Having Hair Loss Due To Stress? Read About Symptoms & How to Recover

Stress turns out to be one of the major issues we face today and that happens due to the kind of daily routines we have developed. We don’t find time for ourselves and our family. We don’t have many activities to help relax ourselves the stress we build as a result leads to different health conditions.

One of the main issues that are experienced these days due to stress is hair loss. Yes, you heard it right. And, if you were just looking to buy the best hair brush , but feel that you are experiencing hair loss due to stress, you should stop right there and think twice. Hair loss is common in men as well as women due to stress and there are, basically, three different types of hair loss caused by stress. Let’s find out more in detail about them.

3 Types Of Hair Loss Caused By Stress & Anxiety

Yes, it’s a fact that all the hair loss may not be due to stress and there are three specific types linked to high level of stress. These include:

  1. Telogen Effluvium

The hair loss of this type happens when the number of hair growing follicles changes. Telogen is actually a hair growth face and when the number of follicles changes in this phase, the result is hair shedding. You may not experience hair thinning all across your head, however, and it is normally in the form of patches that are more concentrated towards center of your scalp. When you are experiencing Telogen Effluvium, you won’t probably lose all your hair.

  1. Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata

This is another type of hair loss that happens due to stress. It’s actually an autoimmune disease that develops when the hair follicles are under attack from your immune system. Usually, the condition is triggered by stress and can lead to hair loss. Even though the hair is lost in round patches, it can grow back after some time and may then fall out again and again. Currently the cure for Alopecia Areata is not known and only a few prescription medications exist that can help people with around 50% hair loss due to this condition.

  1. Trichotillomania

Also called hair pulling disorder, Trichotillomania involves an urge of pulling out hair from the scalp as well as other body parts. In this impulse control disorder, you can experience hair pulling when you are distracted or bored. Sometimes, it can get more intentional, however, and can be used for relieving stress as well as any other negative emotions. More often than not, this condition is developed in preteens and may even last for a lifetime. Though the causes of Trichotillomania are not yet established, there is some research to suggest that genetics may be the underlying cause.

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Is Stress-Caused Hair Loss Permanent?

If stress is actually causing you to lose hair, you can expect hair re-growth in some time. However, the re-growth rate differs from one person to another. Usually, it happens in four phases namely, Anagen phase, Catagen phase, Telogen phase, and Exogen phase. And, if the trigger behind hair loss is stress, you should better try to manage the stress for returning to healthy hair growth rate.

How To Manage Stress?

You can learn to manage your stress levels effectively to help yourself reduce the risk of losing your hair even further. You may have to put in some serious effort into it but it’s still very much possible. Here we have listed some of the popular stress management tactics that you can try.

  1. Exercise

Working out really makes for a perfect way of eliminating stress and, hence, avoiding hair loss related to it. You can keep it simple and try a light walk every day, do a bit of yard work, or enroll in some dance class.

  1. Writing

Try to take some time very day for writing about how you feel, and things which may lead to stress. When you review daily items which trigger stress, it’s helpful in discovering different ways to cope with it.

  1. Hobbies

You can fight stress naturally by indulging in something which you love to do. For example, you can try some volunteer work, join a theatre group in your local community, start some art project, or plant a garden.

  1. Breathing & Meditation

Breathing & Meditation

The breathing & meditation exercises turn out to be a wonderful way of allowing yourself to keep your focus on the moment you’re living at present. It can also be a good idea to combine meditation and physical exercise such as tai chi or yoga and bust stress to avoid hair loss related to it.

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Yes, hair loss can happen due to stress and there is ample evidence to believe that. However, you can avoid stress to avoid hair loss and may even experience hair re-growth after some time.

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