Top US Girls Hairstyle Trends 2023 – Find Your Cool Trendy Look Now

You always want to stay trendy when it comes to your looks. And, one thing you might want to follow closely is the latest hairstyle trends 2023 that will lend you a chic and elegant vibe. Yes, the trends come and go but when you stay updated with the changing trends, you can always have a modern and trendy look that everyone would adore. Here we have some of the top trendy hairstyles from the US that will make your day no matter what you are up to.

US Hairstyle Trends 2023 To Watch Out For

If you have been missing a trendy look for some time, do watch out for these hairstyle trends 2023 that every American would love to follow.

Chandelier Bangs

This is the latest hairstyle trend from Honolulu and the stylists say that it will rule 2023. The unique type of bangs looks even better when you combine them with the long layers. Together, they perfectly contour your face to bring out some glimmer. Achieving the hairstyle is not a problem either. Just ask your hairstyles to give you some long layers towards the back of the head while creating smooth graduated layers at the front that will frame the face nicely.

Polished Bobs

Bob hairstyles have always been popular and trendy, but expert stylists believe that polished structure will be the new up and coming hairdo. People are requesting sleek styles more than ever to get rid of their fuzzy bedhead looks and the thick and blunt lines are trending more than ever. A perfect look can be achieved by requesting no texture and using shiner sprays rather than matt texturizers. The look is trending in Los Angeles more than anywhere else.

Strong Bob

Strong Bob is the hairstyle you should ask for if you are in San Francisco. Increasing number of girls is choosing to keep it blunt. Also called as blunt bob, the strong bob gives a cool look instead of a sexy vibe. Yes, that’s the trend in US these days when it comes to girls hairstyles. The hairdo works fine for most hair types and textures. However, for girls with generally dense hair, it is advisable to ask the stylist to thin it out first.

Long Bob

Seattle’s fashion forward girls are choosing a Long Bob hairstyle these days. LOB haircuts make a perfect vibe even with different hair lengths. So, it’s a versatile look for all face shapes and hairstyles. Managing your hair won’t be a problem either when the strands grow longer.

Blunt Bangs

While many love to have that shaggy lob, it is interesting to try out some of the latest variations by opting for blunt bangs. Albuquerque girls really love styling the bangs which graze their eyebrows along with a cut that reaches their collarbone. It’s a cool hairstyle variation with no major commitment to the new change in hair length.

Shattered Bob

Another bob haircut, this is the trend in Las Vegas. While the edgy bob required minimal layering, the hairdo is full of dimensions in its texture at all the hair ends. According to experts, the hairstyle looks the best with medium texture and medium hair length which makes it one of the top hairstyle trends 2023.

The ‘90s Chop

Hello, Gals in Denver! This is the new trend you should watch out for. We were all obsessed with breezy, long waves during the 2010s. Come 2023, many have started looking to the more stylized cuts. Yet, these cuts can be managed easily through the chop inspired by the ’90s. That was the time when people did not overuse the hair products or the styling tools. The hairstyle is fast becoming a trend in the US now. For a true low maintenance haircut, it is advised that you get something which enhancing the natural texture of your hair.

Textured Bob

If you are looking for the hairstyle trends 2023 and have shorter hair length, a textured bob should be your best bet in Austin. Overall, it’s a carefree and stylish look and it is a great idea to ask your stylist to give you a nice choppy bob for achieving that cool vibe.

Classic Lob Hairstyle

An increasing number of women is growing out their strands into lob hairstyles in St. Louis. If you have always dreaded growing out your locks because what looks perfect at some point can quickly turn into a nightmare due to improper maintenance. But if you have the best stylist to take care of it all then you shouldn’t have any problems there. This classic bob hairstyle would look perfect with some softened layers right throughout. You don’t have to compromise on length or the fullness in the crown area. In case, if you are still afraid of this classic hairstyle, a subtle fringe can help spice things up.

Long Shag

The casual and sexy shag look is perfect and can even be freshened up with some long layers as well as distinctive bangs. The hairstyle looks versatile no matter what type of face shape, hair texture, and length you may have. Girls from Miami love this look and it’s a personal favorite for many.

Curtain Bangs

The New York city is every so busy and it’s not surprising at all that the population here is trying out the most versatile looks such as curtain bangs. It takes a bit of effort to manage this type of bangs. Curtain bangs easily grow out, pin up, and trim for achieving a shorter hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Undercut

 A wonderful look from Boston, the asymmetrical undercut is a mix of a pixie haircut and a bob haircut and comes with nice voluminous curls on a side while the undercut goes on the other. It is a good idea to take some pictures of the look to your stylist because they won’t be able to picture it that easily.

Curly Fringe

Another hairstyle trending in Boston, a curly fringe allows you to soften the look easily and gives dimension to the face. Though it will require some commitment on your part, it will enhance the face shape significantly.

So, with all these hairstyle trends 2023, you have a lot on your plate to try out and check what’s best for you. Just make sure that you work with the hairstylist for coming up with a look that’s just perfect for your hair texture, length, and the face shape you have. This will allow you to look amazing and trendy no matter what hairstyle you opt for.