Neat and Tidy Hairstyles For Boys That Will Be Trending In 2021

The New Year 2020 is fast approaching and the fashionistas are already conscious about which looks they’d be able to flaunt in the next year. Especially, when it comes to boys hairstyles there is always a lot of thought that goes into it. And, it is also a fact that lots of new fresh looks appear every year in hairstyles for boys and everyone from teenagers to grown-ups can enjoy a new pop of style. Things won’t be any different this year either. There will be a lot of new neat and tidy looks that will be flourishing in the next year and kids and boys would love going for them for sure.

Top Trending Hairstyles For Boys 2021

Whether you want to have a look at new kids haircuts or the best hairstyles for boys, you get a whole lot of options to choose from every year. Here we have listed some of the best hairstyles that would be in trend as the New Year sets in. Let’s have a look at some of the best options available.

  1. Comb Over Hairstyle And Hard Parted Skin Fade

Not many hairstyles are as clean and clear as this one. It will stay put throughout the day and you won’t have to do much maintenance to keep this style intact. The look can be achieved easily with hair trimmed right to the top on either side while some volume is maintained on top. Apply some texturizing product to get a wonderful finished look on top. A hard part further defines it and it will make a perfect style statement on any day throughout the year.

2.       Spikes With Low Fade


A spiky look never goes out of fashion and the same is the case with this one. What’s different and unique about this hairstyle is the fact that it is mostly swept to a side on top and the spiky touch is given to the frontal locks only. Everyone would look this clean look with a high fade on the sides. The hard part on the side looks gorgeous in the overall scheme of things. You’re definitely going to love it and so is everyone else.

3.       Angled Brushed Back Look With Side Fade


If you think the New Year is going to be about the cool, modern looks only, you’ve gotten it all wrong. In fact, there will be some room for the retro hairstyles as well. Check out this one, for example, it gives a casual carefree vibe with a typical brushed back style. The hairdo looks great on little kids and teenagers and would not create any conflict with their school code either. The hard part further defines it to perfection and the high fade on the sides makes it look even better.

4.       Casual Quiff With Tapered Undercut


The Quiff has always been a stylish look and it’s got even better this year with all the casual vibes to deliver. The hairstyle here boasts of a casually side-swept Quiff look with nice layers imparted by finger-combing the hair on top. The sides have a nice tapered undercut but there is no visible side part. Overall, the hairstyle looks gorgeous and it will create uniquely amazing vibes for young boys in 2020 for sure. The hairstyle is well-balanced and could be worn throughout the year with slight variations to top.

5.       Curly Mess With High Fade


What about curly hair? Is there anything that could be done to keep it all in order or the stylists will fail again and the boys with curly hair will have to continue with that same old-fashioned look they’ve had for years. Check out this beautiful look for the low maintenance haircuts in 2020. The hairdo needs least possible styling and allows youngsters to flaunt their natural curls in a messier look. The messy top is balanced off, however, with a clean high fade on the sides and the back. Though not so tidy on top, it creates perfect vibes with the clean cut sides.

6.       Razor Up-Sweep Mohawk

If you are ready to go for something extremely stylish this New Year, here we have one of the best New Year hairstyles for boys. The hairdo works best with some volume on top while trimming the sides too short. Just finger comb all the volume on top to a side and have the layers dyed in a beautiful hue. It will look stunning and gorgeous for sure. The hard part on the side goes deep towards the back and gives this hairstyle a uniquely amazing and different look. Overall, it feels wonderful and makes for a clean look that will be trending in the next year for sure.

7.       Layered Skin Fade


A skin fade has been around for some time now but it really needs some perfect finishing on top as well to make this look stand out. The hairstyle is kept voluminous on top and the volume is combed all the way back to create a comb-over effect. It is trimmed in layers as well to make it look even more stylish. The mid skin fade on the sides complements the look on top to perfection. You can’t really ask for anything better.

8.       Spiky Fauxhawk


A typical faux hawk style can take any look and shape you want. This variation offers a nice spiky and textured look on top and it makes amazing vibes too. You will need some strong-hold styling product though for achieving a perfect look on top. Just give it a slight forward-swept touch on top and it will look even better. A few parallel surgical lines on the side make a statement too. Other than that, there is a nice high skin fade that complements the hair on top rather elegantly.

9.       Crew Cut With Hard Part

A crew cut like never before, this iconic hairstyle is definitely going to make a statement this coming year. The hairstyle boasts of some simple stylish looks and does a perfect job to maintain your neat and tidy vibe throughout the day. The hairdo is achieved with shorter hair on top that is given a slightly raised look at the front to imitate the popular crew cut hairstyle. The straight hard part makes it look even cleaner while the faded sides complement the overall style to perfection. Remember, it’s a mid fade that looks nice in the overall scheme of things.

10.   Textured Combover With Surgical Design


To add a layer of style to the modern neat and tidy haircuts, the order of the day is to complement it with a nice surgical design. The hair on top is kept voluminous and is given an angular combover look. It is slightly slanted on the top as well but everything is secured nicely into place with the help of a stronghold styling product. The sides are given a nice undercut while that surgical line that goes along all the way to the back makes a statement with this overall unique look.

11.   Brushed Up Hairstyle With Texture And High Fade


A brushed up look can be styled in all the different possible ways that you could imagine and here we have a cool implementation of the hairstyle. It is not perfectly tidy but it is not too messy either. In fact, it is a pretty organized and nice look that will be trending in the years to follow for sure. The hairstyle boasts of medium length hair on top with only the frontal locks given a brushed up look. The texture is quite evident on top while the sides have a nice high skin fade.

12.   Layered Combed Back With Undercut


The combed-back hair always looks nice and tidy but you don’t always have to stick everything into place with the help of a styling product. Instead, try out something like this. Leave enough length on top that it can go all the way to the back and complement it with a disconnected undercut on the sides. The layered look on top is as awesome as it can get and if you can add a tinge of color to it, that’s even better.

13.   Textured Long Top With Undercut


Another variation of the cool undercut style, this one gives quite contrasting looks to the top and the sides. The sides, obviously, have a disconnected undercut but the hair on top is kept dramatically long and is combed over to aside. The frontal fringe falls over to a side and slightly at the front too for creating an extremely stylish look overall. The textured layers create an amazing vibe as well.

14.   Wavy Top With Undercut Fade


Even though it’s a bit messy on top, the hairstyle is balanced off quite nicely on the sides. It is another low maintenance haircut for boys that doesn’t require you to do too much of styling on top. The sides don’t require you to put in any extra effort either as it is just perfectly trimmed into a beautiful mid fade. So, you can just leave the wavy volume intact on top and allow it to fall over to the sides to create a wonderful look for summer the next year.

15.   Comb Over Spikes With Surgical Design


This nice combed overlook is just amazing and gorgeous for the New Year. The hairstyle requires you to keep it a bit short on top and achieve a little texture with the help of a styling product. A high fade on the sides combined with a nice surgical design makes it a wonderful look to flaunt on any day. Primarily a casual hairstyle, it doesn’t require too much maintenance because the hair is not too long. Just a refresh every few weeks, and you are good to go.

16.   Forward Swept Short Hairstyle

What could be simpler than this beautiful hairstyle for boys? Just a nice short trim and some styling product applied to bring it all forward in beautiful layers. The sides are trimmed short to the skin as well. It doesn’t require any kind of styling because you just need to bring it all forward and leave it as is.

17.   Wavy Texture And High Fade


For those with thick layers on top, a tidy haircut is not too hard to achieve. Just check out this beautiful look and see how beautiful those rugged, wavy locks can look. Just make sure that you use the natural texture of the hair to perfection and leave enough length on top to emulate this style. The sides get a high fade and it looks gorgeous overall.

18. Blowout With Fade


This blowout looks as good as any other beautiful hairstyle on the list with all the great vibes to deliver. Like several other hairstyles on the list, this one doesn’t require much styling to be done on top either. This is one of the best black boys haircuts that requires least maintenance possible. The hairstyle boasts of some grown out naturally wavy locks on top and it is complemented with a nice and tidy faded look on the sides. Overall, perfect balance is maintained and you can’t classify this beautiful hairstyle as something untidy.

Many new hairstyles for boys come in every year and become part of the latest trend and things won’t change this New Year either. As we get into the next year, many new and stylish looks will flood in and take over. The hairstylists will bring new creations of theirs and introduce new hairstyles as well. But if you want to get a look that is trending, one of the kid’s hairstyles from the list above would do a nice job for you. Just make a pick for yourself and see how it looks on you.