75 Best Boys Short hairstyles 2020 For Attractive & Chick Look

Choosing the right haircuts for little boys can always become challenging as you have to choose something that goes perfectly with their naughty personality and lets them flaunt their style to perfection as well. The short hairstyles have been the latest trend and there’s variety of options available only in that hairstyle. In fact, short hairstyles suit little kids more than anything else and should be the preferred choice to give them a more than perfect look.

Latest 75 Short Hairstyles 2020

So, if you’ve also been looking for some of the cute toddler boy haircuts and short hairstyles that your kid can flaunt everywhere regardless of the occasion then go through our list below to find out what’s in store.

1. Combed Back With Disconnected Undercut

Source: Steelejustin

Short combed back hair always create a perfect vibe on little kids and this one is no different either. Combined with a disconnected undercut, the hairstyle looks amazingly cool and that side part makes it look even better.

2. Simple Side Parted Hairstyle

Source: Bouffanthairparlor

For kids with straight and fine hair, its really cool haircut for boys. The top hair is swept nicely to a side while sides are kept faded and, obviously, the hair on top is swept to a side. Overall, it’s a cool and neat hairstyle for kids who love to keep it short on top.

3. Side Swept Hairstyle With Hard Part And Side Fade

Source: The.kings.lounge

You can make side swept hair look unique and different all the time only by making slight changes to the overall look. This hairstyle here is a perfect example. Overall, it’s a simple side swept hairstyle but with that hard part and faded sides, it gets a different vibe altogether.

4. Forward Swept Hard With Surgical Waves On Sides

Source: The.kings.lounge

When you want to keep it short on top, you often have to sweep the hair forward to achieve a perfect style. And, here we have a perfect example. The hair on top is swept forward to emphasize those little bangs and the surgical waves are created on the sides to add a bit of drama to the overall look.

5. Hard Parted Mohawk

Source: Max_wijnen_nl

This cool hairdo really qualifies for the best short hairstyles around. The clean touch is given to the look with faded sides and that hard part while hair on top is raised in the mohawk style.

6. Spikes With Hard Parted Surgical Design

Source: Caissie.rachelle

If you or your little one has ever fancied spikes haircut, you both will love this hairstyle more than ever. It’s spiky, it’s unique and it’s all the more stylish. The hairstyle boasts of a wonderful spiky look up top and that hard part and connecting surgical design give it a whole new vibe. And, obviously, we have faded sides to make it look standout.

7. Gelled Top With Surgical Star On The Side

Source: Davidfades

Short hairstyles can be made to look more stylish than anything else with a bit of gel and some beautiful surgical designs to compliment. This is one of the most popular style in the list of little black boys haircuts. Take this one, for instance, we have short gelled up hair on top and there’s a surgical design with a beautiful star on the side to give a unique touch to this undercut.

8. Short & Curly

Source: Thefadedbarber1

For curly hair, short hairstyles are probably the best. This one here keeps it short and unruly on top while a touch of neatness and elegance is added with a clean undercut and that surgical curve towards the bottom. Overall, it looks so cool.

9. Simple Side Swept Hair

Source: Just_living_well

This beautiful hairstyle for kids is all about simplicity. It’s nicely swept to a side with a simple side part and the sides are kept faded to complete the look.

10. Comb Over With Disconnected Undercut

Source: Kesydoeshair

Undercuts are always amazing and they really qualify for the most amazing boys short haircuts. Combine it with a beautiful comb over hairstyle and you simply can’t ask for anything better. Remember, however, that the hair on top are not too short and rather allowed to grow up a bit to achieve a perfect hairstyle.

11. Side Swept Fringe – Boys Trendy Haircuts

Source: Amorica_rio

Short hairstyles with long, side-swept fringe never go out of fashion and here we have one for the red-heads. This hairstyle looks amazing with short sides and a long fringe swept nicely to a side. Overall, it looks amazing.

12. Buzz Cut

Source: Tkt_89

Buzzcut is a popular choice for short hairstyles for curly hair as this look is all about keeping it short everywhere. A touch of uniqueness is added to the look here simply by combining it with a cool undercut. In fact, the sides are almost shaved and the hair on top is kept shorter to achieve the buzz hairstyle.

13. Hard Parted Blonde

Source: Salonsbrigita_112

For blonde hair types, this is a nice haircut to have. There is a hard part that looks amazing with long side swept fringes and a disconnected undercut. Overall, it creates a more than perfect vibe.

14. Short Combed Back Hair

Source: Hairbygsam

Short hair combed towards the back look really amazing when a bit of holding product is applied to the hair. The sides are kept faded and a cool look is achieved by keeping them disconnected from the top.

15. Side Swept Hair With Medium Sides

Source: Kimmi_anne_

Not so short on the top, the haircut is still a good choice for baby boys after short hairstyles. The top hair is swept nicely to a side and there’s a side part that keeps the sides separated. With medium hair on the sides, you still have a cool hairdo to flaunt.

16. Side Swept With Surgical Z

Source: Salonsbrigita_112

Another beautiful side swept hairstyle with a surgical design forming ‘Z’ shape, this hairstyle isn’t just stylish but creates a cool and clean vibe at the same time as well. The sides are kept faded to make that surgical ‘Z’ look more prominent. Overall, it’s just perfect.

17. Short Side Swept Front

Source: Lauraweaverhairstylist

This is a uniquely cute hairstyle that features short hair on top which is casually swept to a side at the front. The hair on the sides is kept faded as well to make it go with the overall look perfectly.

18. Bangs With High Fade

Source: Straightandcurl

This boys short haircuts is all about those cool bangs falling on the forehead. The sides are cut into a high fade to compliment the overall look rather nicely. In order to keep the bangs falling on the forehead, the top hair is casually swept to a side and it’s not a typical side-swept look.

19. Side Swept With Undercut

Source: Sharonjohnstone_haircouture

Though this one falls under the side-swept category, the top hair is given a casual look and is not properly combed to the side. The high fade is there to make it look even better.

20. Casual Side Swept Hair

Source: Figandoakley

Another casual look with short hair that every boy can rock no matter what the occasion may be. This one reflects sort of a spiky touch in the top hair. Overall, it looks stylish and cool and can be worn in quite a few different styles.

21. Spikes With Undercut – 10 Year Old Boy Haircuts

Source: Sisaona

Medium length spikes are always considered one of the most versatile hairstyles for boys. This one here is no different. The top hair is given a spiky touch while the sides are shaped into an undercut to achieve a perfect balance and make it look like a casual retreat for 10 year old boys. As for styling versatility, top hair can be styled to either side or simply raised up to form a perfect spike.

22. Messy Curls With Undercut

Source: Annaarcherartist

This hairstyle is all about the mess on top. Yes, and that’s probably the most natural choice for curly hair as well. So, just leave it natural as it is and create sort of a mohawk look by leaving some volume at the back as well. As for the sides, create a perfect undercut and compliment it with a nice and cool surgical design. Overall, it will look amazing.

23. Fine Side Swept Hair

Source: Laurenbodencgcm

For those with very fine and thin hair, this hairdo is probably the perfect choice to make. The hair is swept nicely to a side while there’s an undercut to complete the look overall.

24. Combed Back Spiky Hair

Source: Hairstyle_magazine

What else you’d like to style your fine hair into a spiky hairstyle? Yes, just keep it simple like this cool hairstyle here. The hair is cut short and finger combed backwards to achieve a spiky look. The sides are kept faded to compliment it to perfection.

25. Slicked Back Hairstyle

Source: Shorepointsmom

This slicked back look makes for the perfect short hairstyles with side swept hair nicely held together using a styling product and a hard part combined with fade to achieve a more than perfect look overall.

26. Short Spikes

Source: Blondemomentsbylaura

This beautiful short and centered spiky look is what you need for a casual day out. There’s some volume on the sides as well but it goes rather nicely with the hair on top. Overall, it’s just amazing and will suit your little one to perfection as well.

27. Textured Side Swept Hair

Source: Danner_evans

Textured hair is always a top choice for short hairstyles. And, this one here is just a perfect example. The hair on top is kept short and styled to a side with some styling product and running the fingers through the hair. The sides are kept even shorter to compliment the overall look rather nicely.

28. Casual Mohawk

Source: Sweet17c

This casual mohawk is probably what your kid needs this summer. Just take some volume off from the top and raise the frontal hair up into a beautiful mohawk hairstyle. The sides are kept short and faded to achieve a perfect style for a casual day out.

29. Forward Swept Spiky Hair With Low Fade

Source: Eimiii8787

Spiky hairstyles can’t get any stylish than this one here. The hair on top is kept short-to-medium length while a spiky touch is given to it rather nicely. The top hair is given a casual look as well while the sides are kept faded towards the bottom. Overall, it’s a nice hairstyle to achieve a perfect look.

30. Mohawk Hairstyle

SourcE: Hair_by_nikki609

Little boys always rock the fanciest of looks and mohawk hairstyle is no different either. Besides, it’s very simple to style on those fine hair of the little ones. You just need to keep it short all over and a bit of styling product will help you achieve a perfectly casual mohawk that your little one will definitely rock.

31. Side Swept Hair With Hard Part

SourcE: Conceited_by_mayra

Sometimes you casually sweep your hair to a side and sometimes you don’t. Well, this one is the latter case to be precise. The hair is kept short and swept to a side while a solid hold styling product is used to achieve a perfectly neat look. The hard part and faded sides make it look even better.

32. Casual Curls

Source: Michelineshairstudio

Little kids look too adorable in natural curls and this look is exactly what we’re talking about. Just look at that cute and adorable little guy. He really looks stunning. The hairstyle is achieved by letting the unruly top hair remain in that exact same shape and the sides are trimmed a little towards the bottom. Overall, it looks casually perfect.

33. Short On Top And Faded Sides

Source: Bostoncolorgroup

There are all sorts of options available for styling the top hair to perfection while keeping it short. You can keep it simply swept to a side, give it a slicked back look or even raise it up to form spikes. There are all sorts of options available and they all look amazing with faded sides.

34. Side Swept With Undercut

SourcE: Crystal_coralles

Side swept hair can’t get any cleaner and better than this. The look is just perfect and can be worn nicely with a beautiful undercut where the hair on sides is trimmed almost to the skin. Overall, it looks great.

35. Combed Back Mohawk Style With Undercut

Source: Saraeldridge1979

Well, Mohawks aren’t always about that spiky look. Rather, you can grow the hair on top a bit longer and give it a combed back look by sweeping it all backwards while maintaining a bit of height. The sides can always be kept nice and clean to achieve a perfect overall style.

36. Side Swept With Mid Fade

Source: Magnified.by.sarah

If you talk about boys haircutsmost of them are about side swept hair. However, each of them is given a bit of uniqueness in styling and it’s the mid fade that brings that element of uniqueness to this hairstyle here. Overall, it’s just perfect!

37. Side Swept Hair With Disconnected Undercut

Source: Beingrizwankhan25

If your little one has a bit of weight on top then this is probably the most natural choice for you as far as his hairstyle goes. The look is simple but still has some uniqueness and elegance about it. What makes it look perfect is that disconnected undercut and that’s exactly what makes it qualify for the best short hairstyles for curly hair. 

38. Spiky Pomp With Hard Part

Source: Liana__makemelaugh

You must have tried Pompadour haircuts yourself or even with your kids, but have you ever tried this cool variation? Probably not! Well, this beautiful hairstyle is all about that spiky touch given to the frontal locks and that hard part is there to complete the look to perfection. Overall, it’s a perfectly elegant combo.

39. Casual Hairstyle With Mid Fade

Source: Haircutsformenofficial

Just as the name suggests, this one is all casual and some definition is given to this look by that mid fade. The hair on top is simply finger combed and allowed to look messy.

40. Combed Back With Hard Parted Fade

Source: Expressurhair2017

This hard parted fade hairstyle gets all its elegance and uniqueness from that beautiful combed back look on the top. Though it looks rather simple but still is quite an elegant look to have.

41. Forward Swept Hair With Surgical Design

Source: Tinas_chair

For short hairstyles for thick hair, achieving a simplistic look is rather easy and this one here is a perfect example of that. All you have to do is to sweep it all forward and have a perfect style going. To add a bit of drama to the overall style, compliment it with a beautiful surgical design and your little one will have a perfect style to flaunt.

42. Side Swept Hair With Hard Part And Side Fade

Source: queen_sarahj86

If you want to grow it to medium length while keeping the short hair look intact, you can go with this cool combo of medium length on top, a hard part and faded hair on the sides. It looks amazing overall.

43. Textured Forward Swept Hair

Source: queen_sarahj86

This hairstyle is pretty much similar to the one mentioned above and, probably, the only difference lies in the texture of the boy’s hair. Other than that, we have the same forward swept look and sides are faded in the same manner as well. Overall, it’s so cool.

44. Casual Hairstyles

Source: Hairvibesbydani

Little boys look amazing with casual hairstyles and here we have a few cool options. Whether you want to keep it side parted or spiked into the center, you have all sorts of options available. The hair on the sides is kept faded usually to keep the focus on the casual style on the top. Overall, it’s just perfect.

45. Short Wavy & Textured Locks With Side Fade

Source: Saribrennan

This is one of the most amazing short hairstyles for round faces out there with short and naturally wavy hair on top. The natural texture is kept intact while the sides are kept faded to achieve a perfectly cool look overall.

46. Short And Simple Hairstyle

Source: Beautybykf

This short haircut option for boys is all about its simplicity. You don’t have much to talk about achieving the hairstyle as it just requires you to cut the hair short all over and then sweep it forward.

47. Center Spikes With Undercut

Source: Pumpkinandbeansalon

Spikes is probably the most natural choice when it comes to boys short haircuts and the best part is that it can be styled in so many different ways. The one here keeps it all on the top raised up nicely and combines it with a beautiful undercut to achieve a perfect look. Some styling product might be needed but it’s not necessary.

48. Forward Spikes

Source: Olga.pietraszek

Yes, this is another nice variation of the spikes haircuts for short hair. It requires the hair to be swept forward nicely and then raised into the spikes at the front. The sides are given a medium fade that nicely completes the look and gives it a perfect vibe.

49. Casual Side Swept Hair

Source: Hair_by_sweett

Short hair when swept casually to a side look amazing and this one is a perfect example. In fact, it suits little boys very much as well. And when you combine it with the faded sides or an undercut, you’ll have an even better look to achieve. Overall, it’s so cool.

50. Caesar Cut With Surgical Design

Source:  Beautyhouse2017

Caesar cut is a popular choice among boys who love to keep their hair short. It can also be styled in a few different ways. The variation we have here is only about keeping it simple and side swept at the front to achieve the final look. The surgical design on the sides gives it a whole new definition. However, it’s not too evident.

51. Side-Swept With Undercut

Source:  Beautyhouse2017

This is another cool look that can be given to a side-swept hairstyle. The hair is cut in a casual manner on the top and then swept to a side while there’s no side part and all we have is a perfect undercut. It’s more of a party look and every little boy can rock it for sure.

52. Simple Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Miszee9558

This is a simple hairstyle that is all about a classic side-swept look. The hair on the sides is kept faded and blended to perfection in the overall hairstyle.

53. Slicked Back Hair With Hard Part

Source: Hairparloux

This is a perfectly formal look that makes short hairstyles for round faces a popular choice. The sides are faded to the skin and the hair on top is slicked back nicely with a styling product. The hard part is there to define it even further.

54. Side Swept Hair With A Disconnected Undercut

Source: Stl_hair_by_sara

This hairstyle looks both formal and casual at the same time. The formal look is achieved by that nice side sweep and then a casual vibe is created by dyeing the hair into a nice golden color. The disconnected undercut and a hard part complete the look rather nicely.

55. Side Swept With Hard Part

Source: _Whodoesyourhair

This is another cool option in very short hairstyles that is all about simplicity. The hair on top is kept short and swept to a side after applying some styling product to keep its texture intact and maintain its slightly casual vibe. The hard part adds another element of drama to the overall look and makes it quite unique and stylish.

56. Nice And Short

Source: Yanelis001

Well, the title defines this cool haircut to perfection. The hair on top is kept simple and short and is styled to a side with some styling gel. The sides are kept faded and equally short to make it look perfect.

57. Casual Spikes With Short Bangs

Source:  Hottstepss

Now, this one is really the cutest of all short hairstyles on the list. More of a casual spiky look, half of the top hair is finger combed to a side and small bangs are made to define the look to perfection. There is a small surgical line on the sides as well to compliment. Overall, it’s just fabulous.

58. Side Swept Hairstyle Variation

Source: Hairandmakeupbyvivian

This is another cool variation of the side-swept hairstyle look. The hair is kept flat and swept nicely to a side. The hair on the sides are kept faded to further define the look nicely.

59. Casual Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: The.801.barbershop

This one is a nice and beautiful hairstyle that combines both the formal side swept look and a casual vibe overall. A major chunk of the hair is swept to a side while there’s some that’s casually swept forward all along the side part. Overall, it looks cool.

60. Side Swept Hairstyle With Texture

Source: Beautybyaudreyy

This one is another cool variation of the side swept hairstyle that keeps hair almost the same length all over. Swept nicely to a side, this one doesn’t require much of styling and keeps the casual vibe intact. Overall, it looks so cool.

61. The Buzz Cut With Surgical Designs

Source: Strandshairnbeauty

This one is a cool variation of the buzz cut that requires the hair to be grown slightly longer and completes the look with a nice surgical design on the sides. The top hair look awesome and amazing giving it a perfect feel overall.

62. Side Swept With A Surgical Star

Source: Cleos_hair_design_

You can always experiment with the side swept hairstyle look as much as you might like. This one here combines the side swept hair with a nice and cool undercut and that surgical star on the side makes it look even better. It has an all new vibe to it which certainly can’t be compared to anything else.

63. Casual Forward Swept Hairstyle

Source: Laurenvanblunkhair

This hairstyle is just perfect for any casual day out and as its title suggests, it’s a perfectly casual short hairstyles that is perfect for just about any occasion. The hair on the sides is faded to ensure that the ones on the top look standout.

64. Surgical Mohawk Hairstyle

SourcE: Hiuspallo

Mohawks are quite common in short hairstyles and the one we have here is a perfect example. This one features nicely cut and combed mohawk style hair on the top and creates a perfectly clean vibe with the undercut on the sides. And, that surgical design on the sides makes it look even better. In fact, the look is given whole new definition with the beautiful design.

65. Side Swept Hair With A Fringe

Source: Gory_hair_studio

This is another cool variation of the side swept hairstyle. The hair is styled nicely to a side with the help of some styling product. An additional element of style is added to this beautiful look with that cool little fringe at the front. Overall, it’s formal and it’s perfect.

66. High Fade With Surgical Design

Source: Crystalmoodysart

In fact, this hairstyle also qualifies for the side swept hairstyle look. However, the dominant aspect of the hairstyle is that undercut and the beautiful surgical design on it. The hair is faded to the skin on the sides as well as on the backs making it look stunning overall.

67. David Beckham Hairstyle

This spiky look has been popular ever since the star footballer David Beckham has worn it. Nowadays, it’s quite a popular trend in short hairstyles and also keeps them looking great. More of a casual spikes haircut, those streaks and the faded sides add to the amazing look it creates.

Well, that’s all for now as far as the short hairstyles are concerned. In fact, there are many more available and it’s just about exploring new options and ideas that suit you or your little one. Besides, just make sure that you choose the perfect hairstyles according to the occasion and if it’s sort of a routine haircut that you want to get then you should still opt for something that works fine in every situation. So, just explore your best short hairstyles and rock your desired look.