Best Ponytail Prom Hairstyles For Making A Statement On Prom Night

Your style is what defines you and you are very conscious about what you wear, whether it’s your dress or your hairstyle. Yes, hairstyle plays a significant role in deciding how you look overall and if you are dressing yourself up for the prom night the importance of your hairdo can’t be stressed more. One great option you should look forward to is the ponytail prom hairstyles. There is a variety of hairstyles that you could style your hair with if you choose to go with a ponytail and you just need to be creative about it. Here we have the best options compiled for you, please have a look.

Ponytail Prom Hairstyles

Who says you can’t wear ponytails to proms? In fact, there is a whole range of beautiful and iconic ponytail prom hairstyles that are just tailor made for the event. Obviously, they have that unique element of glamour to them and they allow you to make a style statement on the special event attracting all the attention you need from everyone around. Here we have shortlisted the top 5 ponytail prom hairstyles that would surely make your style do the talking for you on the prom night.

  1. Wrapped Ponytail

Wrapped Ponytail

Adding that simple twist to an otherwise regular ponytail would help make it look stunning and beautiful. To achieve a cool look for the prom night that everyone would easily fall in love with, you’d be better off leaving those side hair sections loose before lightly wrapping them around the base of the ponytail after securing it. Leave the tail messy and wavy for keeping it a prom-ready hairstyle.

  1. Cornrows With Long Voluminous Ponytail

Cornrows With Long Voluminous Ponytail

For black girls with kinky and curly hair, styling it into a beautiful hairstyle is often a challenge. However, there is this beautiful ponytail prom hairstyles that makes unique vibes and is just tailor made for such special events. The hairstyle works best for naturally curly and thick hair and adding a nice ponytail to the typical cornrows would make it a perfect choice for the prom nights. The look can be achieved easily by creating a deep part on the side and a French Braid across the hair on top. Keep pulling hair-pieces from below as you continue to braid. When the braids have reached behind the ears, stop braiding and secure it all into a beautiful ponytail at the back. It’s voluminous and it looks amazing.

  1. Beautiful Low Ponytail

Beautiful Low Ponytail

If you don’t want to get into the fuss of braiding the hair all the way down for a prom night, keeping things nice, simple and elegant with a low and beautiful ponytail would make a perfect choice. Leave the face-framing tendrils loose and hide that hair band from view with the help of hair strands wrapped around the base of the ponytail. Use a couple of grips for keeping things together and making them look nice. Spritz a bit of hairspray to keep those beautiful waves on the ponytail intact. The hair on top is left loose and it makes stunning vibes. Especially, that curvy fringe really makes for a wonderful look.

  1. Simple And Messy Ponytail

Simple And Messy Ponytail

When you have a little volume on top, it can make huge difference to a ponytail that would look dull otherwise. Tousle it a little using your fingers and it will make for a gorgeous, prom-ready hairdo that will surely attract all eyes. Once the ponytail has been set into place, bring down some strands with the help of your fingers to frame your girl’s face rather elegantly. They could be left a little bit wavy and you can also add some curls to those strands if you like. Some light backcombing would also be a good idea before you put the pony into place. It definitely helps add some volume towards the roots. The hairstyle would look gorgeous.

  1. Pull Through Braided Ponytail

Pull Through Braided Ponytail

When it comes to prom hairstyles that feature ponytail, you can have all the variety from the simplest of looks to the most intricate ones. This one here looks more glam than a simple ponytail at the back and it may not be too difficult to achieve either. Primarily, it requires you to part the hair in a couple of sections, bring over the ponytail, and use small elastic for creating another ponytail. In fact, it would feel even easier if watch a tutorial for this beautiful hairstyle. Overall, it’s bulky, loose and braided to perfection.

Prom Hairstyles Down

With so many amazing variations of the beautiful prom hairstyles on the list, the prom hairstyles down still make a valued addition to the mix. Yes, you don’t always want a beautiful updo for the special events like proms. Instead, something stylish and elegant that is achieved downwards can also add the glamour to your overall style that’s been missing in the first place. Here we have some of the gorgeous prom hairstyles down that you’d want to style your hair with this year for sure.

  1. Faux Wet Hair

Faux Wet Hair

This cool, simple and stylish look adds a unique glamorous touch to your overall style and makes a perfect choice for proms. The wet touch is maintained to the look with the help of a styling product and it is kept close and tight to the head. Achieved with a side part, the hairstyle looks awesome with edgy tips. It’s a perfect choice for medium hair that is just reaching the shoulder length and it creates a gorgeous vibe on any day.

  1. Bold & Bubbly Ponytail

Bold & Bubbly Ponytail

Even though it is one of the best hairstyles you could flaunt on a prom night, you really have to be careful before you choose this one for the special occasion. The hairstyle has its own unique vibe to create but it suits only to specific hair and face types. To achieve the look to perfection, comb it all back tight to the head and make it into a big bubble just below the crown as it leaves the head. Secure the bubble with a grip and form another one just below it before securing the ponytail. The hairstyle is quite unique and it is not worn too commonly even on the special occasions like proms. So, make sure that you only go with this one if you are sure about it.

  1. Sleek Bump

Sleek Bump

A sleek look is probably the best option to go for when you are looking for the coolest prom hairstyles down and this one really makes a wonderful example. The hairstyle, obviously, requires you to have long and beautiful hair and you can achieve it to perfection by backcombing frontal section giving major uplift to the pre-curled hair. Pull it all the way back straight and fasten it up with a cool barrette. Get rid of any flyaways with the help of a shine spray and add some major gloss. The hairstyle will really make a statement and will give you a perfect prom-ready look.

  1. Mixed Mega Braided Hairstyle

Mixed Mega Braided Hairstyle

Braiding it all the way down to the tips can always make a perfect choice for prom hairstyles and this example really gives you a cool look to flaunt on the special occasion. To achieve a perfect style, just start braiding it loose just above the year on one side and secure using elastic just below the ear on other side. Massive volume can be achieved if you pancake it on top. Go for a perfect, thick fishtail braid as it leaves the nape of the neck to have a cute and fresh mix of the textures. Secure it with elastics and it will look awesome.

  1. Ribbon Braid

Ribbon Braid

When you are styling your hair for a special occasion like prom, you need to add a unique element of style to your hair. This beautiful hairdo takes a typical braid to the next level by giving it a funkier vibe with the help of that additional, vibrant ribbon that not only serves as the headband but also goes through the braid to the tip of the ponytail. For achieving this hairstyle to perfection, take pea-size amount of your favorite pomade product and dab it into the dry hair. Grab a length of ribbon in your desired color and wrap that around the head so as to form a beautiful headband. Start braiding towards a side and work that ribbon through as you move down. It will definitely give you a beautiful hairstyle for the prom night that will have a unique, funky element of style to it.

So, which of these ponytail prom hairstyles do you thing are going to suit you best? If you still have concerns, you can even get creative and come up with a look that can beat all these. You can even add a unique style element to these already stylish hairstyles listed above. Whatever the case, make sure that you style your prom hairstyles down and have a wonderful look to flaunt.