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Wondering if there are any cute haircuts for girls 2020? Well, it’s a common perception that girls are cuter than guys and, rightly so, they really look cuter. However, it’s also a fact that girls are always on the lookout for new ways and options to make themselves look even better. And, for that, they try different options available to them including their beauty routine, new haircuts for girls, complete makeovers and trying different things up with their hairstyles. Yes, even if you keep all other things aside, only the right haircuts can make girls look far better than what they used to be. And, if you are also looking for the cute haircuts for girls, you are no short of options as there are plenty of them around.

55 Cute Haircuts for Girls

Here we have listed some of the best so that you can make a pick and flaunt one of the top-rated cute haircuts for girls on the next event you are going to attend. Let’s take a look at names of haircuts for girls that you can try:

1. Short Bob Haircut

Source: salonrue

Bob haircuts can be a cool choice that can add to the overall cuteness of a girl and if you have been looking to achieve the same benefits, you should definitely go with a bob. However, here we have a short bob which is a cute variation of the original hairstyle. Nevertheless, it looks cool and makes you feel amazing as well.

2. Classic Bob Hairstyle

Source: brooksby_beauty

This classic bob hairstyle is a perfect choice for this cute haircuts for little girls list and is a perfect choice for a cool everyday look. The hair is cut to shoulder length and given a classical Bob hairstyle shape. The fringe at the front is tucked nicely behind the ear to achieve a perfect look.

3. Straight And Long Hair For Girls

Source: inaaya

Nothing can be as cuter for girls as straight and simple haircuts for girls with long hairs. In fact, girls are often crazy about growing their hair longer and once they achieve that goal, they have the flexibility to keep style it in whatever way they like. The most natural look, however, is to keep it straight and simple.

4. A-Line Bob Haircut

Source: Frontstreet

Cut those long fluffy hair into something more organized to have a streamlined look. This wonderful bob hairstyle is just amazing for any cute girl and certainly makes for the best cute haircuts for girls. The hair is allowed to cover the face nicely to achieve a perfect overall look.

5. Curly Layers With Bangs

Source: Ashleezakar

If you are facing problems with growing your hair longer and have been looking for a stylish way to cut it short and still keep it long enough to promote perfect hair growth, this hairstyle is the go-to choice for you. Keep the hair shoulder length and create beautiful curly waves towards the ends. Side parted on the top, this hairstyle creates a perfect vibe for just about any occasion.

6. Short And Messy

Source: vivilapidus

Girls can always be made to look like boys and, believe it or not, they really look cute in that appearance. This really is one of the cute haircuts for girls that don’t require too much of maintenance. The rough look overall makes it look even better.

7. Straight, Center-Parted Hair

Source: Heavens.melody

This really is a perfect everyday look for every girl. You can wear it at home, on a party night or just about anywhere you go. There is nothing so fancy about it but it still looks amazingly cool. It’s simple, it’s stylish, and it’s elegant.

8. Long Locks With Frontal Bangs

Source: Lacoco_vivocity

This hairstyle for girls features cute long locks that end up with some amazing curly waves. On the top, there is cropped bangs that add a whole new level of cuteness to this beautiful hairstyle. Overall, it’s an amazing hairdo and suits perfectly to just about every little girl.

9. Long Locks With Flat Ends

Source: Frankina_hairstyle

This is a beautiful hairstyle that is quite different in itself as well. We don’t really see cute haircuts for girls similar to this quite often. The hairstyle keeps the length shorter and doesn’t let it pass beyond the shoulders while the bottom is cropped at the same level to give it a feel of symmetry.

10. Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle

Source: salondiamondna

Once again, bob hairstyles are all about cuteness and they really make girls look awesome. And, if you are looking for something a bit different, this asymmetric look is what you should flaunt on the next event you attend.

11. Short Bob Haircut

Source: kayandkompany

It’s a variation of the short bob haircut that we had described earlier. This one keeps the hair cut short close to the ears and given exactly the same length. Overall, it looks chic, unique and elegant.

12. Bob Haircut With Bangs

Source: chees

This bob hairstyle is all about those extravagant bangs right at the front. The hair is cut short to form a perfect bob hairstyle look and then complimented beautifully with th frontal bangs to give an attractive and cute look.

13. Curly And Short

Source: sabaibarbers

What better hairstyle you can have for curly hair than to cut it short all over. The curls are allowed to grow out and there is a side parting to complete the look with beautiful curls on the side. The look actually is a slight variation of the bob hairstyle but it’s all about those extravagant curls.

14. Bob Hairstyle With Side Swept Fringe

Source: shani_davis

Add cuteness to your beautiful bob hairstyle by combining it with a side swept fringe at the front. The hair look cool and can be styled beautifully with a cool hair accessory for girls. Overall, it creates a perfect look for cute haircuts for girls. 

15. Long Bob With Side Waves

Source: drawingout

This wonderful variation of the bob haircut makes it qualify for the cute haircuts for girls. The hairstyle is basically a simple bob grown long with curls added to the sides. The frontal fringe is swept to a side to make it look even better.

16. Center Parted A Line Bob Haircut

Source: Hairwithkristina

A line bob haircut really looks cool on teenage girls and this one here is a perfectly cool example. The hair is cut in a typical fashion while there is a center part to complete the look overall.

17. Short Bob On Curly Locks

Source: Lamar.floripa

Have you ever thought a short bob can get as cuter as this one here? Well, that’s cuteness overloaded. Let your little one take advantage of her beautiful naturally curly hair to flaunt her cute looks. Just make sure there is not much volume left on the top and what’s left there completes the look to perfection. Naturally curly is certainly the way to go about it.

18. Long Side Swept Hair

Source: Ar_fashion

Long hair is a classic hairstyle for girls but sometimes it can get boring as well. So, if you have been looking to add a touch of interest to your hairstyle, sweep it to a side and add that element of style and drama to the overall look.

19. Side Swept With Long Curly Waves

Source: Chees03

If there is one cute haircuts for girls, it’s here. Yes, this is so cute and looks even better on the girl wearing it. The bangs are allowed to grow long so that they can be swept to a side. The look, however, is all about those beautiful waves towards the back.

20. Short Bob With Bangs And Wavy Sides

Source: Carolsuedesalon

Simple short bob hairstyle can be made to look unique and elegant with a bit of styling. This hairstyle here keeps it short all over while there’s a touch of style added to the look by creating some waves on the sides. Front is as simple as it can get with short cropped bangs.

21. Layered Bob

Source: Updatehair

Yet another short bob haircut on the list, this beautiful hairstyle is actually about the layers that start from the crown and flow all over the head. The hair is swept nicely to create a more uniform look.

22. Straight Shoulder Length Hair

Source: Thespaatrandolph

For a simple and elegant look, you can go straight and shoulder length with center-parted hair. The look is cool overall and makes for an everyday hairstyle that you can carry easily everywhere.

23. Stylish Waves With A Frontal Braid

Source: Hotspothairsalon_mary

If you are looking for something uniquely stylish, this hairstyle for cute girls is something you should pay attention to. The hairstyle is different and needs some styling products to achieve the final look. The curly waves on the sides are made to last with a styling spray while the braid on the top creates its own unique aura and vibe.

24. Stylish Long Fringe With Wavy Ends

Source: Zinc

This hairstyle is unique, stylish, elegant and certainly one of the best cute haircuts for girls. All the emphasis is on that long frontal fringe and a dramatic touch is given to the look with those beautiful curls towards the bottom. To top it all, the tinge of red makes it stand out and a real attention grabber.

25. Frontal Bangs With Shoulder Length Hair On Sides

Source: Vega_mama

This is quite a casual look that you might see everywhere, but still it’s worth introducing on the list of cute haircuts for girls. The look is really simple and makes a girl feel amazing. There’s bangs on the front while the sides are kept shoulder length and wavy.

26. Bob Hairstyle With Cropped Side Swept Bangs

Source: cheess

This hairstyle is a perfectly Chinese hairdo not because it has something to do with the Chinese tradition but because it suits perfectly to their face cut. One of the cute haircuts for girls, this one quite similar to a short bob haircut that beautifully covers the face and is more about the cropped bangs that are swept nicely to a side.

27. Medium Length Side Swept Hair

Source: Somerbyshairsalon

Medium haircuts for girls, swept beautifully to a side make for a perfect hairstyle for girls. The hair is cut beautifully into layers to add a touch of drama to this style overall. Other than that, the top hair is swept nicely to a side and makes for a perfect party look.

28. Naturally Long And Center Parted

Source: Shanebalthazar

If you have that craze to let your natural locks flow freely, this is the hairstyle you should definitely go with. The hair is kept nice and long while there’s a beautiful curve added towards the bottom. At the top, it’s center-parted and looks really nice.

29. Bob Haircut With Cropped Bangs

Source: kiddos_haircut

This slight variation of bob haircut is very much the same but those cropped bangs swept straight at the front make it look a bit different. Overall, it’s a cute look to sport on just about any occasion.

30. Long Side Swept Hair

Source: Exclusivespapty

Long hair can be nice but they look even better when worn with an extravagant smile like this one here. Overall, it’s simple and elegant and can be styled in so many different ways as you might like.

31. LOB Haircut With Bangs

Source: jossysalon

The cute haircuts for girls can’t get any better than this. Just grow it a bit longer than the normal bob haircut and you have a perfect long bob. The hairstyle looks amazing with forward swept bangs and will make your cute little girl look even better.

32. Long Side Swept With Layers

Source: Elise_hirako

Layered haircuts always create a cute vibe and when you give this hairstyle to your beautiful little angel, she’ll look like a cute heavenly creature. Part it stylishly from the side and that long fringe defines the look to perfection. Your girl will look even cuter in this timeless look.

33. Wavy Bob Haircut

Source: Lularoesarahoule

You can always experiment with the look of a short bob haircut and this one is a perfect example. The hair is cut short while keeping the wavy texture intact. The waves move nicely to the tips and make the hairstyle look amazing.

34. Shoulder Length Curls

Source: Blogdoisencantos

Those extravagant curls always give a cute vibe to any girl. And, when you grow it all shoulder length and allow the naturally curly texture of the hair flow freely, you have a more than perfect hairstyle to flaunt. The curls look amazing and you can wear it with a slight side parting.

35. Long Crop

Source: Jossysalon

From long unruly hair to a beautiful long crop, this hairstyle is just amazing for little girls. The look is achieved simply by cutting the long hair short and is complemented with beautiful bangs. It’s probably the best hairstyle for school going girls that looks as cute as ever.

36. Long Bob With Bangs

Source: kiddos_haircut

Combine long bob haircut with beautiful bangs and you have a more than perfect style. There is nothing so extravagant about the look and this hairstyle looks and feels amazing even on a casual day.

37. Side-Parted Long Hair

Source: Hairtrix_carolina

Side-parted hair looks amazing and when grown to shoulder length, they look even better on girls. A fringe on the left is tucked nicely behind the ear while the other side looks amazing as kept natural.

38. Long Bob With Fringe

Source: Armandeusweston

This variation of bob haircut boasts of a perfect fringe and actually keeps it regular length towards the front and long on the back. The fringe is styled nicely to a side and that side part makes it look even better.

39. Side-Parted Long Bob With Side Swept Fringe

Source: Amranteamhairdesign

Long bob hairstyle gets as stylish as it can. You can alter the look the way you like. Just go for this beautiful side-parted bob hairstyle with a cool side-swept fringe to make it look even better. The layering on the sides is just amazing and creates a perfectly cool vibe.

40. Long Hair With A Tucked Fringe

Source: Espacodhan

Long hairstyles look amazing on cute girls and, in fact, you can’t find better cute haircuts for girls than this. The top hair makes it look all the more stylish with a nice side part and the fringe tucked away nicely.

41. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut With Nice Fringe

Source: Cbelezaangelorigon

This beautiful asymmetrical bob haircut is all about this nice crop. The look is defined beautifully by that nice fringe that falls over to a side. Overall, it looks quite casual but is certainly a nice hairstyle for girls.

42. Short Crop With Ponytails

Source: Theworldfamily

Girls hair look cute when styled with ponytails. And, this one is probably the look we’ve been seeing for decades. Cute little girls find this one as their best cute haircuts for girls. The hair is styled nicely into a couple of ponytails at the back. The frontal hair is cropped nicely along the forehead to achieve a more than perfect look.

43. Short Haircut For Girls

Source: Salaobenvenuti

Short hair always looks amazing on little girls and when you make it look like a boys haircut then this look becomes even cuter. Just let it fall over the ears and sweep the top hair nicely to a side. This side parted look will be neat and clean and will make your little one flaunt it everywhere.

44. Forward Swept Layers

Source: Salaobenve

Sweep it all around and let the natural look come out. This is a perfect look for girls in their early age as it’s low maintenance and the hair doesn’t fall over the face to irritate her.

45. Layered Long Locks With Bangs

Source: Peluqueras

The hair is grown longer and cut in layers to achieve a perfect vibe. Besides, we have bangs at the front that bring the cuteness out of this wonderful hairstyle. Your girl will definitely look nice and cool in this hairstyle.

46. Beach Waves With Bangs

Source: Larosadecuba

Let your girl flaunt the natural wavy texture of her hair with this beautiful long grown look. The hair feels amazing and is loaded with cuteness. The short bangs at the front define the look to perfection. Overall, it’s a perfect hairstyle to have.

47. Medium Length Hair With Long Side-Swept Fringe

Source: Ayu_babyhairstylist

Medium length hair looks amazing and can be managed quite easily as well. Give it a perfectly cute look by sweeping that long fringe to a side. Overall, it looks cute with those layered edges towards the bottom.

48. Bob With Bangs And Side Part

Source: Rensbachan

It’s natural to combine bob haircuts with bangs, but have you ever seen something like this where a cool side part is also added to the mix. Probably, not! This unique look really makes for the cute haircuts for girls and is just perfect for any occasion.

49. Layered Waves With Center Parted Hair

Source: Lumieresalaodebeleza

The haircut we have here is all about long hair styled nicely into beautiful waves and layers falling over the shoulder. It’s all about growing it longer and then styling it to perfection. The part is not in the center and not even on the side, rather it’s something hybrid but looks amazing.

50. Boys Cut

Source: Vostyle.salon

Girls always have that craze to look like boys and having a boys haircut is probably the simplest of ways to go about it. Side-parted hair swept nicely to a side gives a clean and perfect vibe.

51. Cropped Bob

Source: Beabor

Another cool variation of the bob hairstyle, this one gives a bob look on a side while it’s cropped on the other. The hair on top is swept nicely forward to achieve a cool look.

52. Bob Haircut With Bangs

Source: Santospa.br

Bob haircut is amazing and is, probably, one of the best cute haircuts for girls that comes in lots of different variations. Sweep the bangs forward and keep it slightly distributed.

53. Side Swept Medium Length Hair

Source: Muafianisofya

This is a perfect hairstyle for girls that looks amazing even with a medium length. The hair is swept to a side and parted nicely to create a more than perfect vibe.

54. Long And Wavy

Source: Vitaheather

Long haircuts for girls look cute and when you combine it with beautiful waves, it looks even better. Let her wear it with an extravagant smile and she will rock the look. Overall, it’s just awesome.

So, with these cute haircuts for girls available, you have a plethora of choices available and it’s just the matter of choosing the best cute haircuts for girls that can help you and your little one flaunt their beautiful looks. Choose wisely and make her look all the more attractive and beautiful.