Give A Confidence Boost With Free Haircuts Before School Starts


Kid New Haircut For School


Free Haircuts Before School Starts always have something unique to them which puts kids in a perfect frame of mind to join their school at first.

“My mom was all on her own, so it was a bit tough,” he explained. “She had to trim my hair…but I had her best every time.”

The business owner is now planning to relieve parents’ burden when it comes to the long list of must-haves that parents have to take care of as their kids plan to resume school. On Sunday, between 7 am and 2 pm, free haircuts were offered by the salon to children ready to resume school.

Shallia Connerson is a mother to three young kids, and one of the kids lovers getting the haircuts.

It’s been five years since Michael Boyd has been a barber. According to him, the first day at school really means a lot to kids and he is proud of being part of it. “Sacrifice is equal to commitment. Everybody is doing whatever is in their power to give back,” said Boyd.

Mini Pompadour

Free Haircuts Before School Starts takes only 20 minutes to give it a transformation. “Things might not be going great. There could be a lot of stuff going on at a time, but it seems that a haircut would settle things down,” he said. “It really gives you a bit of confidence about anything you are going through.”

All these stylists are paying back as they do not want the kids to worry about their looks. Instead, they want them to focus on their success. Appiah plans to make it a yearly event. They also gave children some cool school supplies to keep them happy.