Looking For The Best Boys Hair Cutting Style

We all know that we have to give our kids a haircut every now and then and for that we keep on looking for the best hairstyles. However, all we end up with is that typical side swept look with faded sides that’s blander than ever. So, what should you do then? Well, just don’t lose hope as there are plenty of boys hair cutting style options around and all you have to do is to look at the listings of boys trendy haircuts for the year to come up with some of the coolest ideas. Or, you can simply lighten up your sense of creativity and think what would suit your little man and just experiment with their looks until you settle for something really amazing.

However, if you do not really want to go through all that hassle, here we have listed some of the coolest trendy hairstyles for boys that will rock this year and beyond. Just make sure you either take a picture of the haircut to the stylist or aptly convey to them exactly what you’re looking for. You’re sure to give your little guy something special for sure. Let’s check out these wonderful styles.

  1. Forward Swept Spiky Hair With Bangs And Disconnected Fade


This cool hairstyle is the look that you would want to achieve with straight, medium length hair of your little boy. The hairstyle requires some styling product though to make sure that once you have achieved the forward swept spiky look on top, it remains intact and is not blown away by wind. The frontal bangs look really cool while the disconnected fade haircut on the sides complements it rather nicely. Overall, it’s a cool look that will surely suit your boy.

  1. Long Side Swept Hairstyle With A Casual Side Part

Source: hairjustine

This beautiful hairstyle is probably the easiest one to achieve on this list. The look requires you to let your boy grow his hair long and sweep it nicely to a side. The frontal hair should be made to extend a bit forward and create a perfectly stylish look while being swept to a side. The hair on the sides are faded a bit and they really look amazing.

  1. Naturally Curly Mohawk

Source: fades_plus

Mohawk hairstyles have a unique vibe to them and they are typically achieved in a beautiful spiky look. But what if you could make it look a lot different and achieve the hairstyle in an all-new manner? Yes, you can even achieve the look to perfection with naturally curly hair as well. Just leave a nice and long curly patch on top and let it be medium-to-long in length. The natural curls will look really amazing. Want to give it an even better funky look? Dye the top layer blonde and it will surely create amazing vibes. The sides have a high skin fade and they really complement the overall style to perfection. You can’t just ask for anything better.

  1. Edgy Buzz Cut

Source: saiyan_hair

Yes, we all know the typical, short buzz cut hairstyle and we have had that many times ourselves too. But this buzz cut hair is a bit different due to its slightly edgy appearance and, obviously, the beautiful high fade that we have on the sides and the back. The edgy top makes the hairstyle look really amazing because it creates a unique stylish vibe and has something special about it as far as the looks and the appearance is concerned. Your boy will surely rock this beautiful look.

  1. Casual Forward Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Source: saiyan_hair

Casual hairstyles are all the rage these days and here we have another beautiful look. The hairdo boasts of nicely trimmed medium length hair on top that is styled casually forward to achieve a cool look. The frontal bangs are made to fall forward casually as well and make a unique statement. As for the sides, we have a cool high skin fade there which contrasts with the top hair to perfection and will make your little on look standout everywhere.

  1. Forward Swept Spiky Hairstyle With Side Fade And Stylish Part


This cool look is not just about the spikes achieved on top by forward sweeping the hair. In fact, it has more style elements to it than you’d have thought. The hairstyle boasts of a cool design when it comes to the surgical side part. However, it will require extreme precision to pull out a perfect look. The sides have a high skin fade which complements the overall hairstyle rather nicely.

  1. Forward Swept Hairstyle With Surgical Design And Fade


This is another cool and stylish look when it comes to the boys hair cutting style options. The hairdo boasts of simple forward swept hair on top and there is a surgical design given where the side part is. A sort of a dagger look is created in this surgical design which looks, literally, amazing. Just below that we have a cool and amazing skin fade that adds another cool element to the look.

  1. Edgy Forward Swept Hairstyle With Bangs And Fade


This edgy style is quite unique and it has its own unique statement to make. Here again, the hair on top is given an edgy look and nicely swept forward. The sides have a surgical wide part which ends with a beautiful “Cross” design. Go below that, and we have a cool skin fade that contrasts the top hair rather perfectly. You can’t really ask for a better look overall.

  1. Spiky Side Swept Hairstyle With Edgy Bangs


This side swept look is quite different than what we normally have. The hairstyle boasts of an edgy and spiky look on top that is secured into place with the help of a styling product. The frontal bangs look really nice as they continue with that same spiky and edgy look too. As far as the sides are concerned, we have a cool faded look. The fade starts high on the sides and turns into a skin fade midway through. Overall, the look is amazing and creates unique and beautiful vibe.

  1. Quiff Hairstyle With High Fade


Over the years, we have seen many quiff hairstyles which are normally achieved with long and straight hair and secured into place with the help of a good styling product. Here we have something a bit different, however. The hair is slightly rugged and is cut into a nice quiff style at the front which doesn’t really need any kind of styling product whatsoever to keep the look intact. Move further towards the back on top and you have simple side swept hair that is laid down nicely. On the sides we have a cool high fade which really looks amazing. Overall, everything sits in rather nicely and we have a perfect hairstyle for boys that they can flaunt anywhere.

So, if you have had problems choosing the boys hair cutting style for your kids, you can definitely go with any of the beautiful hairstyles in the list above. Choose one that would go with the hair type and face shape of your little boy otherwise you may end up ruining the look. Just be careful with your choice and you are sure to give your boy something really special to flaunt everywhere on any occasion.