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French Crop – The Most Stylish Look Your Kids Can Sport This Year

Many stylish hairstyles are introduced every year and a variety of kids haircuts become a trend. Kids, however, are always on the lookout for the most stylish and unique looks. A French Crop makes a perfect style to flaunt this year as the hairdo has most stylish vibes to deliver. It’s a casual look that can be sported on any day of the year.


French Crop Variations For Kids 2023

Among all the variations of this stylish look, here we have brought to you the best that your kids can sport year round. Pick some of these low maintenance haircuts and give a stylish new look to your boys.

1. French Crop With Surgical Design

French Crop With Surgical Design

A casual French crop on top, this hairstyle acquires the stylish looks with that surgical design on the sides. A razor line is added on the closely trimmed sides to make it look gorgeous.


2. French Crop With Hard Part

French Crop With Hard Part

Another typical crop on top, this one boasts of a slight length while the sides are trimmed short right to the skin. The hard part on the side completes the look to perfection.


3. Skin Faded Crop

Skin Faded Crop


This beautiful hairstyle has more of a spiky touch to it on top while the sides boast of a skin fade. The overall combination is just gorgeous.


4. French Crop With High Bald Fade

French Crop With High Bald Fade

The forward-swept look on top sets this hairstyle apart from the rest. The sides have a high bald fade and it balances off the top to perfection.


5. Textured Crop With Disconnected Sides

Textured Crop With Disconnected Sides


If you want more of a funky look for your little boy, this beautiful hairstyle is the way to go. The textured spiky look on top is gorgeous with a pop of color and the disconnected sides with the surgical line complements it to perfection.


6. French Crop With Skin Fade

This crop gives an edgy look thanks to the skin fade. The hair on the sides gradually fades to skin, leaving the top of the hair taking all the attention and looking edgy and cool. It’s a very modern style that boys will love to rock.


7. French Crop With High Skin Fade

This one is another skin fade, but it’s more drastic than the one above. The french crop steals all the attention on top, and the sides and the back of the hair have a high skin fade to create an open and free look.


8. Sporty Crop Look

This French crop has a sporty look to it. The top of the hair is slightly spiky and looks neat and messy at the same time. The skin fade makes your little boy look tough but still youthful. The full, straight fringe keeps the look simple.


9. Thick Fluffy Crop

If you want your son to have a thicker French crop look, this is a good one. The hair is very thick on top and has a fade on the sides, and the hair is cropped in a fluffy way rather than a harsh one. It’s great for younger kids.


10. Nice Curls and Hard Part

For boys with curly hair you can still create the cropped look. It looks very textures, and it has a high skin fade. However, the hard part each side of the hair makes it stand out. The hard part creates a tough look.


11. Almost Fohawk Style

This hair is a mixture of a crop and a fohawk. The hair is teased and full of volume so it’s almost in a mohawk shape, and the sides have a skin fade that further add to the look. It’s a super tough, edgy look.


12. Very High Fade

If you want a subtle crop with a very high fade, this is the look to go for. The hair is very short but still obviously cropped, and the sides and back of the hair are completely bald. It’s a very easy look to achieve and manage.


13. Fuzzy Faded French Crop

This crop has a skin fade very high on the head, and the cropped hair on top of the head looks very fuzzy and sweet. It’s perfect for young boys who want to look a little older and tougher, but they still retain some of their cuteness.


14. Thick Bowl Inspired Crop

We all know the classic bowl cut, but here it is in crop style! The hair is shaped like a bowl and shaved around the ears, but it’s cropped so it looks textured and interesting for your little boy to rock. It’s a wonderfully unique cut.


15. Edgy and Spiky Look

For older boys who want to look a little tougher, this look is great. The cropped hair is spiky but the bangs are left across the forehead and unstyled, so it creates layers and variance in the look. The spikes aren’t too harsh so it still looks sweet.


16. Zip Zag Patterned Look

This crop has a typical drop on top, and it’s the sides that make the look interesting. They’re shaved very short and have a zig-zag pattern shaved into them to add uniqueness and an edgy vibe. It’s a very cool look for all boys!


17. French Crop With Undercut

French Crop With Undercut

Another low maintenance hairstyle, this French Crop is more stylish than anything else. The hairdo boasts of casual, textured look on top while the undercut balances it nicely on the sides.


18. Wavy Crop With Taper Fade

Wavy Crop With Taper Fade

How often do you see a crop top with such a wavy look? Still, it makes a perfect choice and the hair on the sides is trimmed with a nice taper fade.


19. Classic Crop With A High Fade

Classic Crop With A High Fade

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

This is another beautiful style that comes with a tinge of color on top. The sides are given a nice high fade and it all blends into perfection.


20. French Crop Haircut With An Angled Fringe

French Crop Haircut With An Angled Fringe

Source: @bangsandbalance via Instagram

A great funky look for parties, this hairstyle boasts of a typical messy French Crop with a nice color shade on top. The sides with an angled fringe complete the look pretty nice.

French Crop really makes a perfect hairstyle that boys can sport in their everyday routine and also on special occasions. It doesn’t need much maintenance either. So, pick one of the beautiful variations above and let your kid flaunt his unique style.

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