Simple Hairstyles For Long Hair To Flaunt A Casually Chic Look

Long hair always have some special feel about them and they look gorgeous no matter what hairstyle you go with. There are many amazing simple hairstyles for long hair that allow you to look casually elegant and catch all eyes no matter where you are. All you need is a few minutes to pull off the look to perfection.

Gorgeous Simple Hairstyles For Long Hair

Here we have shortlisted some of the most gorgeous hairstyles for girls that will allow you to make a statement on every occasion. Let’s have a look.

  1. Half Bun

Source: ddhairstyling

Long hairs give you all the freedom you need for styling a casual hairstyle. This half bun is a perfect example. Just comb it back and take some strands to make a casual half bun at the crown. Leave the rest of the hair at the back naturally wavy to flaunt a perfect style.

2.   Quadruple Twist Hairstyle

Quadruple Twist Hairstyle

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If you have got some time to carve out a perfect hairstyle, this is the one you should go for. It will lend you a little unique look with cornrows spreading all around while leaving shoulder-length open hair at the back.

  1. Fishtail Braid

 source: fleurhaarenmak

Fishtail braids can have lots of unique and different implantations and this one really is a cool option to go with. There is nothing too difficult about it, however. You just need to start braiding at the front on either side after creating a center part.  Bring it all back into the center and join into a single long braid at the nape. Overall, it will look gorgeous.

  1. Flip Faux Fishtail

Flip Faux Fishtail

If you have been looking for the most stylish and simple hairstyles for long hair, here is the one for you. It is a cool variation of the typical fishtail braid hairstyle where the braid starts at the front and goes moving down to a side in kind of a fluffy look. Most of the hair is left open and a little messy to produce this casual elegance.

  1. Twisted Half Updo


All open and combed back nicely, with a slight twist around the crown area, that’s simplicity personified for you. You can’t ask for a better, more elegant look in girls hairstyles.

  1. Side Fishtail


Another fishtail variation, this cool hairstyle for girls is as simple as you would like. Comb her hair to a side and start braiding that cool fishtail braid at the front taking it all the way to the tips as the fishtail braid falls over to a side. Gorgeous, isn’t it! Add a nice ribbon accessory midway through and it will bring a bit of oomph to the beautiful hairstyle.

You are no short of options when it comes to simple hairstyles for long hair and here we have some of the coolest implementations of the hairdo. They won’t take too much of time in styling and you’ll have a wonderful hairstyle to flaunt at any occasion.