Top 60 Black Girls Hairstyles & Haircuts ideas 2021

Girls always look prettier than boys and they’re even more concerned about their beauty as well. However, a major chunk of their beautiful looks primarily relies on how they style their hair. In fact, this can’t be stressed more when it comes to black girls hairstyles. Yes, black girls are pretty but they really look better when they make the perfect hairstyle choices.

Latest & Elegant Black Girls hairstyles To Stay Trendy

So, if you are also interested in some of the latest and most authentic black girls hairstyles, here we have an entire compilation that you must check out these adorable girls haircuts.

  1. Curly Hairstyle With Short Pigtails

Source: saniyah1208

This is a beautiful hairstyle for girls that has some detail to it. Primarily, the hairstyle is about styling the beautiful curly and shoulder length hair into cool pigtails. However, the pigtails are quite insignificant and there’s a cool parting in the center. Overall, the hairstyle looks gorgeous.

  1. Long Braided Hairstyle

Source: muthaluv7

Braided hairstyles never ho out of fashion, both for guys and girls. So, here we have a cool look that features nice and long braids that can be styled to fall forward or moved around the head to achieve a perfect style.

  1. Cornrows With Messy Top

Source: hairbyminklittle

Cornrows have always been a go to choice for black boys and girls alike. And, it’s up to you how creative you can get with this beautiful hairstyle. The hairdo features a nice style at the front and then it has kinky mess around the crown. They hairstyle works for both formal and casual settings.

  1. Cornrows With Beautiful Pony style

Source: hairbyminklittle

If you want to give your little one a cool style to flaunt on the next big occasion for her, this is probably the go to look for you. The hairstyle features nice braided cornrows that really looks amazing on black girls. The hairstyle features short braided cornrows on top that is worn with some cool white accessories. Your girl will surely love this beautiful look.

  1. Cornrows With Braided Bun


Now, this is one of the coolest black girls hairstyles that you might want to check out. The hairstyle boasts of a nice shape formed by the layers styled into the braids on top. The final look is achieved with the help of a nice, beautiful and heavy braided bun just around the crown. It really looks awesome.

  1. Braided Ponytail With Circular Angles On Top


You can’t ask for a better braided hairstyle than this one when it comes to black girls hairstyles. The roundish pattern on top makes a perfect vibe while the long braided ponytail makes the hairstyle look even better. In short, the combo looks great and should be on your top-priority book.

  1. Curly Hairstyle With Braids And Beads


This is a cool look that feels great with those extravagant spirals that have been achieved with the help of a strong hold styling product. The hairstyle features braids and beads as well to achieve a very detailed look. There is a side swept touch given to the frontal hair as well. This really is one perfect choice for a party night.

  1. Extravagant Curls With Tight Sides


This is a beautiful hairstyle that features short hair and extravagant curls on top. For girls, the hair length is just about the same as in the case of bob hairstyles for straight and long hair. The unique thing about this beautiful look is that it features very tight hair on the sides all styled in the upward direction. The curly mess on top looks as gorgeous as ever and makes for a perfect hairstyle option for your twins.

  1. Braided Bun With Cornrows


Cornrows have always been a popular choice to style curly and kinky hair but this one here mixes it up nicely with a braided hairstyle. The braids run down the length of the hair and a cool braided bun is styled right at the crown to make it look beautiful. This really is one of the most gorgeous black girls hairstyles out there.

  1. Long Curly Hair


For black girls, curly hair is an obvious thing. It’s just the matter of how those curls are styled to make her look stylish and perfectly elegant. This hairstyle is a cool way to do just that. The hairstyle features nice grown out curls all over and it is kept to shoulder length to make sure it doesn’t overshadow any other aspect of her personality. The hair at the front is combed nice and tight to the skin to achieve a perfect balance.

  1. Braided Hairstyle With Grown Out Curls At The Back


This is another cool braided look for black girls that features tightly styled hair at the front and that’s exactly where we have a couple of braids starting and going towards the back. The parting is achieved in a unique style as well forming box shapes at the front hair. Going towards the back, the hair is left untied to flaunt natural curls to perfection. It looks gorgeous.

  1. Center parted Extravagant Curls


The only thing you need to achieve this beautiful hairstyle is to grow the curly and kinky hair long enough to make them look like a huge pile and then part them from the center to turn it into two. If you want to make it look even more dramatic, you can always go with some color as it looks awesome in the metallic brown shade.

  1. Side Swept Curls


This really is a timeless look achieved with nice and beautiful curly hair. The amazing look qualifies for one of the best black girls hairstyles out there with least detailing possible. The hairstyle is all about growing the natural curls long enough that they easily reach the shoulder length and then sweeping it all over to a side. You don’t really need to comb it tightly and rather finger combing the hair to make them fall over to a side would do the job rather nicely.

  1. Layered Curly Updo


Updo hairstyles are a common choice among girls of all ethnicities and this applies to the black girls as well. The beautiful hairstyle here is all about those amazing curly layers styled into a boy cut. The wavy curls at the top just look amazing and so do the layers on the sides that seem more like braids.

  1. Grown Out Curly Mess


If you are among those lazy girls who just want a simplistic, yet elegant, look that doesn’t really need much of maintenance, this is the hairstyle that you should go with. All you have to do is to let the natural curls grow out and make a bold statement. That’s all this beautiful hairstyle is about and you shouldn’t really find it hard to achieve this wonderful look. And, obviously, it doesn’t require much of maintenance on your part.

  1. Braided Bangs With Curly Pigtails

Source: naturalorrelaxed

This cool and stylish hairstyle for black girls actually flaunts a beautiful braided Bangs that fall over the forehead to achieve a dramatically pleasing look. Angled parts are achieved by braiding the hair in a stylish manner. The extravagant pigtails feature naturally curly and braided hair as well. Overall, it looks cool.

  1. Center Parted Braids With Hair Accessories


We don’t usually see black girls hairstyles to be styled with a center part. However, that can really make for a perfect hairstyle option. Combine it with a braided look and you can’t ask for anything better. This cool and beautiful braided hairstyle for black girls gives you just that. The braids start right from the center part and go all the way down to the tips. Some hair accessories are also used for achieve a dramatic look.

  1. Tightly Combed Front With Voluminous Ponytail


It’s true that you have the option to flaunt the naturally curly hair by keep it all grown out on top and letting it be. However, if you want black girls hairstyles that give more of a finished look then this is the beautiful hairstyle that you should go with. The hairstyle features tightly combed back hair at the front, with a few thin bangs falling forward, and a nice voluminous ponytail at the back. You can’t style your curly hair any better than this in a more finished look.

  1. High Voluminous Ponytail


High ponytail has always been a popular choice among girls when it comes to hairstyle options and that stands true regardless of the type of hair they have. Even the girls with extremely curly and kinky locks can style their hair in a high and voluminous ponytail that looks awesome. Add a ribbon on top and it will look even better.

  1. Side Swept Hair With Braided Pony


This is an all new look given to a curly hairstyle for black girls. The hairstyle features nice and tight side swept look at the front with an angled side part and a braided pony at the back which is actually clipped nicely at the crown. Overall, it looks really cool and awesome.

  1. Long Grown Cornrows


The typical cornrows hairstyle makes for a perfect choice among the black girls hairstyles that do not need much of maintenance. Some unique styling is done at the top for achieving those beautiful rows and then the braided hair is allowed to grow long enough that it goes even beyond the shoulders. This typically is a rockstar look and every girl would love to flaunt it.

  1. Thick Side Swept Braids


Braided hairstyles can get any shape and style and this one is a cool example. The beautiful hairstyle features thick braids of hair which are styled nicely in a way that they fall over to a side. The same is the case with frontal bangs as well. The style is quite unique and elegant and works perfectly for black girls with curly and kinky locks.

  1. Center Parted Kinky Hair


Beautiful kinky locks look gorgeous on little girls and really make for a perfect look to flaunt on just about any occasion. It looks more like a beehive planted on her head but that really feels amazing as well. The hair is parted from the center and there is almost equal volume on the sides that makes the hairstyle look adorable.

  1. Kinky Bob Hairstyle


Bob hairstyle has always been a popular choice among hairstyles for girls. But have you ever seen a black girl with kinky locks styled with a Bob? Probably, not! The hairstyle is usually worn by girls with stylish, fine and straight hair but it also makes for a good choice for kinky and rough hair types. All you have to do is to cut the hair that particular length as that of a typical bob and then let the natural curls flaunt making a unique bob hairstyle.

  1. Curly Hairstyle With Pigtails


Curly hair can be styled in all the possible ways that you can imagine and this one is a cool representation of that. The hair at the front is styled with three different parts with the curly fringe falling over to a side and the heavy pigtails making a style statement of their own. Overall, it really looks stunning and can be your low maintenance hairstyle.

  1. Braided Cornrows With Cool Bun


One of the most stylish black girls hairstyles choices would be to style it in cornrows and achieving a braided hairstyle. And, once you’re able to achieve that look, it’s up to you how you want to achieve the final look. It can all be allowed to run long and fall over a shoulder, or you can achieve a perfect hairstyle by tying it up into a nice bun on the crown. Use of some styling accessories can be a source of adding some color to the look.

  1. Braided Hairstyle With Bun


Call it a bun or a top knot, whatever it is, it really looks awesome with braided hair. This beautiful hairstyle a bit loose as compared to those we have seen above. Combination of thick and fine braids at the top, the hairstyle allows a few strands to run down the bottom and also features a cool and nice bun on the top. Overall, it really looks stunning.

  1. Grown Out Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks are a popular hairstyle for men and boys but grow them out and you have a perfect hairstyle for girls as well. This nice look can be achieved by letting the naturally curly dreadlocks grow out wildly. You don’t really need to get the hair trimmed or shaped in any way whatsoever. Just let them grow all over and you will have a perfect hairstyle to flaunt at the end of the day.

  1. Curly Updo


What options do you have to style girls’ curly hair? Probably, not many of them are around. However, this beautiful curly updo is still a fashionable and stylish choice among black girls hairstyles and can be worn just about anywhere regardless of the occasion. Just comb all the hair upwards and create a nice curly umbrella on the top to achieve a more than perfect look. The hairstyle is just awesome and can’t be beaten by any modern look.

  1. Curly Grown Out Hair With Fringe


This is yet another unique look that can be achieved with messy, kinky and curly locks. The hairstyle features shoulder length grown out hair that is spread nicely on all sides. The top hair gets a forward swept look while the nice curly fringe is allowed to cover the forehead. Overall, the look is amazing and is stylish enough to make your girl look stand out at any special event.

  1. Messy Dreadlocks

Source: beautyandthebambino

If you have been crazy about dreadlocks, this is one of the beautiful black girls hairstyles that can give your little one a perfectly cool look. The hairstyle carries more of a casual look and is about growing the kinky dreadlocks to very much the same length as a typical Bob hairstyle. However, it’s all messy on top and looks beautiful. Just roll the fingers through and she will have a cool look ready to flaunt.

  1. Centered Pigtails With Curly Hair


Styling curly hair requires some talent and skills. And, if you want to give this beautiful look to your little one then you really need both of them or you’ll have to take her to a stylist. Curly hair on the sides and the back look awesome. The pigtails are created more in the center of the head rather than near the crown. The front is kept modest as all the hair is worked into the pigtails.

  1. Cornrows With Mohawk Style


Yes, Mohawk is specific to boys but yes a similar touch can be given to black girls hairstyles as well to achieve a unique and different hairdo. Typical cornrows are styled on the sides while the top hair in the center is allowed to get the shape of a typical Mohawk. The curls look awesome and that curly fringe at the front can’t be beaten by anything else.

  1. Cornrows With Thick Braids


Cornrows really make for a typical hairstyle option for both black boys and black girls but this one is a bit different. The hairstyle that we have here features nice and thick braids that go all the way down to the tips of the hair. The rows on top look cool and so do the braided layers. The hairstyle really makes for a chic look but needs some effort to be styled to perfection.

  1. Shoulder Length Curly Hair With Nice Braids


Curly hair can be styled in all sorts of different looks but keeping it all natural is probably the best way to go about it. The curls and the natural waves really create a flattering vibe and when you combine it with nice and fine braids, you can’t ask for anything better.

  1. Curly Back With Short Pigtails


The hairstyle is a cool alteration to the typical pigtails hairstyles, a few of which have already been described above. This variation features short pigtails all over at the front part of the head while there are heavy curls on the back. The hairdo looks really cute on little girls and makes their innocence come out like never before. It really looks gorgeous.

  1. Top Bun With Sectioned Pony


Another unique option in black girls hairstyles, this beautiful look features a nice bun on the top while the hair on the back is crafted into a unique and stylish sectioned ponytail. The top hair is sectioned in two parts with front portion styled into that top bun while the back portion makes its way into that sectioned pony. This nice and cool look is a perfect choice for any formal setting.

  1. Center Parted Hair With Curly Pigtails


This is another cool variation of the black girls hairstyles with pigtails. The hairstyle features nice center parted hair on top with curls almost flattened out by combing it tight to the skin and then making it into nice pigtails around the crown. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for those little angels and makes a perfect vibe regardless of the occasion on which you’d like her to wear this hairstyle.

  1. Grown Out Kinky Hair

Source :blackkids

hard to manage but if you want the simplest way of managing such hair type, you should simply let it all grow out wildly. The hair on top looks awesome when your little girl will have huge volume on top that doesn’t even need much combing. You can give it a center parted touch if you want to but even if you don’t, that’s perfectly fine as well.

  1. Curly Top Styled With A Ribbon Bow


Curly top is something really stylish and it looks really amazing on black girls. All you have to do is to keep the top hair to medium length and let the natural curls flow gently. A touch of elegance is added to the hairstyle with the help of that beautiful pink-colored ribbon bow that complements the cute personality of the little angel to perfection.

  1. Center Parted Dreadlocks


Another cool hairstyle that features dreadlocks, this beautiful look also requires the hair to be styled with a center part. Other than that, you don’t really need to do much of styling. The natural dreadlocks look amazing when let to grow to shoulder length. It’s something you don’t see too often, but it really looks cool.

  1. Grown Out Side Swept Braids


Looking for the best black girls hairstyles? Ever tried these thick braids all over? Well, this is the look you should choose to go with if you haven’t already. Just let your girl grow her hair long enough and then style it all into nice and thick braids all over the head. A cool touch can be given to the entire look by sweeping the braids on top to a side. It’s quite a stylish and unique look to achieve.

  1. Dreadlocks Styled In An Updo

Dreadlocks can be kept short, allowed to grow long and made into a pony, or can be styled in just about any way you like if you know how to do it. This beautiful hairstyle gives a perfect demonstration by styling it all in an updo hairstyle. The long dreadlocks are all gathered together and styled upwards to achieve a perfect look. It forms more of an umbrella on the top and looks so cool.

  1. Rounded Pigtails With Braided Pony


This is a more chic variation of the braided hairstyles with pigtails. A few strands are given a nice blue-colored dye to add a whole unique vibe to this beautiful hairstyle. The pigtails are also styled in a unique, rounded shape to make it all look nothing like normal. On the top, we have a nice braided style and the pony also features long braids as well. The end result is just splendid.

  1. Thick Kinky Braids


This is a nice variation of the braided hairstyle that is achieved with extremely kinky and rough hair type. Still it’s one of the most popular black girls hairstyles that can be achieved with short shoulder length hair. The braids are made all over the head and a few fall over to the side as well. Overall, it’s quite a unique hairstyle that you may not get to see too often.

  1. Colored Braids With Nicely Raised Ponytails On Top


Yet another unique one among black girls hairstyles, this braided hairstyle boasts of the colored braids at the back of the head. A unique patterned design is achieved at the top with the help of those braids as well. In addition, there are a few nice and short raised up ponytails on the top that give it a cool girlish vibe. If you are looking for something really funky, this is the hairstyle you should go with.

  1. Shiny Grown Out Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks always look cool on girls and when they are styled very fine and shiny with enough length, they make a perfect vibe. You can simply allow them to fall all over and they’ll look awesome. For an even better look, let a few long dreaded strands grow long enough and style them with an accessory to achieve a perfect style.

  1. Cornrows With Braided High Pony


Braided hairstyles are always a perfect choice in black girls hairstyles and it looks awesome on girls of just about any age group. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for those who have thick and voluminous hair on top as such hair types can be styled into beautiful thick braids. Just keep the braids a bit finer on the head where cornrows are created and make it thicker on the ponytail to achieve an amazing look overall.

  1. Long Tangled Wavy Dreadlocks


How you can style your beautiful dreadlocks is probably the question in every girls mind. Well, there can be unlimited options that can be tried out to achieve a perfect look that you can flaunt just about everywhere. This cool hairstyle requires you to grow it all long and let it go beyond shoulder length. The naturally wavy and tangled look is just amazing. The top can be center parted or you can style it in whatever way you like.

  1. Rolled Over Fringe With Undercut


This cute and stylish curly black girls hairstyles looks as good as ever on just about every face shape. The hairstyle features long hair on the front that is rolled over stylishly with the help of a curler. There is some curly volume at the back of the head as well and the sides have a typical undercut style to make it look neat. It’s a complete style overall that offers a modern and chic look.

So, try these black girls hairstyles this year and even beyond to give yourself or your little girl something stylish and really cool to flaunt. From everyday look to some of the best party styles, you have everything on the list and these hairstyles look really awesome. With these black girls hairstyles, your little one will be the center of attraction everywhere she goes. You just need to pick the right hairstyle for her.