Fishtail Braid – Complete Guide How To Create A Beautiful Style To Flaunt In 2023

Braided hairstyles always make for a perfect vibe and there are so many of them available that make this specific type of hairdo quite versatile. Primarily linked to black girls and women, braids can actually be achieved with any hair type and there is nothing specific. It is true that it is the go-to option for black women and girls but almost anyone can achieve this cool look. Even in braids hairstyles, there are quite a few unique designs and styles that create their own unique vibe. For instance, fishtail braid is a cool look that is achieved with a beautiful braided ponytail that looks more like the scales on the body of a fish, hence naming it likewise.

There are different types of fishtail braid available as well and here you will be able to find out Fishtail Braid

So, if you are interested in getting beautiful braid hairstyles, let’s start by checking out how you can create a simple one.

Easy Fishtail Braid For Beginners

Easy Fishtail Braid For Girls

Image Source: Braidsbyjaylaw

Let’s start with this easy fishtail braid for beginners and see how you can achieve it. The hairstyle looks really cool and can be achieved easily only all sorts of hair. However, it will look perfect on blonde, beautiful and straight hair. Below are the steps to achieve the look.

Easy Fishtail Braid For Beginners
  1. Divide the hair into a cool side part and then take an entire length of the hair over to a side.
  2. Start by splitting your hair into a couple of sections.
  3. Next, take a few strands from outside of one of the sections you just created and bring those strands to inside of opposite section.
  4. Now, take some strands from outside of other section and bring them to inside of opposite section. Lock it by pulling the hair tight.
  5. Continue to repeat the steps above and bringing the strands from outside of both the sections to inside of the other for creating cool inverted braids and the pattern that you’ll be able to form will really look awesome. Do that until you are at the end of the ponytail and then finish it by tying your hair using a cool elastic band.
  6. You have your fishtail braid ready and it will look best when you’ll wear it with a beautiful slept-in look. You can create that effect artificially as well by simply pulling some strands out and give your hair a perfect look with some added texture.
  7. Easy Fishtail Braid Fourth and Fifth Positions

Video Tutorial: How to Fishtail Braid – Beginner Friendly Hair Tutorial

Types Of Fishtail Braid

Types Of Fishtail Braid

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As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few different types of fishtail braid and each of them has its own unique vibe and style statement. Let’s check out some of the cool variations to the hairstyle and see what they are all about.

Side Fishtail Braid

As for a side fishtail braid, it’s a slight variation of the original look in which the braid is created to a side rather than the back. The hairstyle looks cool and elegant and makes a perfect vibe on a party night.

Side Fishtail Braid

Image Source: Vilmabragander

And, if you are getting interested, let’s see how to do a side fishtail braid step by step.

  1. Take some hair from top and divide them into equal parts.
  2. Tale a few strands from outside of right section.
  3. Cross these strands over and combine them into center of the section on the left. Repeat on other side and take small amounts of hair from left side, cross over, and combine them into center of the section on the right.
  4. Similarly, work with all the hair you have in the hands until you see your hair getting shaped in a certain way. As it starts shaping, keep incorporating more of your loose hair moving further down.
  5. Repeat this cross-over process and continue to tighten up your hair.
  6. Moving further down, grab a bit thicker hair sections from the side you want your fishtail braid to be swept away from.
  7. Similarly, take a bit thinner hair sections from the side you want your braid to be swept to. It will make the braid start moving further down the desired side.
  8. Continue to achieve the fishtail right to the tip of your hair.
  9. Braid to ends on either side. It’s a cool braid for the layered hair as the layers tend to poke out making it have a lived-in vibe.
  10. Pinch several plaits from outside now and then pull out so that it has that lived-in vibe and your hair look even thicker. Loose sections should be pinned in place and you should spray it using a hairspray wherever needed.
  11. That’s it, your side fishtail braid is ready and you can flaunt it as a perfect hairstyle choice in fall. The hairdo is just perfect when it comes to showing off your layered or colored hair.

How to Side Fishtail Braid

French Fishtail Braid

French Fishtail Braid

Image Source: Braidalchic

Another cool variation of the hairstyle is French fishtail braid. The look can be achieved by doing a little variation to the hairstyles described above. So, here we have a French fishtail braid step by step guide for you to find out how exactly the look can be achieved.

  1. Gather a hair section at your crown on top. Make sure it is at the eye level and is centered to perfection.
  2. Split this section of hair into two to achieve a left and right half.
  3. Pull a thin layer of strands from left side and gather it from hairline. Ensure that the strand in thin and that it is no more than 0.5”.
  4. Pull this thin layer of strands across left section of hair and move it towards right.
  5. This thin strand should then be tucked under right section to make it the part of right section.
  6. Now, pull a thin layer of strands from right side on your head and ensure that the strands are exactly the same length apart from center of the head as the ones pulled from left side earlier. Here again, the thickness of the layer should be no more than 0.5”.
  7. Next, pull the layer across right section of hair and move it towards left side.
  8. This thin layer of strands should now be tucked under left section of hair to make it part of that section.
  9. Pull up another section in the center. The size of this section should be same as that of the first one that you had pulled up earlier. Fold this section across to left side just the way you did with first one.
  10. Continue to alternate the sides as long as you reach base of the head. Now, you the hair can be tied off or you can continue with the fishtail braid.
  11. Keep braiding in the same fashion and make sure that the braid is kept as smooth and tight as possible. It can be tussled up later.
  12. Finally, the braid should be tied off towards its end almost 1” of hair left behind. Use a cool hair tie for tying off the braid.
  13. Gently tug on the braid’s edges to make it look a bit messy. Remember that if there are too many layers in the hair, it will make the braid look messy itself.

 How to French Fishtail Braid for Beginners

          African Fishtail Braids

African Fishtail Braids

When it comes to African fishtail braids, the hairstyle is different from other similar hairdos. These cool braids are naturally thick, huge, and appealing and you cannot avoid craving for them. In itself, the hairstyle is quite complicated and looks quite unique as well. For unruly, thick hair type this braided hairstyle is just perfect as you won’t need to touch it up for the entire day. Chosen, especially, for the special events like weddings, the African fishtail braids make for a perfect vibe and look literally amazing with all the different variations available.

Now, let’s try to find out how to achieve such beautiful African fishtail braids. It’s all very simple and the steps won’t change whether you’re doing it on the box braids or natural hair.

  1. Create a low pony starting close to nape of the neck. Ensure that you use some hair accessory that may not be of use to you as later you will be required to cut it off.
  2. Divide the ponytail in a couple of sections that are created equal. In case of box braids, make sure that you have exactly same amount of braids within every section.
  3. Use a finger for taking a small hair section from outer edge of your ponytail before pulling it to opposite side. Overlap sections in the same manner as with regular braids. The same steps should be done with small hair section on other part.
  4. The third step should be repeated as you go down while creating the braid. Make small pieces of equal length. Box braids make the task a lot easier, however, as you can easily count the number of braids in each section and use that same number in each iteration.
  5. Just ensure that you tighten up every weave so that the braid lasts longer.
  6. Use elastic to secure the braids’ end. Larger hair accessories can be used in case of box braids. Alternately, you can take a braid and then pull it over that elastic to give it the impression like you have tied the fishtail braid with box braid.
  7. Grab a scissor and cut off that elastic band which holds the section of your braid at nape of the neck.

How to Do African Fishtail Braids

Some of these cool variations include:

  • Natural Braids – It’s a natural fishtail braid that can be easily created not just with your hair but also with the hair extensions. When you’re up for some special occasion or photo shoot, you can think of creating side braided look and hanging the braid over the shoulder. Above you can find out how to do a side fishtail braid.
  • Double Braids – For those with box braids, the African fishtail braids would be quite thick. So, you can think of creating one braid on either side for taking some volume out. At the end of the day, you’ll have a perfect hairstyle that is appropriate for almost any occasion.
  • Braid Mix – Anyone with partial box braids can be able to create an amazing fishtail braid. The braid on top as well as loose hair towards the bottom both contribute to getting a neat and cool looking braid. You can use a hairspray to ensure that the part on the lower side can be kept intact for long.
  • Simple Fishtail – A simple fishtail hairstyle can be achieved with the help of hair extensions. It won’t require you to create a really tight fishtail because, otherwise, it can lead to headaches. The strands can be allowed to loosen up because box braids will not allow them to unravel either.
  • Low Braid – It is not necessary for a fishtail braid to begin at nape of the neck. For anyone with box braids and not a strict take on neatness of the look, the fishtail can be started somewhere around the shoulders. This type of cool braids look wonderful as well and they remain intact for long.

That’s all sorts of variations that you can try with an African fishtail braids and they will make you look stunning no matter what occasion you are going to attend. The hairstyle and all its variations are just perfect for black African girls and women who have that specific type of hair.

How To Fishtail Braid Your Own Hair?

How To Fishtail Braid Your Own Hair

Well, among all that coolness of the fishtail braid, this is something that many feel like a lot of trouble. Braiding your own hair can be difficult and when you don’t know exactly how to fishtail braid your own hair you really can have a hard time achieving the look. So, what you can do if you don’t have anyone to help you out with achieving a cool look with your fishtail braids. Well, don’t worry; here is how to fishtail braid your own hair with least possible hassle. Let’s check out.

To start off ensure that you have well-brushed out hair to work with. It will make sure that nothing gets tangled during the process. Also, have a couple of clear elastic hair bands handy along with clip-in flower or a bow. Obviously, you should also have a mirror with you otherwise you won’t be able to see where you’re going with your braided look. Once you have everything set up, amaze yourself by following the steps given below and achieving a more than perfect look with really cool looking fishtail braids achieved all on your own. Here you have the steps to follow:

  1. Pull all your hair towards a side to form low pony and then secure it using an elastic band. If there are some little hair that you intend to spill down at the front, just pull them out and split the hair in half right above that ponytail holder to create a small hole.
  2. Hold the split with one hand and then use your other hand for talking bottom half of the ponytail upwards making it pass through that hole and then pulling it back downwards behind it to create an interesting twist to start off the braid.
  3. Now, use both your hands for splitting the ponytail down into two halves of equal volume and size and hold each half in a hand.
  4. Next, you can start creating your fishtail braid and you will soon find out that it can be achieved quite easily. All you have to ensure is that you grip those two sections of strands tightly in order to keep things well in place. Start by taking some strands from the outside of the right half and move it across and over to other side. Now hold those strands into their new position in the other section. Similarly, take some strands from the outside of the left half and move it across and over to the other side. Again, hold those strands into their new position in the other section. Now keep repeating that same process till you are done twisting both the sections of hair and have reached the bottom. Finally, secure the braided style at bottom with the help of another elastic band.
  5. Sometimes, it is really cool to make the braid a bit messy as that can make it look super cute. For achieving the look, you can use both your hands for pulling a few strands on each side of your fishtail braid. Starting from the top, work your way right down to the bottom. The extent of pulling & tugging that you’ll do actually depends on the style that you want to achieve eventually. In fact, you can even skip this last step if you are looking to have a perfect fishtail braid

 How To Fishtail Braid Your Own Hair

Some Additional Tips

That’s all the different types of fishtail braid described above and how you can actually achieve them. However, there are some additional tips that you may want to follow in order to have a perfect look. These include the following:

Placement Is The Key

If you’re not going for a French braid, make sure that you do not start braiding on top of the head. To achieve a perfectly classic hairstyle, position your fishtail braid right in the middle close to the nape of your neck. However, if you intend to have a trendier and more modern look then you should better take it to a side making it look all the more beautiful.

Squeaky Clean Is Not The Ideal

You can always manipulate somewhat dirty hair quite easily and there is nothing like washing your hair regularly would help them hold better. So, you can make sure that you keep it a little bit rough, messy and unclean to have the right type of hair for achieving a braided look.

Determine The Texture

The kind of braid you want to achieve determines exactly which products you should be using. If you want to go for a romantic and wispy look, you would be better off using some good texturizing spray so that your hair can get a bit of fuzzy and matte feel. However, in order to get a more polished and clean look, you should be relying on products like smoothing balms and restyling sprays.

In order to achieve a perfectly cool hairstyle with lots of amazing variations available, the fishtail braid is certainly a wonderful choice. You have the freedom of styling the hairdo in whatever way you like while keeping its original theme intact. You can get as creative as you like with the fishtail braid to achieve something even better than the variations that have been described above. Or, you can simply rely on what have shared with you so that you can have a really cool hairstyle to flaunt and it is something that you have chosen for yourself as well.

So, just pick out your favorite fishtail braid hairstyle above, check out the step by step guide on how you can achieve the hairstyle and rock this wonderful look today.