25 Short Hairstyles For Boys/Kids 2021, Trendy + Stylish + Guide

So many short hairstyles for boys are introduced by popular salons and stylists around the world and the only motive behind them is to make life easier for moms. Yes, one of the major worries for moms today is to come up with one of the best looks for their kids hairstyles. When the hair on top is cut stylishly short, it automatically eliminates half of the hassle. You don’t really have to worry too much about how to style your kids’ hair and what shape you need to achieve. So, choose one of the stylish looks presented above and give your boy something that makes him look the best without needing too much of time and effort for styling.

Top 25 Short Hairstyles For Boys/Kids 2021

  1. Casually Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Cool.kids.hair

As simple as it can ever get, the hairstyle requires you to get your boy a short haircut and then simply sweep all his hair to a side casually. The natural texture of the hair will pop out and it will make a stylishly amazing vibe. The side part is not too evident either and it’s all elegantly casual.

  1. Casual Spiky Top With High Fade

Source: Reklcross

Yet another cool look for little boys to flaunt, this beautiful hairstyle is about getting the short hair to move up casually and it looks really amazing too. The hairstyle would require you to play with some gel or a styling product but the end result is definitely worth it. Get a high fade on the sides and the hairstyle would be perfectly balanced with a neat and casual touch. Overall, a perfect look for casual routine and a day out.

  1. Edgy Forward Swept Spikes With Undercut

Source: Lis_beauty_salon

This naturally edgy look speaks volumes about the boy’s style and it would do the same for your little one too. The hairstyle boasts of an amazing spiky touch towards the top but it’s all swept forward and kept close to the head. The sides have been shaved to give him a perfect undercut and a perfect look is achieved eventually.

  1. Rough Pompadour With Short Sides

Source: Flutterby_life_and_crochet

This is one of the best short hairstyles for boys with naturally rough and rugged hair. The hairstyle boasts of some volume at the front that is given a perfect pompadour style by combing it towards a side. The puffy look just feels amazing behind that is casually side swept hair that blends in the look to perfection. The sides are kept short as well to keep the balance just perfect.

  1. Messy And Spiky Hairstyle

Source: Cool.kids.hair

This messy and spiky look creates great waves when the boys wear it for special events. Though the hairstyle looks amazing on teenagers, little boys can also sport the look too. The hairstyle boasts of sort-to-medium hair on top while the sides have a nice faded appearance. Apply some styling product to the hair on top and keep it both spiky and messy to pull off a perfect style. Your boy will rock the look and everyone will praise it for sure.

  1. Forward Swept Hairstyle With Side Swept Fringe

Sourrce: Cool.kids.hair

Yes, that’s what casual hairstyles for boys are all about. You can combine two different looks into one quite artistically. This is more of a forward swept hairstyle achieved with short-to-medium length hair on top. But it is also given a side swept look as well by sweeping the frontal fringe to a side rather elegantly. The hair on the sides is also swept forward rather nicely. You can’t ask for a better style when it comes to casual hairstyles.

  1. Short Textured And Forward Swept Hairstyle

Source: Believing_in_myself

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Well, the title given to this beautiful hairstyle explains it all about it. The hairdo boasts of short and forward swept hair that’s added with a bit of texture using some styling product. It’s short enough that it won’t get a spiky look and, therefore, you don’t have to worry at all about styling. Just keep it short and simple and it will make a unique statement for your little boy.

  1. Textured Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Ross_charles_1

A glistening and textured look is achieved on top with the help of a cool styling product. The hairstyle boasts of a casual side part with faded hair on the sides. The laid back look on top gives this beautiful hairstyle a more stylish vibe. Obviously, it won’t take too much of time for you to just apply the product and comb it all the way to the side.

  1. Textured Side Swept Hairstyle With Undercut

Source: Ladiluckkk

A textured look on top and a nice undercut on the sides, that’s how you can describe this beautiful and elegant hairstyle for little boys. It’s all short and the hair will stay out of vision too. If you can apply some styling product to his hair, things will get even better. Combing with a wide-toothed comb is preferred because it will automatically add the texture to the hairstyle. Sides and back are, obviously, shaved close to the head for a perfect undercut.

  1. Casual Side Swept Top With Faded Sides

Source: Jacquibeattie212

This is yet another beautiful look that moms would love to give to their young kids this year. The hairstyle boasts of short-to-medium length hair on top while the sides getting short but not classified among the fades or the undercuts. The hair on top is casually swept to a side and it’s given sort of a spiky look moving towards the sides. Some of the locks at the front is made to come forward over the forehead casually. But that doesn’t really something which defines the entire look. Overall, the hairstyle is just perfect.

  1. Forward Swept Bowl Shaped Top With Faded Sides

Source: Cool.kids.hair

Another cool look to flaunt for little boys this year, it’s really one of the most elegant short hairstyles for boys. The hairstyle looks amazing on those with blonde hair types and speaks volumes about the look itself. Just keep it short to medium length on top and bring all his hair forward to pull off an amazing look. A casual texture added by simply running the fingers through would do a great job for sure. You can sweep the fringe casually to a side as well and the faded sides, kept a bit disconnected, would definitely add in to give it a more stylish vibe.

  1. Casual Side Parted Hairstyle

Source: Cool.kids.hair

Achieving this naturally cool look doesn’t have to be too tedious. The hairstyle boasts of casually side swept hair on top and all it will require from you is to get his hair cut to the right length for pulling it off to perfection. Some natural texture and a casual outlook will definitely make for a killer recipe.

  1. Messy Top With Side Fade

Source: Cool.kids.hair

Fade hairstyles for boys have been among the most popular choices made by modern moms and this one is a reflection of that too. The hairstyle boasts of a cool and casual look on top with naturally messy curls given somewhat of a messy and spiky touch. The sides complement the top to perfection by going with a more organized look. Overall, the hairstyle is in perfect balance and would definitely make great vibes everywhere your boy wears it.

  1. Casual Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Cool.kids.hair

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This beautiful hairstyle is about creating a unique and casual look by sweeping the hair towards a side. The hair on top is given a rather fresh and glistening look by applying a styling product and still not much of styling is done except casually sweeping it to a side and keeping it short. The sides have a low fade which make the look rise and shine overall.

  1. Casual Side Swept With High Fade

Source: Kidsnips

Resembling somewhat with a typical buzz cut, this beautiful hairstyle is somewhat different. Even though the sides, back and the crown area is cut short enough to qualify for the a typical buzz cut but a bit of variation is created by keeping the hair at the front slightly bigger so that it can be given a side swept look. A bit of sheen is added to the hair with the help of a styling product and, overall, the hairstyle is made to look amazing. Low maintenance and perfectly stylish, the hairdo really has something special about it.

  1. Casual Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Cool.kids.hair

Another casual hairstyle and another hairstyle with a bit of more length than a typical short hairstyle out there, this one creates more of a rough and untidy vibe. Obviously, when something is already untidy, you’d not have to give it much of maintenance because that’s the actual style. So, if your boy has naturally wavy hair, just give him this classic and casual look by sweeping it to a side and creating a casual side part. Keep the length same, more or less, all over.

17.   Crew Cut

Source: Kidsnips

A crew cut is a well known variation of a typical buzz cut hairstyle and here we have something similar. The hairstyle boasts of very short cut hair all over and a bit of length left just at the front. Now, it’s your choice whether you want to make it go all up or sweep it nicely to a side. Both the crew cut variations would work and would make a style statement for sure.

  1. Short Quiff Hairstyle

Source: Kidsnips

Ever thought of giving your little boy a short quiff? Yes, the hairstyle has a typical outlook but it doesn’t require you to grow the hair on top too long. The hairstyle actually boasts short-to-medium length hair which is applied with a nice styling product before being given a typical quiff touch by sweeping it towards a side. There is a slightly faded look on the sides which goes with the top hair rather flawlessly. You can’t really ask for anything better for a formal day.

  1. Short Combed Back Hairstyle

Source: Kidsnips

A close cousin to a typical combed back hairstyle, this beautiful hairdo requires you to get your boys’ hair cut short enough that it could be combed back. Afterwards, you have to achieve a nice textured look with the help of a styling product while combing it all back. Achieve a hard part on the side to make it look even better and your boy is surely going to make a statement. The sides can have a nice fade or an undercut to pull off a perfect style overall.

  1. Side Swept Hairstyle With An Edgy And Textured Look

Source: Kidsnips

Another hairstyle with a cool side sweep, this one is different in the fact that it boasts of a more edgy and textured appearance on the top. The hairstyle has something unique about it which makes it look more formal overall while still being short enough to avoid the requirement of too much styling. The side part is also quite evident but it couldn’t be classified as a hard parted look. There is a low fade on the sides which complements the rest of the hairstyle rather elegantly.

  1. Mohawk Hairstyle For Naturally Curly Hair

Source: Kidsnips

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This Mohawk achieved with naturally curly hair cut short enough definitely is something special. The hairstyle boasts of a cool look overall with a clear separation of the top hair from those on the sides. Everything on top is brought into the center and held into place with the help of a strong hold styling product. The natural waves and curls look too stylish and elegant, especially, when worn by little boys. The sides can be given a fade haircut or left to same length as that on top. The choice is yours.

  1. Short Combed Back Hairstyle With Fade

Source: Kidsnips

This short and combed back hairstyle really creates a timeless look and has special vibes to create for sure. The hairstyle boasts of a casual side part and a mid fade on the sides. However, the style statement is actually made by the hair on top that is nicely combed back despite being a bit on the shorter side. A slightly textured look on top is definitely going to add to the beauty of this wonderful hairstyle.

  1. Spiky Mohawk

Source: Kidsnip

This beautiful toddler boys haircut makes for a special style for your little one. The hairstyle has short hair all over while the hair on top is nicely brought into the center and made to spike up into a unique Mohawk look. The hairstyle looks amazing on white kids with blonde hair but, generally, everyone can sport the look and there are no such limitations. You can go for a fade on the sides to pull off a perfect style overall.

  1. Forward Swept Spikes With Fade

Source: Horvathale.xandra

You can go for forward swept hair with almost any length that you would like but this one gives it a whole new and unique touch. The hair on top is kept shorter and nicely spiked forward to achieve a perfect style. Furthermore, all the styling you’d need to do for this hairdo is to just apply some hair product and run the fingers through the hair so that it slightly raises up and gets a stylish spiky touch. The casual look of the hairdo is just amazing and speaks volumes about itself and the faded sides complement it to perfection.

  1. Forward Swept With Slightly Spiky Around The Crown Area

Source: Troshkina_me

This short hairstyle with fade has its own unique vibe and it is one of the best casual looks that your boy can sport. Making it to this list of short hairstyles for boys, the hairdo boasts of short forward swept hair on top and a nice high fade on the sides. A bit of spiky touch is given to the hair towards the crown area and it looks amazing overall. A few frontal locks is made to come forward over the forward while still being short enough to blend with the rest on top. The hairstyle is stylish, unique and beautiful overall.

So, which of these short hairstyles for boys are you going to give to your little one this time around? All the hairstyles listed here are very much current, stylish and trendy. They have their own cool statement to make and each of these carries some style element to it. So, make your pick and let your boy rock one of the trending hairstyles of the year that won’t require too much of styling or maintenance either. The hairstyles will look amazing all day long.

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