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Little Black Girl Braided Hairstyles 2023 – 19 Best Little Black Girl Braided Hairstyles

You must have heard of the unique looks created by some of the best braids hairstyles out there. But have you ever tried to sport a wonderful look? Yes, that’s a bold hairstyle and it really requires you to come up with a bit of courage to sport this beautiful look.

With a wide variety of beautiful braid hairstyles out there, you can choose from among-st the simplest and most intricate looks to ensure that it makes a unique statement.

And, whether you have given it a thought before or not, these hairstyles really look the cutest when achieved for cute little girls.

Obviously, little girls have that unique element of attraction to them but when they sport these beautiful and intricate hairstyles, they can beat anything that you might feel looks more attractive.


Top 19 Little Black Girl Braided Hairstyles in 2023

So, let’s just not keep beating around the bush and get straight into finding out some of the cutest braids for girls that can be achieved with little or some extra effort depending on how intricate they are.

Straight Cornrows With Long Braided Pigtails

Straight Cornrows With Long Braided Pigtails
Source: Ann_braids

When you are styling your girls’ hair into one of the best braided hairstyles, cornrows make a perfect match. They can easily be incorporated into any braided look and they always have a unique cool vibe to deliver.

For this beautiful hairstyle, you can start creating cornrows at the front and go all the way back to the nape of the neck before forming long and cute braided tails.

The braids also go into beautiful pigtails that start just around the crown area and look as awesome as it can ever get. At the tips, we have beautiful colorful beads that certainly complement the look to perfection.


Classic Braided Hairstyle

Classic Braided Hairstyle
Source: Coiffurefacile

Just as the name suggests, this beautiful hairstyle does have a classic look to it. The hairstyle boasts more of a royal vibe and a beautiful braided hair band is added to the hair on top.

The hairdo is not so intricate as far as the braided look goes, but otherwise it may require you to spend some time to pull off a perfect look.

It’s a hip and chic hairstyle that will make a statement on parties and other formal events making your girl to stand out everywhere she goes.


Center Parted Hairstyle With Fine Braids And Casual Bun

Center Parted Hairstyle With Fine Braids And Casual Bun
Source: Coiffurefacile

This is a cool look to achieve because of all the style elements it sports. The hairstyle, primarily, boasts of a center part on top with layers from the sides made to go back and formed into fine braids that go at an angle to join the casual bun down at the nape.

There is an expansive and colorful ribbon bow accessory right above that beautiful loose bun to make a statement of its own. It will really look amazing overall, if pulled off to perfection.


Intricate Braided Crown Hairstyle

Thinking of a typical braided crown? Well, this is no way near that typical and simple look. In fact, it’s more on the intricate side and this look requires you to have very long rugged hair to come up with an amazing style overall.

For achieving this wonderful hairstyle, you will have to part it in the center with the help of a nice and thin braid that goes all the way back, and then start braiding on either side to form nice crown shape with thick braids from either side joining at the back just below the crown area.

To complete the look, there are long and straight braids at the back that fall all the way down to the bottom with very thin tips. Dye them in your favorite color half way through and you have an amazing look to flaunt overall.


Thick Braids All Over

Yes, this beautiful hairstyle is a typical look for any black girl with rugged, kinky hair and it’s all about those thick and tight braids all over the head.

They start in different sections and fall over. For example, the braids that start on the sides fall over the shoulders and the ones that start at the back or middle of the head go all the way to the back.

They start getting thinner towards the tips to make them look chicer. Finally, you can also cross braid with a ribbon in some of the layers to add another element of style.


Combed Back Hairstyle With A Thick Braided Ponytail

Combed Back Hairstyle With A Thick Braided Ponytail
Source: Erinbalogh

If you are not into the most intricate braided hairstyles, this beautiful and simple thick braided hairstyle would do for you. There is only one key style element to this beautiful hairdo and that’s the thick braid at the back.

The hairstyle works best for girls with long and voluminous hair and if your little one has that type of hair then it would be the perfect choice for her obviously.

Just comb her hair all the way back and start braiding with a colorful ribbon in between. Make the ribbon to go zig-zagging all the way through and it will make for a perfect look overall.


Center Parted Hairstyle With Parallel Braids And Long Ponytail

Center Parted Hairstyle With Parallel Braids And Long Ponytail
Source: Gold__braid

This beautiful hairstyle is about a cool center parted look that will give you a styling choice to be achieved within minutes.

Just part it in the center and start braiding on either side as you take the braided layer all the way to the back before tying it together at the crown.

It’s the crown area where the braids end and we have a thick and long raised ponytail created right there. You will have to bring hair from all around the head upwards before forming it into a beautiful ponytail. So, be careful with that.


Braided Cornrows With Beaded Tips

Another perfect amalgamation of a braided hairstyle and cornrows, this one requires you to start creating cornrows right at the front and take it all back straight before they leave the head around the nape area to form beautiful and thin braided tails.

These tails can be further accentuated with the help of nice beaded tips which really create amazing vibes. Overall, the hairstyle is just perfect for those casual days.


Center Parted Hairstyle With Braided Crown

Center Parted Hairstyle With Braided Crown
Source: Glover_love

Yes, this is a typical braided crown that we see in most of the royal hairstyles and it will surely going to make your girl look like a princess.

The hairstyle is not that hard to achieve either as it will only require you to take strands at the front and start creating a thick braid which goes swirling all around the head to the other side. There is a nice center part and a few strands left unattended to make a curvy statement towards a side.

Overall, the hairstyle looks amazing and it can be your perfect partner on those busy days while allowing your girl to make a statement too.


Sectioned Braided Hairstyle

Sectioned Braided Hairstyle
Source: Svetavold

Though not a typical braided look, this sectioned braided hairstyle looks amazing on little girls and it is also quite easy to achieve as well. The hairstyle requires you to simply take layers from different areas on top and section them off with the help of small ribbons.

Keep doing that to achieve a cool zig-zagging look before you can secure them into beautiful and casual pigtails starting just where the nape is. Overall, the hairstyle is perfect for a casual setting and it really makes a statement on party nights and other similar special occasions.


Side Braided Hairstyle With A Side Bun

Braided hairstyles for girls and hair buns go hand in hand. Just take a look at this beautiful hairstyle here and you’d be overwhelmed by it for sure. This hairdo boasts of long hair that is all organized to perfection.

The hairstyle requires you to comb all the top hair back and then start braiding the frontal hair at one side taking it all the way around the head to the back before securing the thick braid into a cool hair bun towards the same side from where the braiding actually started.

There are a few strands that come across the head from different sections of the braid and they end up in the bun. Overall, the look is just beautiful.


Center Parted Braided Hairstyle With Pigtails

Center Parted Braided Hairstyle With Pigtails
Source: Keepit1hunnud

Though classified as a center parted look, the centerpiece of this beautiful hairstyle is thin braided hair all over. These braids form nice braided pigtails at either side of the head and they also run all the way to the bottom.

Remember to keep the braids a bit wide apart so that it creates a unique vibe overall. It will also help make a sense of volume at the back.


Parallel Braided Hairstyle With Long Braided Ponytail

Parallel Braided Hairstyle With Long Braided Ponytail
Source: Blackhair_flair

This parallel braided look is achieved with the help of long and voluminous kinky hair on top. Just start braiding at the front with thick and thin layers of hair alternating as they go parallel to each other towards the back.

Form a nice ponytail just below the crown area and make the thick braided layers in the ponytail to fall over the shoulders rather nicely. Accessorize the hair and you will see an amazing look overall.


Side Parted Angled Braided Hairstyle

This beautiful braid hairstyle is achieved with a side parted style and it doesn’t just give a different look but it creates an amazing vibe as well.

The hair is parted from a side with a thin layer of braided hair followed by a thick one that go parallel to each other all the way to the back. The hair on the longish side of the part is all braided nicely in alternating thick and thin patterns at an angle.

You can always lift this look up a notch by adding some colorful, sharp ribbon into the braids to create a unique statement. Adding accessories to the braids would also be a great choice.


Angle Braided Hairstyle With Long Tails

Angle Braided Hairstyle With Long Tails
Source: Bookalisharenee

Angle braided hairstyles always make a uniquely stylish vibe and this one here is no different at all. The hairstyle boasts of angling braids that start right in the center of the head and go all the way back to the nape creating more of a cornrows style.

The braids then extend from there on and form beautiful braided tails that fall down at the back. Remember to start braiding thin and then continue to grow it in thickness.

Add a colorful ribbon to the braids for making it look even better. They really look elegant as they run down the bottom.


Center Parted Hairstyle With Braided Pattern

Another cool look to achieve with a center parted hairstyle, this is not an all out braided hairstyle. In fact, a cool braided pattern is added towards the back that makes for a uniquely stylish look.

The braids are made to form nice pigtails just around the crown area which make a statement piece for this beautiful hairdo. The braids make the pigtails look really amazing and add a unique touch to the hairstyle overall.


Center Parted Hairstyle With Dagger Braids And Ponytail

Center Parted Hairstyle With Dagger Braids And Ponytail
Source: Beauticon

Braided hairstyles can take any shape and style and here we have another uniquely beautiful look that every girl would love to flaunt.

This beautiful braid hairstyle is achieved with clearly center parted hair on top and dagger shaped braids achieved starting at the front on either side of the center part.

The braids start thin and keep getting thicker as they go towards the back before they join the long, voluminous and raised ponytail that starts at the crown.

The hair from the sides and the back are all made to come up for joining the top hair. Overall, it creates a cool look that can be flaunted everywhere.


Side Parted Side Braided Hairstyle With Side Ponytail

The recurring “Side” word sounds too crazy. Doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what this beautiful hairstyle is all about. You have a nice side part that takes all the hair to one side and thin and fine braids are then created along the same pattern.

There are a few layers of strands that go to the other side and join the beautiful short side ponytail which complements the hairstyle to perfection.

Accessorize the look with colorful rubber bands and you have a perfect hairstyle that will make your little girl look too cute.


Fine Braided Layers With Voluminous Ponytail

Braids can take any shape and style and here we have a perfect example of just that. This beautiful hairstyle is all about combed back hair with horizontal braided layers running through the combed back locks.

It really makes for one amazing pattern and the hairstyle looks really cool overall. Moving towards the nape, the hair from all the sides is brought together and knotted with another layer of strands which turns the rest of the hair below that into a beautiful, thick and voluminous ponytail that just looks amazing.

Remember to keep the top braided layers very thin so that they may not intrude a sleek look overall. Once you are able to pull off a perfect look, this hairstyle will really make an amazing style statement.


So, what do you make of these braid hairstyles then? They all have a wonderfully unique vibe to deliver and they really look amazing when styled to perfection.

They’re a retreat for every beautiful little kid and really makes them look amazing no matter what the occasion may be. Some of the hairstyles listed here are intricate and will take a lot of your time and effort while others are rather simple ones to achieve and can be styled within minutes.

Just master the art of braiding and you are good to achieve any of these beautiful hairstyles with your little girls’ hair. Let your girl make a statement with one of these beautiful hairstyles and she’ll love it when everyone will praise her.