Stunning And Trendy Long Haircuts For Girls In 2021 For An Ethnic Look

How often do we see kids longing to grow their hair and achieving different beautiful long haircuts for girls that everyone can just look at and start praising? Yes, they all love it. But do you have any hairstyles in mind that you can give them? As it often happens, you might have a few of them in mind and may know the trick to achieve them to perfection but, obviously, you may not have the mastery to achieve a variety of beautiful hairstyles for kids to perfection. So, what options do you have then? Well, you can either visit your nearest stylist for that or you can check out this list of beautiful kids hairstyles here. These cool long hairstyles for girls have some amazing looks on the list and you as well as your girl would enjoy adoring one of them. Let’s check out.

  1. Braided Side Pony With Colorful Bow Clips

Source: Bowlayla

This cool hairstyle is pretty simple and straightforward and it is actually about making her hair go all the way back with a slight side part and tight to the head. There is a thick braided ponytail that is styled uniquely with a couple of bow clips that add a touch of color to the overall look. Perfect for schools, the hairstyle gives your girl a perfectly neat and clean vibe.

  1. Long Straight Comb Over Hairstyle

Source: Denise_seina

You might have always thought that combovers are restricted to boys only. However, that’s not really the case and there are all sorts of beautiful hairstyles that girls can achieve in this signature look as well. This hairstyle makes for a perfect combover look and keeps it all simple as well. One of the best long haircuts for girls, this look simply requires you to keep it all long and straight with a side part and a nice combover to the other side.

  1. Long Curly Sides With A Tinge Of Color

Source :Simply_jen

How often does your girl say that she needs to make her locks look curly and beautiful? Well, the hairstyle boasts of beautifully carved out artificial curls that only exist on the sides. To amp up the look, a tinge of purple color is added that really lifts the entire ambiance of it. The beauty of this hairstyle is that we have a nice parted look on top with perfectly straight hair falling over to either side and the curls start right at the edges to blend it all up to perfection. This really is a chic look that your girl is surely going to love and will make perfect vibes.

  1. Simple Braided Pigtails

Source: Ellie_gaze_model

This really is a perfect look to give to your little girl on a casual day out. In fact, it can even work for those days at school. The hairstyle doesn’t require much of an effort to achieve. Just part her hair on top, not perfectly from the center and not perfectly from the side but somewhere in between, and start braiding it towards the sides to achieve the perfectly braided pigtails. Use rubber bands to secure the pigtails and let her bring both of them forward over the shoulders. That’s it; your girl is ready with a perfect hairstyle to flaunt.

  1. Long Curly Hair With Forward Swept Bangs

Source: Mickcreation

Long hair looks great when left open and this beautiful hairstyle here is just amazing. Let her grow her beautiful locks to shoulder length and then style it into nice curvy look towards the bottom. The hairstyle will look pleasing to the eye and will be a lot simpler to achieve as well. The frontal bangs are swept nicely forward as they fall over the forehead and it looks just amazing. She can wear it to school on party nights or even wear it casually anywhere and it will never look embarrassing.

  1. Long Side Parted Hair With Back Braids

Source : Colormediane

Braided long haircuts for girls always make a great statement and here we have a perfect example of that. The hairstyle we have here looks amazing on girls with straight and long beautiful hair and when you add beautiful braids to it towards the back, it speaks volumes about its elegance and stylish looks. Just make sure that you do not create those typical thick braids and rather pick up a few strands only to create something nice, chic and elegant.

  1. Long Beautiful Layers

Source: Twinmomcph

Ever thought of giving your little princess one of the best layered long haircuts for girls? Well, if not, this is the look you should try out now. Your girl will look ever so appealing in this beautiful style and it’s quite simple and easy to achieve too. So, just let her shoulder length hair get a layered style and speak volumes about her gorgeous looks.

  1. Long Straight Hair At Back With Fishtail Braids


Fishtail braids always make for one great hairstyle for little girls but you don’t always have to go with full-fledge braided look. Rather, combine it with nice open hair towards the back which makes it look amazing overall. A perfect duo of two hairstyles is what your little girl will be wearing at the end of the day and it will create just perfect vibes. Let hair towards the back remain open and go all the way to the bottom, and bring some thick layers of strands from either side of her head to form beautiful and thick fishtail braid whose inverted look will speak volumes about your girl’s style. It will be just amazing to say the least.

  1. Voluminous Pigtails With Side Swept Top

Source : Supriyalala

One of the best hairstyles for girls, this one is the simplest it can ever get. The hairstyle boasts of side swept hair on top which is held in place with the help of a couple of nice accessories. The pigtails on the sides look just amazing as well because of the long and voluminous look they have. Overall, you can’t ask for a better style that is not just simple to achieve but is also quite amazing to look at.

  1. Curly Twisted Locks With Frontal Bangs And Crown

Source : Agnies.agnies

If you want your little angel to actually look like a princess, this is the hairstyle you should be after. The hairdo boasts of long open hair that is curly and twisted while there is nicely cropped bangs at the front that cover the forehead nicely. Want to make her look even more charming? Add a beautiful flowery crown on the top to make her look and feel like a real princess. She will definitely love this beautiful style and so will everyone else.

  1. Center Parted Hairstyle With Uniquely Braided Front

Source : Agnies.agnies

We can bet on it, you must have never given your little girl this beautiful hairstyle. The hairdo boasts of long and beautiful locks that is simply center-parted on top and features a thick braided look at the front. The braid is created nicely by bringing hair from both the sides forward and making it into the nicely carved out thick braid. The hairstyle looks as awesome as it can ever get and we have a nice style that every girl can flaunt if they have thick and voluminous hair.

  1. Long And Twisted Open Hairstyle


If you want your little princess to look more like a diva, this is the hairstyle that you should give her to flaunt. The hairstyle actually represents a party look and will make her have a gorgeous style to look at. It can be achieved simply with the help of a bit of nice hairspray. Just part her hair from the side and keep it a casual part while bringing the hair on the sides forward as they fall over the shoulders. Nice and beautiful as they look, just give it a slight bump of style further by twisting and curling it as the hair fall over the shoulders and spritzing some quality hairspray over it. It will surely make a perfect style statement.

  1. Nice Side-Parted Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Source : Veronikita

Yes, it’s one of the simplest long hairstyles for girls we have on the list. All it takes is for your little girl to have nicely blonde hair, or you can even dye it in that same color, and just let her textured hair fall over the shoulders. A nice side part on the top would do it rather nicely. Overall, the look is just amazing to make a statement on any casual day.

  1. Bob Haircut With Combover Top

Source : Yuko_easypeasymama

This bob hairstyle makes a perfect vibe with its own unique style and look. The hairdo boasts of chin-length bob look and is styled with a nice and perfect top. The hair on top looks amazing as it has a nice combover look which is not normally the case with typical bob hairstyles as we have witnessed them over the years. Nevertheless, it looks cool and makes a statement and you should definitely try the look with your little one.

  1. Thick Braided Hairstyle For African Hair

Source : Thehairdirectory

A typical style for the African hair types, this one requires your girl’s kinky locks to be grown out, obviously. Once you have a perfect length, you can always try this complex sort of braided look which is center-parted at the front and features nice thin braids crossing each other towards the back. After that, we have a perfect look to the pigtails which is not so common these days. The look features chunks of hair formed into nice little pumpkins with the help of a styling accessory and it works better than anything else.

  1. Double Parted Hairstyle With Nice Braids

Source : Kidshairstyle_karen

This is one of the coolest long hairstyles for girls that we have on the list and it features nice double parted look at the front. The central section is then made into a beautiful braided style that gets thinner going towards the back and transforms into a typical thin braid at the crown which goes all the way down towards the back. The hair sections on either side of that central braided section are also given a braided look too but these end up into nice thin braids as well. The hair towards the back is left open otherwise and overall the hairstyle looks just amazing.

  1. Twisted Heart Ponytail With Beautiful Flower

Source : Kidshairstyle_karen

This really is one of the coolest looks we have here. The hairstyle boasts of a nice and tight combed back look at the front while there is a beautiful heart shape formed with the twisting hair at the back. The big heart then transforms into a nice little ponytail which goes all the way down towards the back to complete the look. Accessorize the hairstyle with a nice flower accessory towards a side and you are in for a perfectly stylish and chic look. Your girl will love it for sure.

  1. Simple Side Parted Layers

Source : Cierra_danyelle

If your girl just looks amazing in the simplest of hairstyles and she wants to grow her nice locks long as well, this is the look to go for. The hairstyle boasts of a nice and straight side parted look on the top and those nice hair go all the way towards the sides forming nice layered look falling over the shoulders. It looks gorgeous and will definitely suit your girl more than ever.

  1. Front Combed Hairstyle With Open Back

Source : Crystalcoiffeur_

Yes, we have all seen those nice and beautiful looks of the combover hairstyle that take hair from the front all the way towards the back or a side. However, this one is the complete opposite as the look is achieved by bringing hair from the back forward and styling it in a unique manner before securing everything into place. The hairstyle has a side parted look where some strands from the back go towards the front to form a puffy look on either side and then secured with the help of accessories and hair pins. The rest of the hair at the back is left nice and open and they complement the overall look rather elegantly.

  1. Casual Top Bun

Source : Tkma2323

What’s more casual than bringing all the hair from all sides casually to the top and forming it into a nice and cool bun on the top? The hairstyle looks amazing on those casual days and doesn’t take much of time in pulling off a perfect style. And you will love it even more when her nice bun on the top will sway around as she runs and plays around. There’s nothing better than that and it will even make a perfect style statement too.

  1. Messy Grown Out Curls

Source : Maribelalice

Grown out long hairstyles for girls do not always have to look pretty organized. In fact, sometimes, a messy look makes for an even better style. So, if your little girl has naturally curly hair on top, it’s a great idea to let her grow it into beautiful and nice messy curls that spread all over in all possible directions. It will definitely add to your girl’s cuteness while giving her a perfectly casual hairstyle to flaunt.

  1. Long And Straight Hairstyle

Source: Lou_loah.c

Hairstyles for girls always look amazing if you know how to pull off a perfect look. If your girl has very long hair that goes all the way to the hips towards the back, just keep it simple and let her hair remain nice and open. In fact, there is even no need of combing it to achieve a perfectly nice and organized look rather just let it be. Her long and open hair will definitely make a statement for her. If you can add a cap on top, that would be even better to complete a casual and sporty look overall.

  1. Long Layered Hair With A Side Braid

Source : Mia_jaydae_crystalia

You can get as creative with long haircuts for girls as you may ever want to. Even the simplest of looks can be transformed into something beautiful. Just take a look at this one, it’s simple side swept hairstyle for girls that has layered hair falling over the shoulders. However, a bit of twist is added to the style by that nice and cool long braided ponytail towards the side. You can even accessorize this hairstyle to have an even better and chic look overall.

  1. Side Swept Hair With Long Ponytail

Source : Vika_kristina_barcelona

Now, this one is even simpler than the one above. All you need is your girl to have nice, long and fine hair. Simply, take all her hair to a side and have a slight side part to make it look elegant. The hair towards the back is made into a long and open ponytail that is stylishly made to fall over the shoulder and creates a perfect vibe. You can always add a few accessories to such hairstyles for making them look even better. It’s just amazing overall.

  1. Colorful Blonde Hair With Twisted Layers At The Back

Source : Missyshairshop.yyc

If you prefer a chic and stylish look for your little girl then this is the hairstyle that you should be after. The hairdo boasts of nice and beautiful long locks that are curled with a curling iron towards the back. A few layers of colorful strands revealed after pulling up the hair on the sides really make a perfect statement. Just tie them into place at the crown and let all the rest of the hair from the back stay open and fell more like a curling ponytail. It will definitely make a unique style statement.

  1. Long Center parted Ethnic Hairstyle

Source : Pakistanidramacelebrities

If your girl loves ethnic wear and wants to achieve a perfect style in that particular look, this is the one you should go with. Let her grow her hair long and given them a slight curly and beautiful look. The hairstyle will look amazing when worn with a purely ethnic dress and your girl would love it overall for sure. Add a couple of accessories or clips to make sure that you have a perfect look overall and it feels even better.

  1. Side Swept Bangs With Nice Long Braid Falling Over

Source : Wonderka.m

Now, this one is the most unique of all the beautiful long haircuts for girls we have on the list. If your girl has this long hair, you can always style it uniquely just the way shown in the picture above. Part the frontal hair and make them into a beautiful puffy look right behind which you can have a twisted and braided horizontal layer of hair which falls towards a side. The hair towards the back is made into a nice and cool ponytail which seems just better than anything else.

  1. Center Parted Bob Hairstyle

Source : Victoriablackstone

For achieving a perfect bob look with a touch of style added to your girl’s hair, this really is one amazing hairdo you can opt for. Just let her hair to grow to typical bob length and make them a bit curvy towards the bottom. They will simply look awesome with a center part on top. A unique look for a bob but it really works well for those casual occasions.

  1. Long And Straight With Twisted Tips

Source : Vika_kristina_barcelona

This beautiful hairstyle can be a perfect look for just about any girl and it could be the style of choice for yours too. The hairstyle boasts of beautiful long tresses that are straight and elegant falling over from top right to the hips. The catch for this beautiful look, however, is the cool style of the tips that really makes it stand out among the rest. Overall, the hairdo looks gorgeous and makes for a perfect hairstyle that your girl can flaunt on a casual day out or a vacation day at the beach.

  1. Simple Long Bob

Source : Esagie

Bob hairstyles can have a pretty organized look to them as well but they can be quite casual too for girls who have nice and fine tresses. The hairstyle boasts of shoulder length hair cut nicely into a bob hairstyle look and a couple of bangs falling over at the front. Use a hair band for keeping it all under control. Overall, the look is casual but still makes perfect vibes for vacations and casual events.

  1. Long Pigtails With Center Parted Top

Source :Missia_24

A typical school girl look, this beautiful hairstyle boasts of nice and long tresses that make for a perfectly organized look. That organization, however, comes from those braided pigtails which actually make the hair stay in place just where you have tied them. The twisted ends of the pigtails look amazing and make for a perfect vibe. If you want a formal look for your girl while keeping the length intact then this is among the best long haircuts for girls out there. Just end the braids a bit high up so that you have some open strands down the bottom on either side to make it all look amazing and perfect.

  1. Long Side Parted Hairstyle With Hair Accessory

Source : Vika_kristina_barcelona

If you want something really special, this is the look you should go for. Perfect for little girls, this hairstyle with long hair creates a perfect vibe for naturally brown and blonde hair. In addition, it’s not too intricate either and can be achieved with a little bit of effort. Just have it parted from the side and take the frontal bang towards a side before tying it up with a few strands coming forward from the back side and securing it into place with a colorful flower accessory. The long strands really look amazing and make for a perfect vibe. The hairstyle works for both casual and formal events.

  1. Long Voluminous And Wavy Strands

Source : Bella_miah_dhanani

This is yet another amazing look to flaunt for little girls. In fact, it’s another beautiful ethnic look that just creates a more than perfect vibe. The hairstyle boasts of long strands that is all left open and parted from the center at an angle to create a more than perfect look. Falling over the shoulders and having nice wavy look is what makes it stand out among the rest. You can also apply a good hair dye to the tips as well to amp up the look even further. So, if your girl has long and beautiful hair that she wants to keep all open, this is the hairstyle you must not miss out on and should try once at the very least.

So, how do you like these beautiful and amazing long haircuts for girls? These long hairstyles for girls have all sorts of beautiful looks that your little girl can or may want to flaunt. It depends on the type of tresses she has as to which of these hairstyles would suit her hair better. Nevertheless, the options are endless and you can try any of them. In fact, you can get as creative as you like with these long hairstyles for kids and come up with your own unique way of styling her hair. So, what’s your choice? Decide and give your girl a perfect overhaul as far as her looks are concerned.