Top Toddler Haircuts Boy To Make Him Look Cute And Adorable 2023

You must have always wanted to give your little kid a cute outlook with different types of styling hacks. What you should pay the most attention to is his hairstyles, however. Many Toddler Haircuts for Boys are around today that don’t require you to put in too much effort in styling but they can really take your kids’ looks to the next level.

10 Best Toddler Haircuts Boy For A Perfect Style

When your babies are growing into little men, it’s time that you decide what Toddler Haircuts for Boys you’d be giving them to represent what type of men they’ll grow into. There is a variety of options available in hairstyles and you would love your kids wearing them. Here we have a collection of 10 best hairstyles for toddlers that you can consider this year. Let’s have a look.

  1. The Mop Top

The Mop Top

source: Pinterest

There are some boys who were just born to flaunt some crazy and long hair and for them, we have this Mop Top hairstyle. The hairstyle is not for those with dead straight locks and rather works best for toddlers having fine and naturally wavy hair. If there is some texture, that’s even better. You can put away clippers replacing scissors for the hairstyle. Just keep it in mind that when you are getting him this haircut, it should be tapered around his ears and neck. The longer locks are only there on top.

The hair length should be kept to your own preference but it should be clean-cut around his ears. Add in a few layers while ensuring that it is a little shaggy. What that means is the layers shouldn’t be too short. Those wispy bangs just above the eyes of your child should be framed and blended as they move down towards the sides.

  1. Dapper Side Parted Hairstyle

Dapper Side Parted Hairstyle

source: Pinterest

For the more classic types, here we have a perfect hairstyle to go with. This one is just perfect for those with thin hair that often lay flat down. However, you can also achieve this hairstyle with hair that is a little wavier and has more texture.

Based on your preferences, you can get his hair cut at the bottom using number 1, number 2 or number 3 clipper head. Now, judge the length that you have used at the bottom and then decide what number you should be going with on the top. There should be a clean-cut and short bottom whereas the hair on top should be kept a head-length longer. Clean up with stand-alone clippers around the ears and the neck.

When it comes to styling it, you should work it around with wet hair while parting it on a side and using some stronghold mousse or gel.

  1. Long Layered Hairstyle

Long Layered Hairstyle

This type of boys haircuts are a bit harder to achieve but they really add so much of style to your groovy little man. Kids with pin straight or extremely curly hair may not be able to get this look quite easily. However, it works perfectly for anyone in between. The haircut is very long but the length is still not as much as you have with Mop Top style listed above.

When getting this haircut, ask the stylist to use a razor blade instead of scissors for cutting lengths. It will help add so much texture everywhere. Avoid straight lines as well as clean cuts for this one. Simply focus on lots of texture and layers. Keep the hair halfway above his ears and make sure that the bangs land slightly above his eyebrows as they swoop to a side.

For styling purposes, use a bit of mousse for arranging wet locks in areas of your choice. For an even smoother look, just blow dry it.

  1. Short & Spiky

Short & Spiky


Short and spiky hair is always among the coolest hairstyles around. You can easily get the haircut and maintaining it isn’t a problem either. In fact, there aren’t many low maintenance haircuts that could beat this one. This one works just fine for kids with thicker and naturally straight locks.

When getting the haircut, make sure that a number 2 clipper head is used on sides as well as on the back. Go for number 3 on top. The hairstyle needs proper blending everywhere and you just need to run those clippers throughout his hair on every side to achieve that. It will help ensure that you get a naturally blended look. You may need stand-alone clippers depending on what length you want to achieve around his ears and neck. However, scissors may also work fine here!

For styling purposes, the haircut is better left the way it is. You can style it if needed as well. Use some gel to get a spikier look.

  1. Wispy Dreams

Wispy Dreams

source: Pinterest

For this particular haircut, you need both scissors and clippers for creating a perfectly clean cut towards the bottom which blends nicely into the textured and wispy pieces up top.

For getting the haircut, use number 4 or number 5 clipper head at the bottom and blend it nicely into longer locks on the top. When doing it on top, go with the layering technique and create wispy pieces instead of a single length all around. Some small pieces may hang nicely into her face. Just make sure that you don’t go with complete bangs.

You don’t need to do any styling and leave it as it is. But if you want to style it up, apply little mousse and define that texture on the top.

  1. Mini Pompadour

Mini Pompadour

Yes, we have all loved Pompadours over these years. But have you heard of the mini pompadour style? This one is tailor-made for your cute little kids. It’s a perfect choice for those little hipsters who want something unique in toddler boy haircuts.

To get this haircut, you need to start it off with number 1 clipper head somewhere around lower neck and around his ears. Then use number 2 and number 3 clipper head moving upwards to come up with a more blended look. Use scissors to cut the hair on top. The frontal hair should be kept long enough so that you can slick it backward. As you cut it further towards the back-front area, layer it and blend with scissors to achieve a perfect look. The hair towards the back shouldn’t fall just too far away at the back of his head. Keep enough length on top so that you can style it backward and can still tease it to achieve a typical “Pompadour Puff”.

For styling purposes, tease his strands on the top and achieve the required height. Use mousse, gel, or some hair wax for smoothening that puff and making sure that it stays in its place.

  1. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

Source: Messitttwins

There are some kids that have that rockstar feel on the inside and they’re always looking for ways to make sure that it comes out somehow. A faux hawk for toddlers is going to allow that rockstar to make a statement to the outside world.

This particular hairstyle is achieved in pretty much the similar fashion as Wispy Dreams. The clippers, however, will be used to cut shorter hair lengths a little higher on his head. When this look is achieved perfectly, you should leave a few longer locks on top, almost a couple of inches wide all across his head. Blend and clip the shorter locks with number 3 clipper head or number 4 clipper head. Scissors should be used on a longer section of hair. Make sure that you use a bit of layered cutting technique for adding a little texture to the hair.

Use a good gel for styling purposes. Mold his hair up at a point or just let it freely hang around for a more casual look.

  1. Shrunken Dreads

Shrunken Dreads

You must have heard of the dreadlocks and they can be for anyone who has hair thick enough to achieve them. However, it is used most often for the black ethnicities. Black individuals have a unique texture to their hair which is quite different and needs a lot of care. What’s best about such hair types is that you can style them in whatever way you like and, especially. Achieve the dreadlock style with them. They really look great when achieved to perfection. For your toddler boy, however, you can opt for smaller dreadlocks that have become quite a trend these days and can be maintained pretty easily as well.

For styling it into beautiful dreadlocks style, let your kids’ hair grow to a length necessary for creating dreads to your desired length. Once you have decided on the desired length, you should then start to work towards achieving the style. Tease every dreadlock section in the direction of his scalp and use wax for massaging his hair sections every day for the next few weeks. Finally, it will all become matted and you will have individual dreads that you can style in whatever way you like.

Once you have completed the dreads, keep massaging then in between your hands and use wax regularly so that they look clean and in shape continuously.

  1. Shortened Texture

Shortened Texture

source: Pinterest

Another beauty among the toddler haircuts, this one offers some easy maintenance and is just a perfect choice for little men who have thick hair which does not gracefully handle the cowlicks.

To get this hairstyle, you need to use number 4 clipper head on sides of his head as well as the back. Go with number 6 or number 7 clipper head on top. Also, use clippers for blending the hair on top and those on the sides. When styling it on his neck and close to the ears, you may need to use scissors for creating a perfectly clean finish.

You can either leave this hairdo without any styling or apply some loose-hold gel to style it the way you like.

  1. Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hairstyle

One of the most sophisticated looks to achieve, this one is definitely going to work wonders for your little one. It’s more of a gentlemen style and represents a formal look which is better than anything else.

For creating this wonderful style, slick his hair back on top. You will need some length on top while the sides can be kept to medium length. The haircut will need scissors only to achieve it to perfection. Keep it all shorter on sides while making sure that you do not go too short in length there. Remember, you won’t be slicking it back on the sides. Just ensure that his hair fades away into those longer lengths on top and can be successfully smoothed out all over the head. You do not need a lot of layering to be done on top. Rather, just make sure it gets shorter around the back area of the crown.

In the first look before styling it properly, you may find it a bit strange. However, once you have done the styling part, you’ll be all fine. Apply extra-hold hair wax or gel and smooth it all back.

You are no short of options when it comes to Toddler Haircuts for Boys that will make your kid look awesome and stylish. Here, just need to make sure that the most appropriate choices are made for him depending on his personal looks and also the occasion where you’d want him to flaunt the style. See if you can pick up a few styles from the list above. There are options available for all sorts of hair and also the type of style people usually prefer for their little ones. It is just that what fits better into your preferences and how you would like your kids’ hair to be styled.