70 Best Boys Trendy Haircuts 2020 – For Attractive & Stylish Look

Your hairstyle is what sets the tone of your personality and describes you and your style choices. In fact, you have to be somehow unique but still follow the trends to make sure that you never look like an alien when attending a major event or a function. As far as the hairstyle options for boys go, you can easily find many boys trendy haircuts ideas online that you’d definitely be ready to wear any time. You just have to make sure that whatever you’re going to adopt is in accordance with the latest fashion trends and is something that you can flaunt anywhere and anytime.

Best Boys Trendy Haircuts 2021

Here we have listed some of the best boys trendy haircuts that follow the latest personal fashion trends. So, check out and pick one for yourself. mohawk casually and wear it elegantly with a complimenting undercut. You might need some styling product to achieve the final look.

1. Tousled And Textured

Source: Renanbueno_hairstylist

A tousled and textured look is just perfect for any event you want to wear it on. The best part is that it can be styled in as many ways as you like. Check out the picture above and you’ll surely have a clear idea about the options you have in styling textured hair. It could be spikes, it could be curls, it could be combed back, or it could be just about anything.

2. Spikes With Medium Fade

Source: Saloonbusines

This is a timeless look that never goes out of style. You can let your hair grow freely and then style it in a carefree look like this. Combine it with a medium fade and you’re up for a perfect hairdo.

3. Side Swept Spikes With An Undercut

Source: Ceeystyle

Be it a conventional spiky look or just a side swept variation of the same hairstyle, it always looks rocking. The undercut compliments it rather beautifully and those surgical lines on a side make it even better.

4. Simple & Messy Side Swept Hair

Source: calvinarthurbarbers

When it comes to boys trendy haircuts, you can style it in whatever way you like. This one here is a cool combination of simple and messy hair where the frontal fringe is swept to a side. Overall, it looks cool.

5. Simple Combed Back


A perfect look for school going boys, this hairstyle is just amazing. Just comb it back in style and pair it up with chinos to walk in style.

6. Textured Side Swept Hair

Source: Fashionkids

The boys trendy haircuts look more stylish than ever when styled with textured layers and swept to a side. The hairstyle looks amazing on boys with golden hair. To complete the look, it’s worn usually with a beautiful undercut.

7. Mohawk With Undercut

Source: Lisafreemandesign

If you have always loved the funky side of yourself then this is the haircut for you. Style the mohawk casually and wear it elegantly with a complimenting undercut. You might need some styling product to achieve the final look.

8. Slicked Back Hair With Shaved Sides

Source: Fashionkids

Boys haircuts can get a whole new vibe when they feature shaved sides. Combine it with a slicked back look on top and you’re up for a more than perfect look.

9. Spiky Haircut

Source: Fashionkids

This spiky haircut actually takes spikes to an entirely new level by giving you more of a rockstar vibe. The hair is kept to medium length and raised up to perfection. The sides compliment the look to perfection as well.

10. Casually Side Swept Hair

Source: Fashionkids

Check this one of the best looks of baby boy haircuts, Casually sweeping the hair to a side is also a cool hairstyle that is trending in boys. The look doesn’t feature anything fancy and it’s just the medium-length finger-combed hair swept to a side. Nevertheless, it enhances the overall look of the kid manifolds.

11. Messy Curls With Shaved Sides

Source: Hollywoodsnj

Another beautiful hairstyle with shaved sides. This one is a cool mix of neat and a messy look. There are cute curls messed up on top and the sides are as clean as ever.

12. Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Fashionkids

This cool hairstyle is as simple as it can ever get. The hair is kept medium length and swept beautifully to a side. There’s nothing fancy about it yet it’s quite adorable.

13. Frontal Spikes

Source: Fashionkids

This one is a cool variation of the spikes haircut and can be worn elegantly. Overall, it’s a casual look that features spikes at the front. It’s really one of the best boys trendy haircuts.

14. Forward Raised Spikes With Taper Fade

Source: Fashionkids

Trendy boy’s haircuts can’t get any cooler than this. The hair is kept longer at the top and is raised forward beautifully to form a wonderfully spiky look. The taper fade is there on the sides to complete this look to perfection.

15. Combed Back Pompadour With Short Sides

Source: Fashionkids

If you have ever tried a pompadour haircut, you might find it a bit different from the conventional hairstyle. Besides, the frontal hair is streaked to create a more than perfect vibe. Sides are kept short to make sure they do not overshadow the style at the top.

16. Spikes With Medium Fade

Source: Fashionkids

This is a beautiful spikes haircut for golden hair. The top hair is kept to medium length and the cool look is achieved by sweeping it forward and into the center so as to give it a spiky touch. Short sides complete the look and make it look elegant all over.

17. Spiky Mohawk Style With Undercut

Source: Fashionkids

As far as boys trendy haircuts are concerned, Mohawk is always in style and you never have to think twice before getting this haircut. As usual, the top hair is kept medium length and complimented perfectly with an undercut. Overall, the look is amazing.

18. Casual Hairstyle With Front Puff

Source: Fashionkids

This one is a casual look that is achieved by cutting the hair to regular length. A touch of style is added with a front puff that makes your casual day perfect.

19. Simple Side Swept Hair

Source: Fashionkids

For kids, the simple side swept hair is probably one of the best boys trendy haircuts. It keeps a unique style flowing and makes your kiddo look stunning when he has worn a perfect combo of fashionable clothes.

20. Spikes – Little Boys Haircuts

Source: Fashionkids

This spikes hairstyle gives more of a punk look and is perfect for parties and casual gatherings. The style can be flaunted to perfection when worn the right way.

21. Businessman Hairstyle

Source: Fashionkids

Yes, this haircut will certainly make a businessman out of your little one. It’s one of the best boys trendy haircuts that strive for perfection. A styling product is used to keep the hair nicely textured and intact.

22. Grown Out Curls

Source: Fashionkids

Among the latest boys trendy haircuts, the curly hair are getting way more attention than before. Obviously, curly hair always look amazing on little black boys and this one here is a perfect example of that. Just let the curls grow all over and you will have a more than perfect final look.

23. Spikes With Medium Fade

Source: 4Hairfashion

One of the coolest variations of spikes haircut, this one brags about medium length hair cut into spikes. A medium fade is there to compliment the look to perfection.

24. Side Swept Spikes With Taper Fade

Source: 4Hairfashion

Toddler boy spikes haircuts are as trendy as ever even today. This one here is a slight variation of the cool hairstyle that features side-swept spikes and a beautiful taper fade. There is a hard part as well that gives a uniquely neat touch to the hairstyle overall.

25. Pompadour Hairstyle

Source: Fashionkids

Pompadours are always classy and stylish. Just take a look at this boys trendy haircuts that features longer locks at the front styled perfectly in a combed back style. There is slight part on the side that gives a defining touch to the look.

26. Casual Bangs

Source: Fashionkids

This is a causal hairstyle that makes for a perfectly formal look. There is faded hair on the sides and top hair is just styled casually with bangs. Either keep it swept to a side or just let it fall on the forehead, the look is stylishly amazing.

27. Messy Top With Side Fade

Source: Hairbyvgrace

The best way to style curly hair for boys is, probably, to leave it all messy. Just look at the style here, we have curly top hair creating all the mess but a defining touch is given with faded sides. Overall, it’s just amazing.

28. Mohawk With Taper Fade

Source: Fashionkids

Mohawk hairstyle is always among the boys trendy haircuts. This cool look is achieved by growing frontal hair longer and styling it in the form of spikes. The taper fade completes to look rather elegantly.

29. Punk – Cool Haircuts for Boys

Source: haircutkidz

A punk hairstyle is always about something unique. This one hair is no different. The top hair is grown out long and then some styling product is used to give it a raised up look. The hair on the sides is kept short to keep a balance in the overall look.

30. Casual Spikes With Taper Fade

Source: Fashionkids

Spikes can be neat and they can also be styled casually. Here this one is a casual spikes haircut that is actually achieved by finger combing the hair to achieve the final look. There’s no styling product used in this

31. Casual Forward Swept Hair

Source: By_inga

The boys trendy haircuts are all about adding a touch of style no matter how you do it. And, the best way to do it is giving it a casual style. This one here features medium length hair that is swept forward casually to achieve a perfect style.

32. Forward Swept Bangs

Source: Fashionkids

Forward swept bangs is simple, elegant and stylish. You just have to grow the hair a bit longer than medium length and let it sit nicely on the head. Overall, it creates a perfectly cool vibe.

33. Casual Side Swept Hair

Source: Hairrbylexyy

This casual side swept look is just amazing. Keep it simple and medium length, and finger comb the hair to achieve a more than perfect style.

34. Messy On Top With Side Fade

Source: Fashionkids

Wavy haircuts for kids are always the hot trending hairstyles. This is yet another casual hairstyle that can suit just about any boy with naturally textured and slightly wavy hair. It boasts of a casually messy look on top that feels like you’re just-off-the-bed. Some definition is added with faded sides.

35. Cute Mohawk Style With Taper Fade

Source: Fade_players

Another Mohawk hairstyle on the list. This one boasts of a wonderful taper fade. The angle that goes from sides to the back is what makes it look even more special. Overall, it’s just amazing.

36. Grown Out Bangs

Source: Sebbyandivy

The boys trendy haircuts are all about how you actually carry them. The hairstyle hair shows grown out hair with bangs falling over all around. The hair length is kept the same all over and a messy and casual look is given to the top hair as if you’ve not styled it at all.

37. Curly Fringe

Source: Lalousalon

Curly grown out hair look as stylish as ever and this beautiful hairstyle we have here is really one of the best boys trendy haircuts. Just grow your curls longer and make a mess out of them before letting the fringe fall over to a side. The undercut completes the look to perfection.

38. Simple Side Swept Hair With Hard Part

Source: Juliadickinson

Side swept hair can be as simple as this and yet they look amazing. The hair on top is kept textured as if it were finger combed. The hard part defines the look to perfection with short sides.

39. Cool Spikes With Hard Part

Source: Paintedshadessalon

This beautiful boys trendy haircuts is all about unique and cool spiky touch that not just raises the hair up but sweeps them forward creating more of a mohawk look. There’s a slight hard part that adds a bit of drama to the overall style and makes it unique.

40. Side Swept With Hard Part

Source: Meawdavis

If you love the neat boys trendy haircuts then this one is certainly the go-to look for you. The hair on top is kept longer and and tightly swept to a side while being styled with a gel or any other styling product. The hard part defines the look while that high fade is what completes it to perfection.

41. Modern Quiff

Source: Queenhaircut_unisex

Quiff hairstyle is the trendiest of options available today. The interesting fact is that you can style it in whatever way you like. In fact, here we have shown you a few options as well. Either raise it all up or sweep it forward, the choice is yours.

42. Side Swept Curls

Source: Nicolenoelsalon

Side swept hair always look classy and this one here is no exception. The difference, however, is that the hair at the front is kept messy and the natural curl is kept intact. Other than that, it’s side parted and faded on the sides to complete a perfect look.

43. Spikes With Undercut

Source: Eddie_wise_

Spikes haircut is always on the top choice list for many. This one here is a bit unconventional, however. The top hair is raised up to form spikes and the frontal locks seem to have been finger combed towards the back. The undercut compliments the look rather beautifully.

44. Combed Back Hair With Undercut

Source: Lattitudespencentre_

This one is quite a unique hairstyle that brags about combed back long locks and is actually given a definition with a clear undercut. A bit of drama is added to the hairstyle by creation of that tail at the back which is formed by frontal hair that is combed back. Overall, it’s just amazing.

45. Long Forward Swept Hair

Source: Erbeautystudio

If all you need is a casual hairstyle look then this one should be your choice. Just grow your hair longer all over and sweep it forward to achieve this everyday look.

46. Short Hair With Skin Fade

Source: Tracyharrisnilson

The haircut we’re talking about here is not as simple as its name. The haircut features short hair on top with a bit of styling done by sweeping a portion to a side and leaving the rest straight. There’s a surgical line that separates the top hair from the sides and then we have skin fade to complete the look.

47. Casual Long Hair With Streaking

Source: Dejavusalon_barbados

The hair is grown longer casually to achieve this cool look and when they’ve reached a certain length, the final touches are given by dyeing it in blue. It can be styled in any way you like but the best one that is portrayed here keeps it simple, casual and forward swept.

48. Casual Spikes With High Fade

Source: Blenddfamous

This casual spiky look gives more of a mohawk feel and the high fade gives it a very neat and sophisticated touch. Overall, the hairstyle is just amazing.

49. Hard Parted Side Swept Hair

Source: Kelitterick

This one shows you exactly how short hair look when swept to a side and given a hard part. The faded sides are complimented with surgical design to achieve an amazing final look.

50. Short Quiff With Undercut

Source: Electricballs

This is the redefined quiff haircut that looks amazing on little boys. The hair on top is kept short and styled beautifully backwards in quiff style. The undercut is there to complete the look to perfection.

51. Side Swept Hair With Surgical Lines

Source: Redheadiaries

Surgical lines on the sides have been one of the most popular trends in the boy haircuts. Here have a simple side swept haircut that gets the finishing and style with these beautiful, parallel surgical lines on the faded sides. Overall, it’s just amazing.

52. Textured Spikes

Source: Muscatbeautysalon

A bit of style given to conventional spikes haircut, this one gives a textured feel while there is undercut to compliment the look beautifully.

53. Spikes With Surgical Design

Source: Big_abe_da_barber

If you are looking for the boys trendy haircuts that create a neat and clean vibe, this is a perfect choice. However, neatness doesn’t mean it’s going to be something bland. Rather we have a surgical design on the sides that keeps it looking great.

54. Side Swept Fringe With Side Fade

Source: Definehairdesignandbeauty

This is quite a simple look overall and, probably, the only element of style in it comes from that side swept fringe. In fact, that adds a sense of style to this otherwise bland look. Side fade also looks cool on boys.

55. Messy Long Hair – 10 Year Old Boy Haircuts

Source: Brookeneilsonhair

If you love to grow your hair long and you are just 10 years old boy, you shouldn’t scroll down any further. This look is just amazing, stylish and whatever else you want to say it. Let the hair grow all over and keep it messy and falling on the forehead.

56. Faux Hawk

Source: Bayou_barber

This is a cute faux hawk look that makes your personality shine. The sides are trimmed to create a perfect look with side fade. Overall, it’s neat and it’s amazing.

57. Forward Swept Sides With Spikes

Source: Lundgemma

One of the top boys trendy haircuts, this one gives you just a perfect spiky look that you might have always wanted. The sides are swept forward and the hair on the front are raised up just as to form a Quiff. Overall, it looks stunning.

58. Long Side Swept Hair

Source: By_ingaby_inga

Long side swept hair with high fade look amazing on little boys. There isn’t anything funky about this hairdo and it still looks rocking.

59. Textured Curls

Source: Alexm_the_barber

Always have trouble styling your curly hair? Go for this wonderfully amazing look by letting your curls grow. There is no need to comb or use any styling product, just run your fingers through and you’re up for a perfect style.

60. Forward Swept Hair With Bangs

Source: Owensfamilyadventures

This is a perfect hairstyle for kids having straight locks and you really can’t ask for anything better in cute haircuts for boys. Just let the natural softness flow through and make your hairstyle look as cute as ever.

61. Side Swept Fringe With Undercut

Source: Ramintahmua

This one requires you to keep the hair to medium length and then simply swipe it to a side to achieve a perfectly simple look. Combine it with an undercut and you can’t ask for anything better.

62. Side Swept Textured Curls

Source: salonalora

Another beautiful look for the curly locks. This one requires you to grow your hair longer and then simply finger comb them to a side. The textured look with a beautiful undercut make it one of the best boys trendy haircuts.

63. Slicked Back Hair With Hard Parted Undercut

Source: jfuge13

Slicked back hair look clean and cool whenever you go for it. However, you can top it a bit further by combining it with a neatly done undercut and hard part. Nothing can really match the look.

64. Slicked Back Hair With Angled Part

Source: jfuge13

One of the most popular hairstyles in the list of black boys haircuts. Now, this one is a slight variation to the haircut above. The hard part is at an angle and the look is different in the fact that it features a high fade to accompany.

65. Short Spikes With Side Fade

Source: hairbytorixo

Short hair always make the perfect spikes and this is one of the best boys trendy haircuts that is getting popular nowadays. It looks perfect with a side fade.

66. Bowl Cut With Messy Top

Source: __hairbykrys

Now, this one brings a unique perspective to boys trendy haircuts. Cut into a bowl shape and left messy on top, this haircut gives you some personality on a casual day out. Combine it with an undercut and you can’t ask for anything better.

67. Comb Over Haircut With Side Fade

Source: corinagilardi14

If you are looking for a more formal look then you can go with this one without a doubt. The comb over requires you to sweep the hair back and gives a neat look on the sides with a fade. If you want it even better, use some styling product as well.

68. Long Side Swept Hair With Fringe

Source: eurostylist.us

Another trend these days is to grow the hair long and let the fringe fall over. A modern perspective is added to this hairstyle with a hard part and an undercut.

69. Side Swept Fringe With Medium Fade

Source: ls_hairbeauty

For little boys, it’s always best to sweep the hair to a side slightly and let the fringe fall over the forehead. Just use some styling product to keep it in place and that beautiful medium fade does the rest.

70. Side Swept Hair With Medium Fade

Source: dgokubarbershop

Another side swept hair style for young kids. It’s a perfect hairdo for boys with slightly textured hair. The finishing touch is given by the side fade and an angled hard part.

So, if you have been looking for the best boys trendy haircuts around, here we have an entire list for you to choose from. All these boys trendy haircuts are in fashion these days and can give you a perfect style to boast of.  You just have to make sure that you go with the right picks and flaunt your new haircut in style. You will love it and so will everyone around you.