46 Versatile Long Haircuts for Boys For Attractive & Adorable Look In 2021

Are you a mom to a cute little boy? Well, that’s really something to be proud of. But have you ever had hard time in choosing some adorable hairstyles for him? Yes, that’s a problem faced by every parent today even when there are lots and lots of hairstyles available for little boys to flaunt. You can choose just about any style from among the long haircuts for boys out there as long as it goes with the face shape and hair type of your kid.

However, with the availability of such a large number of long haircuts for boys, you can easily get confused in making the right choice.

Long Haircuts for Boys 2021

To make it all easier, here we have listed some of the cutest hairstyles for boys that will make your kid look as adorable as ever. Let’s check out some of the best toddler hairstyles.

  1. Long Hairstyle for Boy With Hair Band

Source: withlovelyndsey

Growing his hair long is probably the most obvious choice when it comes to giving him a cool look overall. This is, especially, so if he has fine and thin beautiful locks. And, if you have a cool accessory to style the hair with, it will be even better. A wide hair band, for instance, can make him look ever more stylish with some beautiful locks falling over.

  1. Long Messy And Wavy Back

Source: squidgeandbingo

More often than not, the focus of a hairstyle is on how it looks from the back and this one is a perfect example. The hairstyle features medium-to-long hair all over with the hair on the back actually defining the look. The hairstyle is about messy and wavy look at the back and is quite easy to style as well.

  1. Long Hairstyle With Edgy Look

Source:  beautybydevonn

This beautiful variation of the long haircuts for boys features beautiful long hair all over and gets a nice edgy and spiky look with a bit of styling product. The hair on the back is nicely finger combed in the forward direction and looks really cool overall. Similarly, the hair on top is styled to a side to make a perfect style.

  1. Long Hairstyle With Stylishly Combed Back Sides

Source: kidsnips

This is another amazing hairstyle for boys who love to wear long hair all over. The hairstyle keeps long hair on the sides as well that even cover the ears and blend into the luscious locks on the back to create a perfect hairstyle. It looks a close cousin to mullet hairstyle but is not exactly that. The hair on the back looks awesome with a cute wavy look.

  1. Long Wavy Fringe

Source: sophiedixon_hairandmakeup

Another amazing look in beautiful long haircuts for boys, this one keeps the hair naturally wavy. The hair is grown to almost the same length all over the head and the hairstyle is achieved by simply finger combing the hair to have a casual look. You can, however, also style it in a formal look if you want to. But nothing can be as adorable as this beautiful wavy and casual look.

  1. Long Shoulder Length Hairstyle For Boys

Source: gmm428

Not exactly the shoulder length hairstyle, this one takes the luscious, voluminous hair even beyond the shoulder length. The hair on top is all covered in a beautiful turban style and feels really amazing. The long forward swept locks are kept naturally wavy to create a whole different style statement.

  1. Shoulder Length Hairstyle For Toddlers

Source: tiffanyvioletaranda

This is more of a bob hairstyle look that creates a perfect vibe for toddler boys. They usually have fine and thin hair that can be styled in just about any shape you like.

However, growing it all longer on the sides and the back and letting him wear a beautiful matching cap will certainly make him look adorable.

  1. Long Grown Out Sides Styled With A Cool Hat

Source: chasingcardentiger

This is another nice and cute look that boasts of beautifully grown out sides. This one also features a casual look and is complemented to perfection by that beautiful hat on top. The accessory blends really nicely into the overall look and makes the hairstyle even better.

  1. Combed Back Hairstyle With Long Messy Sides

Source: deluxxjewelz

This is another cute look that you can give to your little guy. Primarily associated with black boys haircuts, the hairstyle features nice combed back top that looks more organized while the sides get a beautiful wavy and messy look as well. The hair on the sides are cut almost the same length towards the tips but it is allowed to grow wildly on all sides to achieve a perfect final look.

  1. Side Parted Hairstyle With Fringe

Source: meikestaals

Side parted and side swept hairstyles always look amazing when it comes to long hairstyles for boys. In fact, this one is no different either. The hairstyle features a beautiful wavy look on the sides that comes naturally to the grown out hair. The side parted hair make way for a beautiful nice fringe that falls over to a side to perfection. Overall, the hairstyle looks nice and amazing for any day and any event.

  1. Shaggy Hairstyle

Source: hairbynatashaharvey

Shaggy hairstyle also qualifies for one of the best long haircuts for boys. The hairdo features a casual look achieved by growing it all longer on every side. A slight side part is created by sweeping the hair to a side with fingers while the sides have nice and grown out hair that looks edgy and makes for a perfect look overall.

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  1. Casually Centre Parted Long Hairstyle

Source: alize_maik

This is yet another cool and cute look when it comes to kids haircuts. The hairstyle is actually a casual one that features casually centre parted hair on top and it all grows down to the sides and the back. Eventually, a beautiful messy and wavy look is achieved that makes the hairstyle even better.

  1. Messy Curls All Over

Source: adamferchachi

This cute messy hairstyle is all about leaving that curly look intact. You have to grow the hair long on all sides and then just leave it as it is. There is no need to comb or to style it with the help of any styling product. You have to keep the natural shape intact and it will look as beautiful as ever.

  1. Shoulder Length Haircut For Boys

Source: alaledayo

This beautiful look is achieved by growing it longer on the sides and back and then tucking it nicely behind the ears. You have to make sure that the top hair is also combed back to blend into the hair on sides and back. The cap on top can be used for achieving a more dramatic style overall.

  1. Long Side Swept Fringe

Source: yukorowe

This beautiful look is all about that nice and beautiful side swept fringe that is achieved by casually sweeping the hair to a side. A bob hairstyle look is achieved by cropping the hair short on the sides. A few strands towards the back make a nice curve to make this beautiful hairstyle look even more adorable overall.

  1. Casually Centre Parted Hairstyle With Wavy Sides

Source: ghfm1barbers

This beautiful look is achieved by casually parting the hair on top right in the centre. The hair on the sides and back are grown naturally to achieve a perfect wavy hairstyle while the strands are made to curve naturally inwards. It all gels in nicely and makes the look more harmonious than ever.

  1. Side Swept Hairstyle With Long Sides

Source: linzquad

This is another cool variation of the beautiful long haircuts for boys that work perfectly for cute little boys who have fine, straight and beautiful locks. The hairstyle is about sweeping the top hair as well as the frontal fringe nicely to a side giving it a cute and clean touch. The hair on the sides and back are, however, grown out wildly to make the hairstyle qualify for a beautiful long haircut for boys. It looks really nice overall.

  1. Casually Forward Swept Hair With Long Sides

Source: carolsuedesalon

The hairstyle here will certainly make your little boy look more like a girl as it features a Bob hairstyle look. Nevertheless, it’s a cool hairdo to go with. The hairstyle features beautiful forward swept hair on top and the sides are just grown out casually. The hair falls over the sides nicely and create a perfect vibe.

  1. Grown Out Curls

Source: troychronicles

For little boys with naturally curly and kinky hair, this look is a perfect choice. One of the best long haircuts for boys with curly hair, the hairstyle is a low maintenance alternative. It only requires the hair to be grown long on the sides and on the top to achieve those beautiful long swirls that are actually the highlight of this amazing hairstyle. Just make sure that you have enough length all over the head that it covers his face nicely from all sides and looks cool.

  1. Short Bob Hairstyle

Source: liimperatriz

This is a typical short bob look that can be given to cute little boys as well. Yes, when you have to grow his hair longer, you will have to be completely on peace with his girlish hairstyles. Just keep it nicely swept to a side on top and cover the head with a reverse worn cap to make him look even cuter.

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  1. Shoulder Length Hairstyle With Bangs

Source: yagomiguelneiva

This one is even more girlish than the previous one but still, it makes for one of the best long haircuts for boys. The hair has to be grown long all over with sides and back going to shoulder length and curving outwards nicely. On the top we have nice forward swept bangs that create a perfect vibe and a stylish look overall. You don’t have to do too much of maintenance either and just finger combing would be enough to maintain this cool look.

  1. Casual Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: jlcastro7

Side swept hair always makes a cool hairstyle for boys but when you want to keep it long, sweep it casually to a side. It will look really cool when tucked nicely behind the ears while those long grown out hair at the back make a perfect style statement.

  1. Wavy Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: bamhairsalon

This beautiful look is among the coolest long haircuts for boys that boasts of a beautiful wavy look on the sides. It features side swept hair that is all kept casually styled and grown out both on the sides and the back.

  1. Long Hairstyle With Side Swept Wavy Fringe

Source: amy.renae21

When your kid has to grow it all long, it will have to be same length all over most of the times with hair covering the face nicely from all sides. This look gives you just that with a nice side swept hairstyle that is complemented with a beautiful wavy fringe that is also swept to a side and creates a perfect vibe.

  1. Fine Shoulder Length Hair

Source: alaledayo

This hairstyle is a simple look that can be given to fine and thin hair grown long. All you have to do is to keep it to shoulder length and then part it from the centre to achieve asymmetric look overall. Let him wear a cap on top to make the style look even more vibrant and beautiful. He’d surely love it.

  1. Long Hairstyle With Angled Part

Source: glinski_brothers

This beautiful look is about long grown out hair on all sides that is styled nicely with a cool angled side part. Yes, it’s a typical side part but it curves nicely to a side giving it a beautiful angled look. Other than that, it’s all typical when it comes to styling. You have to let him grow the hair long and then style it casually. It gets a nice wavy and textured look on top.

  1. Side Swept Hairstyle With Beautiful Fringe

Source: glinski_brothers

Yet another cool look when it comes to long haircuts for boys, this one gives a perfect hairstyle option for the blonde hair. The boys can just grow the hair long enough all over the head and the style it with a side part. The frontal fringe looks awesome going towards the back and the wavy and curly look created by the hair towards the tips is just splendid. It makes for a perfectly chic hairstyle on any day of the year.

  1. Casual And Curly Towards The Back

Source: mobile_salon_by_tanya

This beautiful hairstyle is about curly golden hair styled casually. Here again, you have to let your kid grow his hair long enough that they cover the ears and come very close to the shoulder length. You don’t need any special styling or a product to achieve the look. Just keep it all natural and messy to make sure that the curls flaunt better than ever in this beautiful look.

  1. Side Swept Hair With Forward Curved Sides

Source: poshlypayton

This hairstyle is perfectly chic and makes for a unique look for the boys who love to keep it long all over the head. The hairstyle requires the hair to be grown long enough and then styled nicely to a side. When styled on naturally fine and straight hair, it gets a perfect textured look. The hair on the sides and back are made to curve forward with a styling tool to make the hairstyle look even more glamorous.

  1. Centre Parted Bob Hairstyle

Source: stacey_cleaverandcohair

If you are looking for something that looks more formal, this is the hairstyle that your little man should get. Keep it centre parted and nicely combed to either side. The parted fringe looks really cool with the overall style and the short length gives it a resemblance to the popular short bob hairstyle. Overall, it’s a neat and cool look that really feels amazing.

  1. Long And Wavy Hairstyle

Source: mobile_salon_by_tanya

This long and wavy hairstyle is all about growing the hair long on all the sides and then letting the natural waves flow through. There is a side part as well that gives it a more defined look. But overall, it’s a casual hairstyle and those waves come naturally to it.

  1. Side Swept Mullet Hairstyle

Source: petrapouzar86

This is a typical mullet haircut and makes for one of the best long haircuts for boys. The hairstyle features a bit shorter hair on top that is styled with a cool side part. It starts growing in length on the sides and gets the maximum length towards the back where it reaches the shoulders. The hairstyle looks really cool and is a perfect style for your kid to flaunt on any day.

  1. Simple and Side Parted Silk Hairstyle

Source: chris_jones_primed_

For teenagers, this is a more than perfect look to achieve and they can easily wear it to the parties and other casual events they have to attend to. The hairstyle looks gorgeous on silk hair and features a casual look. A few strands on the sides are made to forward as well. The hair on top also gets a casual centre part to give it a bit more shape.

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  1. All Grown Out Hairstyle

Source: ladydyne1

For kids with simple, straight and fine hair, this is a perfect look to achieve. All you have to do is to let your kid grow the hair to medium-to-long all over and he will have a perfect look to flaunt. The hair can be allowed to fall over on all the sides and this certainly makes for a perfect hairstyle for a day out on the beach.

  1. Shoulder Length With Side Swept Fringe

Source: jovi_c_

This beautiful hairstyle looks more like a typical bob haircut. However, it still is one of the best long haircuts for boys. It requires the hair on the sides and the back to be grown to shoulder length while that fringe on the front is swept nicely to a side to cover half of the forehead. There isn’t much detailing other than this but still this hairstyle makes for a cool look overall.

  1. Long Grown Hair Curved Tails

Source: scissors_inher_hands

Typical grown out hair is often prone to curves and waves and this hairstyle has that element as well. The hair is grown long all over and it is swept nicely to a side. It gets a curvy shape towards the tails at the back and overall looks gorgeous. It’s a perfect look boys can have with long grown out hair.

  1. Grown Out Hair With Cropped Tails

Source: jotrip87

This beautiful look is all about long grown hair all over that is given a nice shape as well. The hairstyle features casually side swept look with a nice fringe on the front. The sides nicely cover the ears while the tails are cropped at the back to make it a more sophisticated and clean hairstyle for your boy to flaunt.

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  1. Long Hairstyle With Side Swept Fringe

Source: gypsy__wolf

This is a cool look that works great for just about any occasion and any casual event. The hairstyle features very long grown out hair on the front. The hair on the back is cropped shorter with enough volume while it’s the fringe that gives a dramatic look to this beautiful hairstyle. It’s swept nicely to a side and is grown long enough to cover the face.

  1. Casually Grown Long Hairstyle For Boys

Source: nina_nola

In those early years, your kid is just carefree and is busy in learning new things with ever new day and his hairstyle should also be a reflection of that. This hairstyle gives you just that by keeping the hair casually grown out on all the sides. The hair on the top is swept forward to make the bangs look stand out. It’s nice and it looks awesome.

  1. Long Voluminous Hairstyle

Source: dannelldelcid

This beautiful hairstyle features ample volume both on top and on the sides. In fact, it’s more on the sides where we have a casual and wavy look. The fringe is swept nicely to a side to make sure it all looks cool together. The hair on the back gets a nice curvy look as well. Overall, it’s a casual hairstyle with lots of volume and character.

  1. Long Hairstyle With Forward Swept Bangs

Source: sudokids

This is a beautiful hairstyle that can be achieved with blonde hair and looks perfectly awesome. The hairstyle features a beautiful grown out look all over with not much of detailing and styling done. The length on the sides and the back is comparatively longer than what we have at the front. The forward swept bangs make it look even better.

  1. Side Swept Fringe With Grown Out Sides And Back

Source: gilleast_hairandmakeup

For those green eyed boys, this is a perfect look to achieve. The hairstyle features a stylish side swept fringe at the front while the sides and back are grown out stylishly as well. It gets a bit wavy on the sides just because of the length given to the hairstyle in that area. But overall, it all blends in rather nicely and makes for a perfect hairstyle.

  1. Casual Short Bob Hairstyle

Source: slingblade_7

If your boy loves to get a roundish hairstyle, this is the look you’d want to give him. The hairstyle features nice and beautiful casual short bob look. The hair on the sides is grown to chin length while it’s quite voluminous at the same time as well. So, overall, it looks quite nice and gorgeous with a casually side parted look on top.

  1. Bob Hairstyle With Forward Swept Bangs

Source: dannipaterson

This is another cool variation of the bob hairstyle that features short chin length hair. However, it’s quite voluminous on the sides and covers the face to perfection. The hair on the top is swept forward with cool bangs covering the forehead. Though casual, the hairstyle still offers quite a neat and formal look that will give a sophisticated touch to your little guy.

  1. Long Grown Bangs

Source: gilleast_hairandmakeup

Just as the name suggests, this beautiful hairstyle is all about the bangs grown out longer and given a casual look. It’s not so side swept and not fully forward swept, rather a casual vibe is created by simply finger combing the bangs forward. The hair on the sides and back is grown to medium-to-long length with some curvy tails that look quite adorable.

  1. Edgy Hairstyle With Side Swept Fringe

Source: courbear16

This beautiful hairstyle is all about that edgy look that it gets on the sides and the back. The hairstyle features a long side swept fringe that looks really cool on top. The volume on the sides and the layers curving forward make this hairstyle more dramatic and a perfect choice for just about any event. In fact, it’s more of an everyday look that your kid will adore more than ever. And, it looks even better with a bit of streaking done on the top and the sides.

These long haircuts for boys look really awesome and give you plenty of choices to make a pick for your little man. From very long grown out hairstyles to medium-to-long hairdos, you have all sorts of options available and it’s just the matter of selecting the best one for your kid. Try one of these long haircuts for boys and you will see your kid loving it as he flaunts the look everywhere he goes. So, just go through the available options given above and make your pick now!