Is Taper Cut The New Trend In Kids Haircuts 2020?

New haircuts and hairstyles for kids are introduced every year and fashion trends come and set in. However, there are some hairstyles that just come in and never go away. Among such hairstyles, taper cut makes a perfect example that’s been around for years. You can style this hairdo with different variations and it just looks great no matter what style you adopt for your boys.

Taper Cut And The Modern Day Implementations 2020

If you are here to discover the new trends in taper cut hairstyles, here we have a few for you. Let’s check out.

  1. Short Crop with Taper Fade


A short crop is always trendy and the casual vibe it creates is just amazing. Style this hairdo with a taper fade on the sides and flaunt a cool new look.

  1. Messy Curls With Low-Neck Taper

This is one of the best low maintenance haircuts that you can try this year. The hairstyle boasts of some curly mess on top and it looks gorgeous with a nice and simple taper fade low on the neck.

  1. Messy Top With Taper Shaved Sides


Most tapers add a properly organized touch to otherwise casual and messy hairstyles. This one is a perfect example here. Just let the hair on top be long and messy and style the sides by shaving them off into a taper.

4.       Simple Taper Fade

This beautiful look is more about the nice comb over top than the taper itself. Still the taper adds a cool new look to the hairstyle.

5.       Taper Cut With A Side Part

If you have been looking for the simplest of taper hairstyles, this is the one you can try out. The side swept hairstyle boasts of a clean side part and a nice taper on the sides.

6.       Textured Slick Back Hairstyle With Taper Fade


Slicked back hair always lends a perfect classic look that you can flaunt for years. This one is a perfect example of that. Add to it a classic taper fade on the side and you’re going to rock the look.

7.       Taper Fade With Side Swept Top

Sweep it to a side on top and style it with a taper on the sides. You can’t ask for a better combo than this.

  1. Messy Forward Swept Hairstyle With Taper Fade

Messy hair makes a perfect addition to the otherwise organized taper haircuts. Check out this beautiful example here. The hairstyle works on any day of the year and looks just gorgeous.

  1. Brushed Back Hairstyle With Classic Low Taper

Brushed back hairstyles always look gorgeous and you can’t ask for a better style if you want to sport a retro hairstyle. This one with classic low taper makes it even better.

  1. Long Taper Cut

Your taper haircut can make a perfect combo with long hair on top. Have a look at this one here. It’s the most organized and perfectly laid out style you can find on the list.

  1. Short Taper With Classic Ivy League

SOURCE: menshairstylestoday

12.   Tapered Neckline


Stephen J.


The taper cut can be one of the trendiest looks your kids could sport this year. There are so many variations of the hairdo that you can sport. See if you can find one of your type in the list above.