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If you start looking for hairstyles for black girls, you may not find too many options around and that’s, basically, due to the very nature of their hair. The kinky and curly hair usually don’t give you much of flexibility when it comes to styling. However, braided hairstyles give you the opportunity to get creative with your girls’ hair and style thing in a unique and elegant way. One cool option to go with is box braids for kids. The hairstyle typically refers to a thick braided look and it’s up to you how you want to achieve it. Yes, it can be styled in so many different ways and here we have shared some unique box braids for kids that you can try.

Box Braids For Kids – Box Braids Hairstyles

You can even opt for a cool variation by bringing some creativity of your own. Nevertheless, these hairstyles are just awesome and work perfectly for black girls.

  1. Swirling Side Swept Braids

Source: braidsbyekua

This beautiful look can be achieved with long hair that can all be braided to achieve this cool shoulder length hairstyle. The braids start from one side and go all the way to the other making a cool look. The tips are not braided, however, and they are allowed to give a cool and naturally curly look.

  1. Long Cross Braids

Source: kwai_golden_touch

This is a cool style that can be achieved with box braids for kids. Obviously, you have a thick braided look here and it is achieved by braiding all the hair from top to bottom. A couple of braids from each side are made to cross each other at the back to give it a more stylish look overall.

  1. Box Braids With Twisting Design

Source: hairbysunny._

This cool box braided look is about achieving typical box braids. However, a nice design is created by making the frontal braids go horizontally and twisting them up with the layer just behind them. This is a cool look that actually created for parties and special events because it takes some time and effort.

  1. Sectioned Box Braids

Source: hairbysunny._

This is a cool hairstyle achieved with box braids for kids. The hairdo features a typical box braided look with thick braids created from top to bottom. However, a sectioned look is created by starting braids from different parts on top. A few of them start at the front, a few from the center and the rest start a notch below them.

  1. Box Braids With Long Ponytail


This is another one of the best haircuts for girls, especially for black girls. The hairdo requires the hair to be braided in a typical box braids style. However, there are some thin layers of braids in between as well. The braids are then made to combine at the crown where it is styled into a cool raised up ponytail.

  1. Side Swept Braids

Source: beautifulreflectionsbyjamilah

This is a cool look that is achieved by creating box braids for kids and then sweeping it all over to a side. There are cool box shapes achieved on top that look really nice. The braids are left open and they look really nice overall.

  1. Side Swept Braids With Hair Jewelry

Source: moca_doescos

This braided look is achieved by creating thick box braids all over. The braids on top are given a side swept look and are styled with some hair jewelry to make them look better than ever.

  1. Swept Back Braids

Source: choicesbasesalonandfashion

This beautiful hairstyle with box braids for kids looks awesome on little girls. The hairstyle features typical thick braids that start from one side at the front and spread all around. It gives an impression of the side swept look but it’s nothing but a slight parting just where the braids start. Overall, it’s a cool look to achieve that makes for a signature style.

  1. Cornrows

Source: kaylastyles843

This is a cute hairstyle that is achieved with beautiful cornrows on top. The hairstyle features box braids that start with nice and tight cornrows on top and go all the way to the back forming open box braids. The braids can be made to fall at the back or over the shoulders to achieve a perfect style as you may like.

  1. Center Parted Braided Hairstyle

Source: kurlzandkutz_sa

This, probably, is the simplest of looks to achieve when it comes to box braids for kids. The hair is parted from the center all the way to the back and cool braids are created on either side. Even though it’s simple, the hairstyle still makes a perfect style statement.

  1. Swirling Cornrows With A Center Braid

Source: asiastyless

This is a cool braided hairstyle that is achieved in cornrows look on top. The cornrows are parted with a thick centered braid and the braids on either side of this centered braid are made to swirl in a way that they join at the crown. The box braids are then allowed to fall at the back just the way it does when the hair is left open.

  1. Centre Parted Braids

Source: trancas_africanas_

You can keep things as simple as you may like when it comes to styling the hair for little girls. This beautiful braided look is just a perfect example of that. It requires the hair to be braided into nice box braids and allowed to fall over on all sides. Some styling accessories can be added to the tips for completing the look.

  1. Box Braids With Crown

Source: htxbraids

This is a very stylish look given to the box braids for kids and it’s all about the creativity of the stylist. Braids are created by centre parting the hair on top and making kind of a braided crown swirling around the head. Other than that, the rest of long braided hair is allowed to fall over the shoulders to achieve a cool look.

  1. Center Parted Box Braids

Source: _hey__sunshine

This is a typical box braided look to achieve for little kids. The hairdo requires creating box braids all over and giving it a nice center part to make the braids fall elegantly on all the sides. The look can be perfect for both special events and her routine look.

  1. Box Braids For Kids With Ribbon Accessory

Source: htxbraids

These are really cool box braids for kids that have a conventional touch to them. There is a center part that actually defines the look making the braids fall over on either side of the head and also towards the back. There is a nice ribbon that goes twisting around a few braids and it really looks awesome.

  1. Side Parted Box Braids With Messy Back

Source: alteredegobeautybar

This cool hairstyle is achieved with nice box braids that really get a crazy look at the back. The hairstyle features a side parted look on top and a vibrant bow tie accessory clip that accentuates the look. The braids go messy at the back making a cool look overall.

  1. Box Braids With Raised Up Ponytail

Source: r.l.moonsammy

This is a typical look that you can achieve with the box braids, giving your little girl a wonderful ponytail to flaunt. The box braids for kids is created backwards with a cool raised up ponytail starting at the crown. The look is further glamorized with a bow clip just added where the ponytail starts. It blends into the look really nicely and makes the hairstyle get a perfect feel.

  1. Side Parted Open Braids With Ribbon Twists

Source: 1beautiful_qu33n

Just as the name suggests, here we have simple side parted braids. The hairstyle is simple yet elegant and a touch of style is added by side parting the braids and making them fall over to a side. Besides, the twisted ribbons that make a cross sign in several braids look amazing. They really add a colorful touch to the hairstyle and look amazing.

  1. Box Braids With Top Knot

Source: mmras_hairtique

Box braids for kids look so cool alone but you can always style it up in different ways to achieve an even better look. This hairstyle combines the box braids into a beautiful top knot that accentuates the look even further. The hair on the sides and the back are still allowed to fall over and look really amazing. It’s a different style and you would not see many kids wearing it. So, it really is a go-to option for your little one.

  1. Box Braids With Beads

Source: bianca_the_braider

Box braids look stunning even with the simplest of styles. Check out this beautiful look that features long braids falling over on all sides. The highlights add a wonderful look to the hairdo and those beads on top really make it a versatile look that is not so common these days. It really will make your little one look rocking when she wears it.

  1. Waterfall Box Braids

Source: stylezby_ddloves

This is yet another cool look to achieve with box braids. Known as the waterfall box braids, the hairstyle features a few very thick braids starting on one side and falling over to the other. The other side usually has smaller braids that start towards the lower part of that side and go to the shoulder length or beyond. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing look to achieve and can be a perfect style for your kid to flaunt.

  1. Box Braids With Top Bun

Source: alwayszuniquehair

You can style box braids for kids in so many different styles from our list of girls haircuts. The hairstyle features nice box braids achieved all over the head and made to fall in all directions. The focal point of the look, however, is that extravagant bun on top that looks just amazing and creates a perfect vibe. You can’t ask for anything better. It’s a casual look that she can flaunt even in her everyday routine.

  1. Box Braids With A Ponytail

Source: kaylastyles843

This cool hairstyle is achieved by creating sort of cornrows on top and styling it into a beautiful ponytail. A bow clip is added at the point where the ponytail starts to make the braids bind together. There is a curled look given to the tips that really gels in quite well. Overall, the hairstyle is just perfect and it makes for an amazing vibe.

  1. Box Braided Design With Crown And Ponytail

Source: blinkblush

This really is an intricate design that can be achieved with the help of beautiful box braids for kids. The hairstyle features thick braids achieved on top and they are all made to form sort of a crown by swirling around the head on both sides. However, they don’t complete a full swirl as they just blend into the ponytail as they reach the back of the head. The ponytail itself looks gorgeous and you can always add a bit of jewelry and ribbon accessories to the braids to make them look awesome.

  1. Side Parted Box Braided Hairstyle

Source: crowned_beautee

This is a typical box braided look for girls that features thick braids all over. There is a side part that actually defines the hairstyle and the braids are made to fall over on either side of the parting. Some of them go all the way towards the back as well and the messy tips given to all the braids out there look just amazing.

  1. Intricate Braided Design

Source: klewery

The box braids for kids don’t always need to be simple and stylish. They can be quite intricate as well to achieve a more than perfect hairstyle. The hairdo here is just a perfect example of that. First of all, the hair is dyed to a cool vibrant shade to achieve a perfect look and then box braids are created in all directions with a few from the sides and the top going all the way to the back. The hairstyle is gorgeous overall, and looks amazing with this cool braided look.

  1. Long Box Braids With Ponytail

Source: doneby_kina

This beautiful box braided hairstyle features typical box braids created slightly at an angle. The braids start at the front and that a slight cornrows type look is given to the frontal braids with the angle making sort of a side parting. Nevertheless, the braids run through to the tips and look simply amazing. You can style them into a ponytail if you want a cool and organized look but you can also leave it all open as well if that’s what you feel more flattering.

  1. Curly Box Braided Hairstyle

Source: braidsbydaniele

One might argue that braids are usually achieved with curly hair but this one is different and it’s actually curly. Yes, a curly touch is given to the hairstyle going towards the tips of the braids. The braids on top also seem to be a bit twisted to achieve a perfect look. And, the way her hair is made to fall on the sides is just amazing. Overall, it’s a perfect party look and will make your little girl attract many eyes towards her.

  1. Simple Box Braids

Source: braidsandstylesbyugo

Just as the name suggests, it really is a simple box braided hairstyle to achieve. The hairdo features some length as the braids go even beyond the shoulders and that’s actually what makes them look more attractive and beautiful. The hair on top is braided to all sides and that’s exactly how these braids are made to fall in all directions. Some accessories can be added to give it a chic look but even if you don’t want to do that the hairstyle would still look cool.

  1. Center Parted Braided Hairstyle

Source: africanprincess_sara

This is yet another cool look to achieve with beautiful box braids for kids. The hair is parted from the center and then beautiful box braids are created on all sides. The look is, however, achieved by creating braids at an angle and they’re not all horizontal on the top. Nevertheless, it’s a cool look to flaunt with her shoulder length hair.

  1. Center Parted Cornrows Braids

Source: doneby_kina

This center-parted look is just perfect and the thick box braids are created in cornrows style making them stick tight to the head. Remember not to create too many braids for achieving this hairstyle rather a few thicker ones would do it perfectly. Thick braids can then be made to fall over the shoulders or kept at the back to achieve a perfect style. Don’t forget to add those twisting ribbons to give it a chic appearance.

There are so many cool box braids for kids that can help you achieve some of the most amazing hairstyles for your little girls. Mostly, these hairstyles work for black girls but they look equally cute on others as well if achieved to perfection. Check out our list of box braids for kids given above and make a pick for yourself.