Top Toddler Braids With Beads Hairstyles For Monotonous Look

A great way to give your little girl a fascinating and fun hairstyle would be to accessorize her hair with colorful beads and try to braid it in all the creative ways possible. The toddler braids with beads always offer a glam look as well as an attractive feel for just about any occasion. Whether you are looking for a formal hairstyle or something informal, you are always going to get a braided and beaded alternative for that. It’s not quite difficult to achieve these hairstyles either because you will only need to have a bit of patience and practice to come up with a proper hairstyle for your little girl.

Toddler Braided Hairstyles With Beads For Little Girls

Whether you want summer hairstyles braids or a box braided look, there are all sorts of options available. Here we have some of the best toddler braids with beads that would work best for your little girl and will definitely give them a glam look regardless of the occasion they want to attend. Let’s have a look.

  1. Beaded Cornrows


Just have a look at the way braids have been installed on the beautiful African girl. The braids are created in cornrows which look chic and amazing. Keep it a bit above her ears and incorporate colorful beads into the braids to achieve that gorgeous vibe.

  1. Black Braided Hairdo With Beaded Tips


Another beautiful hairstyle for little girls incorporating braids and twists with beaded ends. The hair at the front is styled to achieve gorgeous cornrows while the back is left loose with twists that hang freely boasting colorful beads.

  1. Braided And Beaded Ponytail For Black Kids


If you have always wanted a hairdo that would make your little girl look endearing, this is the one for you. This beautiful braided hairstyle boasts of colorful beads and the ponytail serves as the focal point for this one. It’s quite effortless and easy to achieve.

  1. Heart Shaped Braided Hairstyle With Beads


For little girls with African American origin, this hairdo is a perfect choice too look exciting. The hairstyle features inventive braids that are accessorized using colorful beads. The unique heart-shaped patterns really create cool vibes.

  1. Pigtails Braids With Beads

Braided hairstyles are often created in the pigtails form to give little girls a unique touch of style and fashion but even that can be beaded for an extra spark. Just section it off into three different sections and secure the braids like pigtails. Add some colorful beads to it for a perfect finished look. It really looks gorgeous.

  1. Ghana Braids


For those who prefer thick braids and want to use beads for highlighting the volume and glamour, Ghana cornrows braids would be a perfect choice. Adding those beads between her braids would give her a fun and chic look.

  1. Diagonal Braids


The variety in braided hairstyles is just immaculate and the style keeps winning hearts for little girls all the time. The hairstyle offers a profound expression of African culture as well as its vibrant spirit. Add more glamour to the hairdo by beading the tips.

  1. Short Box Braids

If you are looking for braided and beaded hairstyles, you must look forward to having some variation and versatility. If you’ve been styling her hair with heavy updos, try some light and intricate braids now, at least for a change. She is definitely going to enjoy this new look and will feel amazing when colorful beads would be added to her hair.

  1. Curved Cornrows


Dope Braids Hairstyle


knotless Braids


Knot Less Box Braids


Protective Braid styles


This one is a common choice among kids hairstyles for black girls and you can give it a whole new twist by adding some beads to the tips. They will give some personality and individuality to this beautiful hairstyle and will make it personal to your little girl. Achieving cornrows in a curved fashion rather than straight will make them look alluring.

Beads can be added to just about any haircut and all you need is some creativity and an out of the box approach. Find some of the best toddler braids with beads for your little one and she’s definitely going to love it. Pick a few from the above list based on her hair type and face shape to give her some individual sense of style.