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Trendy Fauxhawk Hairstyle Variations For Kids And Teens

Fauxahawk is one of the coolest looks to flaunt in everyday routine and can make you feel like a rockstar with its very vibe. It is similar to the Mohawk hairstyles but has its own unique touch to it, especially in the fact that it is usually styled with a side fade. The look is nothing new but you can always come up with unique variations of the hairstyle enjoy a different look.

Fauxhawk Hairstyle Ideas For Your Little Ones

Here are some trendy looks that you can try out this year. Whether it is a Mohawk or a faux hawk, you will look trendy in these beautiful hairstyles we have shortlisted for you here.

Forward Swept Spiky Fauxhawk

This beautiful, forward-swept faux hawk look is definitely going to make your day. They spikes have a wonderful rocking look to create while the sides are faded. It’s a perfect everyday look for kids and works for school as well.

Front-Combed Faux Hawk With Undercut

This look requires you to have some length and volume on top and makes amazing vibes. The undercut on the sides complements nicely to the textured, front-combed hair on top.

High Top Fauxhawk Fade

This cool look is tailor-made for black men and gives them a new stylish hairdo. High top is an obvious choice for kinky hair while faded sides and a surgical design work equally well on the sides.

Faux Hawk With Full Sides

Another cool variation, it boasts of full sides and a surgical line lifts up the overall vibe.

Swirl Faux Hawk

A unique take at the hairstyle, this one sweeps it all forward and make it swirl towards the top.

Streaky Faux Hawk With Color

This streaky look is just gorgeous and needs some styling product to achieve it to perfection. The color looks amazing too.

Red Faux Hawk With Curly Fringe

If you want an extravagant look, this beautiful hairdo with a curly fringe and red on top looks amazing.

Short Buzzed Faux Hawk

This buzzed up look is simply amazing. The hairstyle boasts of short hair on top with a faux hawk touch to it.

Long Side Swept With Fade

This faux hawk vibe is created with silky smooth hair that falls over to a side.

Mohawk With Undercut

This one looks more like a Mohawk and is all about some length spiked back on top.

Faux Hawk With Design

This faux hawk look is amazing with a cool surgical design on the sides.

Sticky Faux Hawk With A Back Design

This v-shaped back looks gorgeous with the sticky, spiky hair on top.

Faux Hawk With Disconnected Fade

This is another cool take at the fauxhawk hairstyle that looks typical on top while the sides have a disconnected fade that’s parted with a surgical line. The hairstyle makes a perfect choice for everyday routine and also for parties.

Many fauxhawk and Mohawk hairstyles have become popular over the years but faux hawk really makes one cool hairdo that can have plenty of amazing variations. Here we have hand-vetted some of the trendiest looks that your kids and teens can flaunt as they go to school and attend parties. Just pick your favorite ones and give them a chance to flatter their style.