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Top Cute Medium Haircuts For Kids To Add Charm To Their Personality

Some want their kids to have really long hair while others want the kids to flaunt nicely trimmed, really short hair that give them a cool, organized look. Ever thought your kids may even take another route by opting to go with medium haircuts that would give them the best of both worlds? They won’t just look stylish with some length to flaunt but will also have a cool and organized vibe with nicely trimmed medium length hair. In fact, there are so many cute medium length haircuts for girls and boys around and you can choose any of them to add a whole new charm to your kids’ personality. Here we have brought to you the best modern day variations of the medium length hairstyles that are trending more than ever these days. Let’s have a look!

Medium Length Hairstyles For Girls

Starting with the best hairstyle variations for girls, here we have some of the coolest designs that every little girl would love to flaunt. From typical bob haircuts to shoulder length hairstyles, all sorts of variations are listed here and you would definitely love giving your little girl one of these beautiful hairstyles in 2019 and beyond.

  1. Center Parted Wavy Haircut

Center Parted Wavy Haircut

Source: Esmeandsavannah

Wavy hairstyles always look amazing on little girls but the key is that you should get the hair cut to perfection. This one here is quite a carefree look and your girl will definitely attract everyone with this everyday hairstyle. It’s simple to achieve as well and you just need to get her hair trimmed to an appropriate length just above the shoulders before parting it in the center on top and allowing all her hair to fall over to the sides. The natural waves will really look gorgeous. The hairstyle suits even better on the girls with blonde hair.

  1. Center Parted Cornrows Style

Center Parted Cornrows Style

Source: Young_Naturalz

Cornrows remain a popular choice among black girls hairstyles and it can give a more organized and clean look to those otherwise kinky and unruly hair. So, your girl wants a perfect hairdo, give her this beautiful hairstyle. Just part her hair in the center and start braiding the cornrows at an angle. Make a thick braid on either side that goes above the cornrows and adds a statement piece to the hairstyle. You can either secure the locks into a ponytail or leave them open into a bob haircut style falling over the shoulders. The choice is yours.

  1. Short Bob Hairstyle With A Statement Hair Bow

Short Bob Hairstyle With A Statement Hair Bow

Source: Mackenziegracebowco

A hair bow can always make a wonderful addition to any typical hairstyle which may even look quite bland otherwise. Take this one, for example. The hairstyle is nothing but a nicely trimmed short bob hairstyle which doesn’t have too many style elements to it. However, the addition of a big statement bow on top that matches the girl’s dress really makes this hairstyle pop and it looks amazing on the little girl.

  1. Combed Back Hairstyle With Flower Bun

Combed Back Hairstyle With Flower Bun

Source: Ymbook

For girls with medium to long hair, a combed back look makes for the obvious choice and there are lots of options you have when it comes to adding a unique and stylish touch to her hair. This beautiful, statement, flower hair bun at the back makes a perfect example and it’s not that hard to achieve either. Just comb her hair back, secure it around the crown area, and take thick sections of hair to form beautiful petals of the hair bun. Secure it into the center with a simple hair pin and give your girl a more organized look than ever.

  1. Messy Side Parted Hairstyle With Pigtails

Messy Side Parted Hairstyle With Pigtails

Source: Alice_and_christina

A perfect medium length hairstyle for your little girl, this one is also very simple to achieve. Just give her hair on the sides a perfectly edgy vibe going towards the bottom. Sweep the top hair to a side and keep the frontal bangs looking as messy as possible. Secure the pigtails on either side with the help of colorful and glimmering hair bow accessories to make the hairstyle look perfectly awesome. The edgy cut of the hair on the sides will give the pigtails a similar touch as well. She is definitely going to rock the look no matter how messy it may be on top.

  1. Combed Back Hairstyle With Bangs And Ponytail

Combed Back Hairstyle With Bangs And Ponytail

Source: Smalltownfamilydream

This beautiful medium length hairstyle is about combing the hair on top and the sides backwards while leaving the frontal bangs intact. Sweep the bangs to a side to give them a perfect look in the overall scheme of things. The combed back hair is secured around the crown area with the help of a colorful flower accessory and that’s where a cool, raised ponytail starts. Obviously, the ponytail doesn’t run too long and it just ends just below the nape of the neck to complete a perfect hairstyle.

  1. Naturally Textured Side Swept Bob Hairstyle

Naturally Textured Side Swept Bob Hairstyle

Source: Locksofsteele

If your girl has got the luxury of long, beautiful hair with natural texture to it, you can always make a perfect style out of it. Just trim it into a shoulder length bob hairstyle and see how things turn up. Sweep the hair on top towards a side with a gentle side part and it looks amazing. The tips of the frontal fringe should be curved backwards with a styling tool to blend it nicely into the rest of the hair.

  1. Bob Hairstyle With Choppy Bangs

Bob Hairstyle With Choppy Bangs

Source: Bgqbeauty

A cool variation of the bob haircut, this medium length hairdo boasts of nice, choppy bangs at the front. The rest of the hair is perfectly straight and is trimmed into a typical bob haircut with layers getting an impression as if they were coming forward. Spread it all around and it will look really cool on your little girl.

  1. Center Parted Bob Hairstyle

Center Parted Bob Hairstyle

Source: Christybruski

This hairstyle is a perfect choice for those red-headed little girls who want to keep it to medium length and still make sure that their hair looks stylish. The hairstyle is all about getting a perfect haircut and, once you have that, styling her hair isn’t going to cause you any trouble at all. Just part it in the center on top and let her hair flow freely.

  1. Casual Short Bob

Casual Short Bob

Source: Arelysca

This is an everyday look that will really give your little girl a perfect vibe. Cut the bangs short and make them fall over the forehead while keep the rest a typical short bob hairstyle. The hairdo will look cool whether you keep it messy or perfectly trimmed and combed. The hairstyle really suits cute little girls.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Girls often have to deal with the problems that come with styling thick and long or medium length hair. If your little girl also has that same sort of hair, you’d already be familiar with the woes of keeping such hair and styling them to perfection. So, here we have listed some medium length hairstyles for thick hair that will make styling it all the more easier. You won’t have to put in too much of effort for achieving a perfect look.

  1. Side Parted Hairstyle With Inverted Waves

Side Parted Hairstyle With Inverted Waves

Source: Tamara McNelly

Obviously, your best option would be to keep it all open and just style it in a way that it remains in place and looks stylish at the same time. Go for a casual part on the side and let the natural texture run throughout her hair. Make the wavy hair to get an inverted touch just as they reach the shoulder length. The hairstyle would look gorgeous on your little girl and it won’t require you to put in too much of effort either.

  1. Blown Out Kinky Hair

Blown Out Kinky Hair

One of the best black girl hairstyles out there, this hairdo is just tailor made for the naturally kinky hair type. All you have to do is to allow your girl to grow her natural hair to medium length and make sure it spreads equally in all directions. Just let it stay open and part it in the center on top, she is surely going to rock the look.

  1. Medium Length Hair With Edgy Tips

Medium Length Hair With Edgy Tips

This beautiful, layered medium length haircut for girls looks awesome on girls as they enter the teenage. The hairstyle would work for girls with naturally straight hair that is a bit on the thicker side. So, if your girl has that kind of hair, just go for it. The hairstyle requires you to part her hair on a side and let all the volume fall over to the other. Make sure that the layers end up in a more edgy fashion so that it creates a perfectly casual vibe overall. The natural texture of her hair will also add to the overall look manifolds.

  1. Combed Back Top With Naturally Textured Sides

Combed Back Top With Naturally Textured Sides

A wonderful look given to a typical blonde girl hairstyle, this one boasts of shoulder length hair all cut in an edgy manner with the natural texture kept intact. The hair on top is combed back making a frontal section of hair that is secured into place with the help of a rubber accessory. It then forms a slight tail through which all the hair spread in all directions and blend into the open hair on all sides. The natural texture would look amazing on your little girl.

  1. Casual Side Parted Bob

Casual Side Parted Bob

This is another low maintenance haircut for girls and it is more about getting her hair cut to perfection. Once you have that perfect haircut for your little girl, the hairstyle won’t need much of styling. In fact, it will be about keeping natural, rustic look intact to give her a more carefree hairstyle. The frontal fringe has to be kept long enough that it goes all the way to a side and blends into the rest of the hair seamlessly. Maintain the casual texture of her hair and also let a couple of strands fall over her forehead casually to make for a perfect hairstyle overall.

Medium Haircuts With Bangs

One of the best options little girls can have with medium length hair is to go with medium haircuts with bangs. There is quite a lot of variety available in this particular type of hairstyles as well and here we have listed a few cool options for you.

  1. Chin Length Bob With Center Part And Bangs

Chin Length Bob With Center Part And Bangs

Bob hairstyles can get all sorts of different shapes and if you are able to give her a perfect chin length bob, nothing can beat her style for sure. The hairstyle boasts of some volume on the sides that looks really cool and amazing when given a slight inward curve. There is a casual center part on the top and the frontal bangs look just amazing when blended into the overall style. This hairstyle is a perfect choice if you are looking for the best kids hairstyles for school as well.

  1. Short Bob With Bangs

Short Bob With Bangs

Source: Addie Renee

This short bob is a perfect variation of a typical bob hairstyle for girls that could be achieved with short bangs covering her forehead. The hairstyle boasts of chin length hair all coming around her face and escorting it rather elegantly. The hairdo really looks awesome and cute on girls with round faces. There is no part on top and it’s nicely spread on all sides to create a perfect party style for your little girl.

  1. Angular Bob Hairstyle With Braided Hair Band

Angular Bob Hairstyle With Braided Hair Band

One of the most unique, cool and elegant hairstyles around, this one boasts of a typical bob hairstyle look that makes a different angle at the front. The frontal layer of bangs is given the same length as the bob and it angles outwards with the rest of the hair behind that layer following it up. The tips are all trimmed nicely to give it an even length all over. A unique style statement is created with the help of that braid created horizontally right on top. Starting from one side and ending on the other, it makes more of a braided hair band that just looks awesome on your little one. The hairstyle takes the bangs to the sides and it’s not a typical look which features bangs falling over the forehead.

  1. Short Choppy Bob Haircut With Bangs

Short Choppy Bob Haircut With Bangs

This one takes a different approach to a bob haircut by giving it more of a choppy vibe. The hairstyle features short, chin length hair that just look awesome on little girls. The frontal bangs are given an uneven cut making them look and feel completely different. There is no parting on the top and it spreads nicely in all possible directions.

  1. Bob Hairstyle With Bangs And Hair Accessory

Bob Hairstyle With Bangs And Hair Accessory

This really is one of the coolest hairstyles on the list that features bangs as well. More of a short bob, it keeps the length an inch shorter than the chin but it covers the face nicely on all sides. The hair on top splits with the bangs made to come forward first covering the forehead while the rest of the hair behind is given a side parted look. The frontal locks on the longer side of the part are made to curve forward half way through and it ends up into a classic fringe falling over her cheeks. There is a flower clip to secure it into place right on top.

Short To Medium Hairstyles For Boys

Enough of medium length hairstyles for girls, let’s now get into some of the beautiful hairstyles you can give to your little boy while keeping his hair short to medium in length. Most of these medium haircuts are quite trendy and stylish and will make a perfect choice for your boy this year and beyond.

  1. Short Quiff With High Fade

Short Quiff With High Fade

Source: Cosmetologistkait

A quiff hairstyle has been a popular choice for boys and men alike for years and now this typical hairstyle is getting a bit of contemporary touch. Give your boy a short to medium haircut and comb the frontal fringe into a nice, short quiff that looks perfectly textured with the help of a styling product. As far as the sides are concerned, go for a high fade and get them almost shaven off. The hairstyle will look cool and perfectly organized overall.

  1. Side Swept Textured Hairstyle With Surgical Design

Side Swept Textured Hairstyle With Surgical Design

Source: Frizerskisalontanay

Does your boy love sports? Does he love wearing Nike sports gear? Why not let him reflect his love for the sports brand in his hairstyle? This beautiful short-to-medium length hairstyle is a typical hairdo that is achieved with a side part and the top is swept to a side. Apply some styling product and run your fingers through the hair on top to make sure that your boy’s hair gets the right kind of texture which really looks pleasing to the eye. Go for faded sides and achieve the Nike logo design surgically. Overall, the hairstyle will look amazing.

  1. Thick Textured Comb Over Hairstyle

Thick Textured Comb Over Hairstyle

Source: Feerpenuelas

Comb over hairstyle has been a classic look which has trended over the years and it’s making waves these days as well. The hairstyle boasts of medium length hair that goes all the way to the back and is textured naturally by running the fingers through. Keep the sides faded and it will make the hairstyle pop in all sorts of setting. Your boy is surely going to love it and so will everyone else.

  1. Messy Spikes

Messy Spikes

Source: Jnyhappymumwomanwife

A spiky haircut is always a wonderful choice for boys and this cool hairstyle we have here makes a perfect choice for kids as well. Remember, however, that it is not a typical clean spiky hairdo and is rather a messy hairstyle achieved with naturally thin hair. The sides are trimmed slightly short as compared to what’s there on top. However, it’s an all out spiky hairstyle.

  1. Forward Swept Textured Hairstyle

Forward Swept Textured Hairstyle

Source: Anniefit

Another cool textured hairstyle for little kids, this one boasts of medium to short hair on top and it is all forward swept. In fact, the frontal fringe is given a slightly side swept touch which makes it look really cool. Keep it a bit messy on top and it will make for a wonderful hairstyle which your boy can wear in everyday routine. The hair on the sides is faded high and this fade haircut blends really nicely in the overall mix.

  1. Line Up Haircut With Side Swept Hair

Line Up Haircut With Side Swept Hair

Source: Nutsforweenat

A line up haircut makes a perfect choice for kids in summer months and if you can combine it with a stylish hairstyle on top then you can really help your boy pull off a perfect hairdo. This line up makes a wonderful vibe with its completely faded sides starting high up. A hard part is also there to define the top from the sides. As far as the top hair is concerned, that’s where you have to focus in order to come up with a hairstyle that is chic and elegant at the same time. For this one, just give those medium length hair a bit of height and sweep it all sideways. Use wide-toothed comb to ensure your boy gets a nice little texture.

  1. Textured Side Swept Hairstyle With Fade And Design

Textured Side Swept Hairstyle With Fade And Design

Source: Edu_barber

A high fade and a perfectly textured short-to-medium haircut on top, the combination really will make your little one have a unique style of his own. Just take a look at the picture above and make sure that you get his hair cut to the same length and it will be as easy as it can get to style his hair to perfection. A couple of parallel lines towards the back, on top of faded hair, will complete a stylish look overall. Your boy is really going to rock it.

  1. Short Textured Pompadour

Short Textured Pompadour

Source: Styleright

Want to give your little boy a perfectly stylish hairdo? Nothing can do it better than this wonderful hairstyle. It boasts of some length, especially, at the front. After combing the frontal hair back into a nice pompadour the rest of the hair is given a textured side swept look. The sides have a high fade and a hard part that defines this hairstyle to perfection. It will work fine for kids with longish face shapes.

  1. Quiff Hairstyle With Surgical Design

Quiff Hairstyle With Surgical Design

Source: De_Hoofdzaak_Hulshout

Quiff hairstyles have always been special and this one here can’t get any better. The hairstyle boasts of nicely trimmed, organized, and textured hair on the top. A short quiff is created by combing the top hair to a side and back while the part is not a typical one. In fact, it’s where a couple of parallel surgical lines are created to complete a unique hairstyle overall. There is a taper fade on the sides which blends into the overall scheme of things rather nicely.

Medium Length Hairstyles

Really, there is no lack of options when it comes to medium haircuts and there are so many of them around. Want some more medium length hairstyles for your kids? Keep scrolling down as the list still continues.

  1. Medium Length Hairstyle With Fringe

Medium Length Hairstyle With Fringe

This one really is a perfect look for boys who want to flaunt medium length hair. This one features same length all over to create more of a perfectly uniform look. The hair is trimmed into a layered and edgy style which looks even better with the fringe falling over the forehead at an angle and creating a perfect vibe. The hair towards the nape of the neck curve outwards and it really looks amazing.

  1. Side Swept Hairstyle With Beach Waves

Side Swept Hairstyle With Beach Waves

You might have heard of beach waves as one of the best medium haircuts for girls, but you can always incorporate this beautiful style into haircuts for boys. Take this one, for example, the hairstyle boasts of medium length hair all over with naturally textured and wavy look all around. The hair on top is swept casually to a side to ensure that it falls over his forehead and hides it away partially.

  1. Medium Length Messy Hairstyle

Medium Length Messy Hairstyle

Another unique medium length hairstyle which depicts more of a carefree look, this one also requires your boy’s hair to be grown casually in all directions. The difference here is that the tips are made to curve outwards on all sides and it creates a unique vibe overall. The messy nature of the hair makes it a low maintenance one and it doesn’t require too much of effort in styling either. Just make sure the natural texture is kept intact.

  1. Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Girls look amazing when they wear a bob hairstyle that actually curves around their face. This one is a perfect example of such hairstyles for little girls. The hairdo has a bit of messy vibe to it and it really looks gorgeous on little angels. The frontal bangs swept to a side add a unique style element to the hairdo while that beautiful white hair accessory takes the entire look up a notch.

  1. Side Parted Bob With Side Swept Bang

Side Parted Bob With Side Swept Bang

Another cool variation of the typical short bob hairstyle, this one really makes for one of the best medium length hairstyles for little girls. If your girl has a perfect short bob haircut, all you have to do is to give her a casual part on top and style her frontal fringe by sweeping it to a side. It will look just amazing even on special occasions.

  1. Side Swept Medium Length Hairstyle

Side Swept Medium Length Hairstyle

A slightly different take on a typical bob hairstyle, this one requires your girl’s hair to be grown to medium length and fall over to a side accompanied with a fringe. The side part really defines this beautiful look and the tips curving outward take the entire hairstyle to a whole new level. It’s a special look that works on the special occasions and will make your little girl look as elegant as ever.

So, which of these beautiful medium haircuts do you like the most? There is a huge variety on the list and there is something for all sorts of hair lengths and hair types. Just pick one that suits your kids the best. From party hairstyles to casual routine ones, you can find the most stylish looks out there and it’s just the matter of getting your kids’ hair cut to perfection and achieving the style with extreme precision. No matter what, your kid is going to rock the look you’ll give them.