25 Haircut Names For Boys That You Must Try in 2020

Getting a perfect haircut is what we all desire but quite often we don’t have many haircut names for boys in mind to get a perfectly styled look. Yes, we often visit the hair salons with no clue whatsoever as to what hairstyles we’re going to get. If that’s exactly the case with you too, you must remember a few haircuts for boys for the coming year and try one of these trending looks.

Top 25 Haircut Names For Boys In 2020

Here we have some of the assorted looks for you. Try one of these beautiful kids haircuts and you will get a perfect style to flaunt in the New Year. Let’s run you through some of the most amazing hairstyle options.you should be taking inspiration from the best roman hairstyles for girls that will give you a more authentic and unique vibe.

  1. Short Wavy Hairstyle With Bangs

This is quite a simple look to achieve and it can really make your stylish everyday hairdo. The hairstyle is all about short hair on top with nice and simple waves and the frontal bangs to make a statement.

  1. Surfer Hairstyle

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One of the best low maintenance hairstyles, this hairdo is all about letting the natural volume grow out on top. This ultra-cool surfer style is all about some messy lengths on top and on the sides.

  1. Messy Spikes

Spikes hairstyles are great and they can be styled in so many unique variations. Short and slightly messy spikes on top make one of the best hairstyle names to remember this year.

  1. Combover Hairstyle

If you have always wanted to sport a retro look, nothing can be better than a combover hairstyle. It can be achieved in a range of different styles. You can either go with an undercut or keep the sides faded while combing over all the volume you have on top.

  1. Pompadour

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Pompadours have always been a classic look to achieve. The hairstyles boast of volume on top and given a puffy combed over look at the front. It is secured in place with the help of a strong hold styling product.

  1. Textured Undercut

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Obviously, undercuts refer to finely trimmed hair on the sides. But for a textured look, there is some volume left on top. The hairstyle can be achieved in both casual and formal looks and it is all about your styling preferences.

  1. Shag Hairstyle With Bangs

A shaggy look is pretty similar to a surfer hairstyle in the sense that you have to keep it all casual and long on top. However, it’s the implementation of those longer locks in the haircut that sets the two apart. The difference lies in the overall shape of the hairstyles. Nevertheless, they both look awesome and amazing.

  1. Textured Quiff

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Quiff hairstyle is another amazing look to achieve and it’s a close cousin to the typical pompadour and combed back hairstyles. Reflecting similar vibes, the hairstyle delivers just the right kind of oomph you’re looking for. The texture on top makes it look even better.

  1. Layered Side Swept Hairstyle

A side swept look is always amazing. Even though it looks simple, the hairstyle has its own unique vibes to deliver. And, when you add a nice layered touch to the hairstyle, that’s even better and your hairdo will look gorgeous.

  1. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk has long been popular as one of the best hairstyles for boys and you should definitely keep it on top of your priority list. The hairstyle has some unique vibes to offer and it is a preferred choice for parties and special events.

  1. Mohawk Hairstyle

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Mohawk looks are pretty similar to the faux hawk. In fact, they both are about having some spiky volume on top. The Mohawk, however, takes the spiky look all the way to the back. The length is kept shorter and it makes a perfectly manageable hairdo.

  1. Fade Haircut

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A fade makes an integral element of most of the haircuts for kids. However, you have to be choosy in deciding which type of fade you would like to go with. There are so many options available here. It could be a high fade, mid fade, low fade, undercut fade, or any other that would complement the hairstyle you want to sport on top nicely. You can always combine fades with a hard part on the side and it will look gorgeous overall.

  1. Textured Crop

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A nice crop of hair on top looks amazing and you can make it look even better by sweeping it gently to a side. If you can combine it with a fade and some hair design, that’s even better.

  1. Brushed Back Hairstyle

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Brushing your hair back at an angle is always an option to get you a perfectly stylish look. In fact, it’s one of the most popular haircut names for boys these days. The hairstyle can also be coupled with a fade and a razor line towards the side.

  1. Brushed Up Hairstyle

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A cool variation to the look above, this one has very little difference to set it apart from the other. Instead of brushing it back close to the head, you can brush it up at the front to achieve a puffier look. A textured and layered style to the front is definitely something different and it delivers gorgeous vibes.

  1. Buzz Cut

If you are looking for the no-fuss, yet stylish, hairstyles then Buzz Cut makes a perfect hairstyle choice for you. Just remember the name and how this look is achieved for a perfect implementation of the hairdo. The hairstyle requires it all to be trimmed short and tight to the head, leaving almost no volume on top. It looks gorgeous.

  1. Ivy League

Sweet, simple, and cute! That’s what describes this beautiful hairstyle. It is all about a short hairstyle and it brings the hair forward on top while the frontal hair is slightly swept back to create a cook look. It is a special hairstyle even for your routine formal look.

  1. Caesar Haircut

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A Caesar haircut is a unique short hairstyle that comes with its own unique and cool vibes. The hairstyle requires the hair to be trimmed short and brought forward while the frontal hair is slightly raised up to create a unique look.

  1. Curly Fringe With Undercut

You can always combine a clean undercut style with something special and out of the box. This beautiful hairstyle is a perfect implementation of the hairdo. The hairstyle is best achieved with naturally curly hair which is allowed to grow out. The fringe that falls over makes unique and amazing vibes. It also balances off the hairdo as well.

  1. Cornrows

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This is a beautiful hairstyle that works best for African kids. The hairstyle makes those kinky hair look perfectly organized and stay put. The implementation is with braiding it all close to the head in different patterns. It looks gorgeous and doesn’t really need much maintenance on your part.

  1. Classic Side Parted Hairstyle

A classic side-parted look is all about creating formal vibes with the most organized outlook. A textured look given to the hair on top makes it even better.

  1. Crew Cut

This is another cool short haircut implementation. The hairstyle requires you to trim it to not more than 2-3 inches and keep it to same length all over. There is no part and no fade required for this wonderful hairstyle.

  1. Windswept Hairstyle

Just as the name implies, this beautiful hairstyle gives you a look as if your hair was swept to a side with wind. Grow it long and sleek, and casually sweep it to a side by running your fingers through creating a perfectly casual, windswept look. The hairstyle looks gorgeous and amazing overall.

  1. Short Messy Waves

For those casual days, a messy hairstyle is what you need to flaunt. This beautiful look is achieved by creating nice messy waves on top while it requires some volume as well. It really is a stylish look and can make a perfect choice for those casual day outs. Make sure you get a perfect wavy look!

  1. Bowl Cut

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A nice bowl of hair created on top is something that works on all the days and gives you some amazing childhood vibes. The hairstyle suits best to boys with fine, nicely-grown hair on top. It makes a perfect choice for school.

So, what do you make of these wonderful haircut names for boys? Do you think any of these is worth trying out in the next year? Just figure out which of these beautiful hairstyles is going to work for you the best and sport the look on any day. There are hairstyles that work both in casual and formal settings and you are definitely going to love most of them!