different look.

  1. Spiky Top

Spiky Top

When your kids’ school does not have any strict restrictions, something more carefree can really make a statement for your little boy. Here the key is to have a nice, strong hold hair gel which can be worked through his hair to create spikes as you like. To be fortunate, this type of hairstyling works best for any boys’ haircuts.

  1. Brushed Up Ivy League

Brushed Up Ivy League

Sometimes, Ivy League hairstyles may look a bit too preppy on little guys. However, such an impression can be easily avoided by trying to upgrade this hairdo a bit. Just brush the hair on top up and give your boy a trendy and cool look overall. To have extra emphasis, you can try mid fade haircut and a carved in design.

  1. Short Dreads

Short Dreads

For kids with curly medium length locks, short dreads make a perfect choice. Dreadlocks tend to be wave-like and small and they stand rather bluntly as they point upwards all around the head. Usually, the sides are either closely trimmed or shaved off completely. One must keep hair medium-to-long for achieving this style to perfection. A couple of inches would be good enough to achieve the short dreads hairstyle. For African Americans, it makes a perfect choice.

  1. Natural Curls

Natural Curls

For naturally curly hair of your little guy, you can always accentuate his locks with some styling. For his thin and straight hair, add some volume by simply adding some natural curls. Nevertheless, creating curls would be a lot easier with his medium-length and wavy hair.

  1. Messy Fringe

Messy Fringe

If you want to cover the broad forehead of your little boy in somewhat stylish manner, without creating those ‘girly bangs’, a nice and messy fringe is the way to go. For achieving this modern look, your boy needs to have medium length on top. It will surely make a difference to his looks.

  1. Combed Back Hairstyle

Combed Back Hairstyle

It is, probably, among the simplest of looks your kids can have. For something a bit too formal, the combed back look is a must-try. Just make sure he has enough volume on top and style it with a pomade or gel with medium-to-strong hold. The hair length should be kept short-to-medium both on top as well as sides. However, it is kept short at the back.

  1. Wavy Shag

Wavy Shag

Shag hairstyles always look cool, particularly, when you have to make the natural curls work for your little guy. If he has wavy hair, some gel would be required for styling purposes. The volume should be consistent all over and the hairstyle will have a wonderful casual and messy look.

  1. Samurai Bun

Samurai Bun

If your kid loves medium-to-long hair, this is the hairstyle for him. One of the best cool haircuts around, the hairstyle is pretty easy to achieve too. Keep his hair around 6-inch in length for creating the beautiful hair bun. A bit of styling gel and hair tie would be needed to secure the look to perfection.

  1. Surfer Haircut

Surfer Haircut

This is a beautiful hairstyle that would leave your boy with a nice, tousled look. The type of surfer cut you must go for actually depends on his hair type. There are options like messy style, long and straight style, short tousled look, and shaggy hair. The most common look, however, is achieved with longer locks on top as compared to the sides. The fuller touch to the sides makes it create an even cool vibe.

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Overall, it’s a low maintenance haircut and your kid would love it to look stylish even with his bed-head. However, for formal occasions, some styling should be done by combing the hair back and using gel to secure it into place.

Aren’t these cool haircuts? What else would you want for your little boy? Do you have any better hairstyles for kids in your mind that would do the best for him during summer months? Probably, you should be on the lookout for hairstyles that have a unique and stylish vibe and are more manageable on those hot summer days. Whatever the case, the hairstyles listed above fit in nicely and make a perfect choice for your little guy. Make a pick now and see how he responds to the new look you have chosen for him. Contact us in comments and do share your experience too!