Choose The Best Girls Hair Design And Give Your Little Girl A Great Style

Girls are always conscious about their looks and beauty. That is the reason why they keep on trying out different hairstyles and beauty tips and ensure that they look the best wherever they go. Even though there are many beautiful hairstyles for girls out there but if you want to give a whole new touch of uniqueness to your little girl’s hair, going with some of the best girls hair design would be the best way to take things forward. Here we have listed some of the top trending and most amazing hairstyles with unique designs for girls that are surely going to help your little girl make a statement and look different from everyone else around.

  1. Side Parted Hairstyle With Heart Shaped Design On The Side

Source: Beautyby_brittanyjean

This really is one of the most unique looks around that your little girl can sport in style. The hairdo boasts of length on one side and nicely trimmed short hair on the other. The hair on top is all swept to a side where there is length and it’s defined with a casual side part as well. The side with trimmed hair features a beautiful heart shaped design achieved surgically. Even though both the sides are quite contrasting, they look wonderful when you consider the entire hairstyle.

  1. Braided Flower Back With Ponytail

Source: Irisshairstyles

This beautiful hairstyle boasts of all combed back hair that is actually given a unique hair design at the back. It features nice and thing braids that present a really cool look when formed into a wonderful flower design at the back. Eventually, it’s secured with a long ponytail at the back with the help of small, bright flower accessory.

  1. Combed Back Hairstyle With Knitted Braid

Source: Ed.inge

This is a cool and pretty organized hair design that will look awesome on your little girl. The hairdo is tailor made for girls with naturally thick hair and when braided to perfection, this knitted braid makes it look even better. In fact, there is a braid above the braid and you won’t find many hairstyles featuring anything similar. Though a bit intricate and time consuming to achieve, the hairstyle still makes a perfect choice for many.

  1. Hair Design With Swirling Braids

Source: Irisshairstyles

This is another cool and unique hair design for girls that looks awesome on parties and special events. The hairdo boasts of layers running outwards from the crown area and a swirling braid passing through those layers makes a unique style statement. Secure the hairstyle with a statement bow that makes it look even better.

  1. Bow Knots With Braids

Source: Irisshairstyles

Have you ever seen anything more intricate than this beautiful hairstyle? Probably not! The hairstyle requires you to bring all her in the center on one of the sides and then start knotting it into beautiful medium length bow ties. As you move towards the back, start braiding as you reach the crown area and then form it into a beautiful and long braided ponytail at the back. The hairstyle is quite intricate and will, obviously, require you to spend some time in achieving a perfect look. However, you will get best value for every single moment that you will spend on it. Your girl will surely make a style statement.

  1. Side Parted Hairstyle With Unique Braided Hair Design


This side parted hairstyle boasts of unique braided hair design with two braids each created on either side of the part. The one on the side with longer hair is rather thicker and is started behind the frontal puff of hair and is made to go all the way to the back. The one on the shorter side, however, is a bit thinner and it joins the other braid at the nape of the neck before the two combine to form a nice braided ponytail. Another intricate look, this one would also need you to spend some time on achieving it to perfection. However, it will surely give your little girl perfectly organized hairstyle.

  1. Horizontal Braids With Side Ponytail

Source: Huckleberrybeauty

This cool hair design is very simple yet attractive. The hairdo requires you to create a couple of parts on to actually. One of these should be a typical side part while the other should be a bit further than a typical center part. Start braiding layers horizontally from the side part and secure them with rubber bands just on top of the other part before continuing to braid it to the other side and securing it into a nice ponytail on the side. Keep the ponytail voluminous and you can’t ask for a better girls hair design.

  1. Side Parted Hairstyle With Braided Design

Source: Littleblondiesbraids

This is yet another cool look to achieve with braids. The centerpiece is that big and thick braid that starts at the front and goes swirling around the head all the way to the back. On the other side of the part, create a few parallel vertical braids and secure them with the bigger braid at the back into a beautiful hair bun. You can experiment with this beautiful hairstyle just the way you like but achieving the exact same look would also work fine.

  1. Side Parted Hairstyle With Angled Braids At The Back

Source: Ymbook

This cool look is all about long and open hair on the back actually. However, it very well accommodates those as well who are looking to have some hair design added to their long and beautiful hair. Achieved with a side part, the hairdo boasts of several braids achieved parallel to each other at an angle at the back while there is a thicker braid that comes underneath those parallel braids and then blends nicely into the long hair at the back. The hairstyle shouldn’t take you much time to achieve as there is not much styling to be done except achieving those beautiful braids.

  1. Sectioned Top With A Central Layer And Ponytail

Source: Justforfunhairstyles

This cool look is just tailor made for little girls and it doesn’t require a whole lot of time to achieve it either. You have to section off the hair on the top and bring locks on either side all the way to the back before securing it into a ponytail. Some styling needs to be done on top with a layer of hair coming from front to the back and secured into sections with the help of colorful rubber bands. Add this layer into the ponytail at the back as well and secure it with a nice and elegant small bow clip to pull off an amazing style.

  1. Swirling Part And Braids With Ponytail

Source: Elisahairstyles

How often do you see a swirling part on top? Yes, this hairstyle for girls is quite unique in itself and it creates amazing vibes as well. The hairdo boasts of a thick and thin braid on either side of the part and they both join together towards the nape of the neck before forming a nice and cool braided ponytail. A perfect look can be achieved with a bit of effort and if you are able to do it in the right manner, your girl will look amazing in this all new hairstyle for sure.

  1. Classic Bun With Accessories

Source: Hair_by_margo

Girls with long and beautiful hair can style it in whatever way they like and there can be lots of unique and amazing hair designs that they can flaunt on any special day. However, if your little princess wants to go classic, this hairstyle really presents a wonderful hairstyle idea and she’d definitely love sporting the look. Comb her hair back and form a beautiful, voluminous and elegant hair bun before accessorizing it with some vintage hair accessories. The frontal hair can be made into nice side swept fringe for an even better look. Overall, it makes for a party look and she can adorn it anywhere she likes.

  1. Layered Hair Design With Highlights

Source: Christyozhair

This one really is quite a unique look that can be achieved mainly by getting her a beautiful layered haircut. Just get her hair cut in the way as you do with a short bob haircut but keep the layers behind the ears long enough to reach her shoulders with a bit of twist. The hair on top should be cut into beautiful layers and the frontal fringe should be tucked away nicely behind the ears. Achieve the look with a center part and a bit of color highlights on the sides and towards the back to make it as stylish and elegant as ever.

  1. Combed Back Hairstyle With Ponytail And Statement Bow Hair Band On Top

Source: Bowtasticclips

Girls hair design ideas aren’t just about achieving something special with the hair like braiding it or creating a surgical hair design. Rather you can even pull off an amazing look by adding a bold style element to her hair as well. For example, you can comb it all back and make it into a nice ponytail around the nape area or just above that. But a unique element of style could be added with the help of a statement hair accessory. Just take a look at this colorful statement hair bow that is attached on top of a hair band and creates an amazing look overall.

  1. Combed Back Hairstyle With Side Ponytail And Open Wavy Hair

Source: Jolibowshop

This combed back hairstyle looks really cool with a nice, raised ponytail on a side and a colorful bow clip on top. The hair on the sides is naturally wavy and it’s allowed to come forward and fall over her shoulders. It really looks nice and can be worn in casual routine without any hassle.

  1. Center Parted Hairstyle With Angled Layers And Pigtails

Source: 4Girlshairstyles

This beautiful center parted hairstyle looks amazing and makes for a unique look that your little girl would love to flaunt everywhere. Yes, we don’t see many hair designs for girls like this one. The hairdo boasts of hair sections on either side of the part with a sectioned layer running on top of them before being secured into nice pigtail buns on either side. Overall, it makes for a wonderful hairstyle, especially for school going girls.

  1. Pearl Braided Hairstyle With Flower Bun

Source: Pandghairstyles

A statement hairstyle that not many girls would have worn till now, this beautiful hairstyle requires you to comb all her hair back and start braiding at the front before making the braid to go through pearl shaped layers of hair on the sides. Finally, secure it into a cool flower shaped bun at the nape of the neck. The hairstyle is pretty neat and organized and can make a statement on any formal event for sure. Furthermore, it can be achieved fairly easily as well and won’t require you to put in too much of effort.

18.   Kinky Bun On Top And The Back

Source: Scarlett_and_skylar

Probably, you have seen many girls with kinky hair wearing a beautiful bun hairstyle that has some volume at the back. But have you seen a similar bun or pile of hair right on the top? Not really. This beautiful hairstyle has a unique statement to make and it doesn’t call for anything special to achieve a unique design. If your girl has naturally kinky locks, you can easily convert it into a beautiful hair bun at the back and on the top by leaving some volume intact before combing the rest of the hair in between tight enough and close to the head. Even if you don’t want to make a bun, just leave some volume intact and secure it with a rubber band and it will resemble the same look.

19.   Combed Back Layers With Swirling Braid

Source: Littleblondiesbraids

When you are looking for unique hair designs for girls, braids hairstyles can never be taken out of the picture. Have a look at this beautiful hairstyle that features sections of hair at the front combed back nicely and secured half way through with the help of colorful rubber bands before being blended into the swirling braid that starts on the sides and goes all the way to the other forming sort of a hair band itself. Eventually, it’s secured into a nice and voluminous ponytail at the nape of the back and makes for a wonderful and elegant hair design that everyone would surely fall in love with.

20.   Side Parted Hairstyle With Frontal Braid

Source: Ibasicevic

There are not many occasions when braids are achieved with the frontal hair but this beautiful hairstyle here brings you just that. In fact, it’s one of the coolest designs we have on the list because it combines an organized look with a classic one. Yes, the side part and a nicely curving fringe falling over to a side makes it really look classic and amazing. And, obviously, the nice braid at the front makes a unique style statement. In fact, that’s the reason why this beautiful hairstyle has made it to this list in the first place.

21.   Braided Hairstyle With Sectioned Ponytail

Source: Amama503

This is another cool hairstyle to achieve for girls with naturally thick and long hair. The hairdo boasts of tightly combed back hair on top and the back and it features three parallel braids coming from the crown area and joining at the back before forming a thick, braided and sectioned ponytail at the back. It really looks elegant and unique and makes for a perfect vibe regardless of the occasion your girl wants to wear it on.

22.   Center Parted Hairstyle With Heart Shaped Design

Source: Pandghairstyles

This beautiful hairstyle is about center parted hair on top and nicely combed back hair on either side. The stylish looks are actually created with the help of nice hair design achieved with layers of twisted hair forming beautiful heart shapes at the back on either side of the part. The heart shapes are secured with the help of beautiful pink bow clips that make for a perfect vibe and make the starting point of the nicely combed ponytails. Overall, the hairstyle really has a unique look to offer and you can’t ask for anything better than this. The hairstyle, especially, works for those school functions.

23.   Center Parted Hairstyle With Crossed Layers And Braids At The Back

Source: Ymbook

This center parted hairstyle boasts of a part that starts at the front and goes all the way back right to the nape of the neck. Layers of hair are taken from either side of the part and they are made to cross over each other at the back before making short fishtail braids on either side which end just around the nape area. Eventually, they are knotted together and formed into beautiful and long pigtails that look wavy and nice on either side. The hair design has a few elements that can make it look as stylish as ever and, when pulled off to perfection, it’s definitely going to make a statement.

So, if you have been looking for some of the best girls hair design ideas, you probably have got a few here. Some of these hair designs are pretty simple and would not require too much of effort on your part to pull them off to perfection. However, there are others that might need special, dedicated effort to make sure you pull off a look that you and your girl would be proud of. Whichever of them you’re going to choose, these hairstyles will definitely make for a great vibe. All you have to do is to decide which of them you want your girl to sport on the next event you guys are going to attend together and if you can style it to perfection or not. Make a pick, and let your girl rock the chosen look.