How To Take Care Of Hair For Black Kids, Tips And Warnings

When it comes to making a style statement and staying current with the latest fashion trends, hair does matter. Hair really makes one of the most significant cultural reflections for children while helping them instill some self-confidence if properly cared for. Besides being curly, the hair of black kids tends to be unique in many different ways in comparison to different types of hair. It’s coarser, drier and packed more densely than any other hair type. Furthermore, as black hair tends to have fewer layers of the cuticle as well, it is ever more vulnerable to breakage and damage if proper care is not given.

Furthermore, if you want to style the best haircuts for girls, you must make sure that you follow the tips given below for taking proper care of her black hair. You can go even beyond these given suggestions but they really are a good way to start. Let’s find out what you need to do for giving your girl’s hair the care it deserves.

How To Take Care Of Her For Black Kids

Step 1

Give your child a good hair wash every 7-10 days. It is common for shampoos to cause the hair of black kids to get too dry and, therefore, it is recommended that you use good moisturizing shampoos only which are made specifically to be used on dry hair. Furthermore, it would be safe for you to go with a shampoo which maintains its pH level at 5 and can help keep the natural shiny look of the hair for your child. In case, if the child is not too old that they could wash the hair themselves, you should better lather a tablespoon of a good shampoo into their hair before using your own fingertips for distributing and massaging it onto their scalp. Next, rinse the shampoo out using warm water. For too thick hair, it is advised that you shampoo their hair again and rinse it out once more.

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Step 2

Even though washing and shampooing the hair is advised to be a part of your weekly hair care routine, make sure your girl’s hair is conditioned every single day. A conditioner should always be used after shampooing and you should be co-washing her black hair using hair conditioner. This actually is the technique where you are using a conditioner rather than a shampoo for washing your kids’ hair off. Apply conditioner in the right amount as recommended by manufacturer because otherwise it may harm your child’s hair even further. Before you use warm water to rinse out the conditioner, it is advisable that you use a comb for gently detangling those wet hair.

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Step 3

Once you are done washing or conditioning your kids’ hair, it’s time to dry it out. For air-drying their hair, it is a good idea to use bath towel to accompany. However, for speedy drying, you can use hair dryers as well on low-heat setting. Make sure that the dryer you’re using comes with diffuser attachment as well.

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4: BaBylissPRO BP2800N Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Hair Dryer

Step 4

Use a comb/brush made using soft and natural bristles for combing through the hair of your child. For girls with a bit longer hair, it is advised to divide her hair into four sections, at least. Start combing at nape of your kids’ neck and gently comb the hair for working out the tangles and knots. It is always a great idea to apply some hair oil or a leave-in conditioner while brushing through their hair.

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Step 5


Next comes the styling part. Some of the popular hairstyles that you can try with your little girl’s hair can include cornrows, loose braids, ponytails, twists or simply leaving it all down.

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Things You Will Need

Some of the common items you will need for giving your kids’ hair due care can include:

  • Moisturizing shampoo tailor made for the dry hair type and pH at 5
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Water
  • Hair Comb
  • Hair Clips (optional)
  • Hair Dryer Having Diffuser Attachment/Towel
  • Hair Oil or Leave-in Conditioner
  • Hairbrush With Soft Bristles

Top 3 Hair Cream /Gel for your Kids

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2: Johnson’s Baby Gel Oil with Aloe & Vitamin E

3: Honey Baby Naturals Hold It Honey Styling Gel

Tips And Warnings

There are some tips and warnings as well that you need to take into account while taking care of your black kids’ hair. Let’s take a look.

  • As you wash the hair of your child, make sure that you do not gather it all up on the top as it may lead to tangling
  • Make sure that you avoid any shampoos that have sulfates, laureth or lauryl in them as they may lead to stripping your kids’ hair of all the natural oils. Besides, they aren’t ideal for those black and curly hair.
  • Also make sure that you avoid hairstyles for which you have to pull her hair tightly as it can result in breakage.

So, if you can take proper care of your little girl’s hair, you can definitely add to her overall style statement and she’d be able to wear the trending hairstyles. She’ll look most fashionable and elegant by combining her signature hairstyles with those trending clothes that suit her the most.