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Best Low Maintenance Haircuts For Wavy Hair To Create An Exclusive Look

Finding some of the best low maintenance haircuts for wavy hair may not be too much of a hassle. And, if your little girl is blessed with those beautiful natural curls, your job would become even easier. Obviously, shorter hair tends to put lesser weight on the curls and this will add more life and volume to your girl’s hair, allowing you to choose from an array of hairstyle options around.

How To Get Low Maintenance Haircuts For Wavy Hair

Many short hairstyles have been virtually considered low maintenance and they always come up with something classier. In addition, they always remain trendy and can work fine in the summer months as well. So, if you have been on the lookout for low maintenance haircuts thick hair 2023, choose from our list of hairstyles below and you’re sure to find something that will make your kid look stand out.

Short & Curly Ringlets

Short ringlets have been considered among most versatile haircuts for wavy hair. You can style them to look sophisticated and classy and they may even be given more of a sexy and flirty look just as you’d like. If you want to allow your girl to be able to pull her hair backwards, with some curly tendrils framing the face, make sure that you leave those curls a bit longer.

Curly Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts are short and elegant and they make one of the best hairstyles for wavy hair. The haircut takes the locks away from the face for highlighting cheekbones and the eyes. The hairdo can be styled too easily and it will look classy as well. To make it look bolder, you can add a bit of highlights or color so that the hairstyle really pops.

Short & Layered Curls

No matter what you may have heard, layers can still be added to short and curly hair. You can add a touch of funkiness to your girls’ hair by varying the length of the layers and adding volume and texture for more fun and playful look that is classically timeless.

Short And Curly Hairstyle With Thick Hair

The girls who have naturally thick hair can keep it all short and curly for a perfect effect. It will ensure that the hair is not weighed down and the curls stay intact. It’s not necessary to go too short rather keep the volume just perfect and define the curls drastically so that the length may not be missed at all. This one really makes for the best low maintenance haircuts for wavy hair and doesn’t need too much of effort to be put in again and again. You may want to use round brush while blow drying for fluffing out the tresses or just let the beautiful locks to air dry to achieve a perfect style for your little girl.

Short & Wavy Curls

Everyone doesn’t have the luxury perfect ringlets but you can still achieve an amazing haircut for your little girl even without that. Why not try soft waves as they look equally stylish as well. Even when you don’t want to use a curling wand or iron for enhancing her natural waves, some product can be applied simply to her hair and then allow it to air dry for showcasing the beautiful gorgeous waves.

Classic Wavy Bob

Classic Wavy Bob

A classic and wavy bob would work for girls of any age but it looks cute on little girls than anyone else. The hairstyle has just slight layers and it adds enough depth and volume to your girl’s hair allowing for some natural movement. Just apply some product, run the fingers through her hair and you’re good to go. The cool small waves present a chic and timeless look that always remains in trend.

Short & Curly With Bangs

Bangs always keep coming back fashion and they really look flattering when it comes to short and curly haircuts. Whether you want to style your little girl’s hair with blunt bangs or you want to take it off a side, they’d make her bouncy curls look mysterious. And the hairstyle won’t need much of maintenance either.

So, which of these low maintenance haircuts for wavy hair are you going to style your girl’s hair with? Choose wisely and let her make a statement.