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Bald Fade Haircut Variations To Try This Year For A Cool, Clean Look

Fade haircuts are considered one of the cleanest hairstyling options which don’t require too much maintenance either. Different types of fade exist and the best among the lot, especially for the summer hairstyles, is a bald fade.

The hairstyle requires the sides to be trimmed to the skin and gives a clean, cool, and organized vibe overall. There could be different variations of the look that you could try, and here we have detailed the best of them.


Top Bald Fade Variations For A Perfect  Hairstyle

From low bald fade to high bald fade, a bald fade haircut could be implemented in just about any way you like.

The major styling is done on top while the sides mostly vary in where the hair starts fading. Check out some of the coolest options we have vetted for you here and pick your perfect hairstyle this summer.

Forward Swept With High Fade

This simple look makes a perfect formal hairstyle. The hair is kept short in length and is all swept forward with short bangs falling over the forehead.

The sides have a high fade and show some skin to qualify for a perfect bald look.


Kinky Buzz Cut With Fade

Kinky Buzz Cut With Fade

For Kinky hair, a buzz cut can’t get any better than this. Slightly wavy on top, and skin faded on the sides, it just looks amazing overall.


Side-Swept Length With Surgical Design On The Sides

This look is formal on top and casual on the sides. A perfect combo indeed!


Curly Mess With Bald Fade

This bald fade haircut boasts some curly volume on top and starts fading high on the sides. Looks amazing on any day!


Buzz Cut With Faded Sides

This is a typical buzz cut with a nice fade on the sides. Looks cool overall.


Medium Fade Haircut

A perfect-off road hairstyle, get a medium fade to the sides in this bald fade (kids bald fade) style. Side partition the hair and sweep the front hair to the back and the crown on the other side. It gives a simple with a comb-over fade look.


Skin Fade Bald Fade

A very unique style to try for the fades. Side part the hair. Give a skin fade to one side while keeping the length of the larger position long. Have the fade side section bigger than usual. Comb the length to the other side.


Very High Middle Fade

This is a unique bald fade (kids bald fade) style you can definitely experiment with for your kid. Get a very high comb fade on one side till the nape. Make a very strong partition keeping the other section with a longer length. Comb this length to one side neatly.


Stylish Comb Over Fade

Want to try a versatile style? Side part your kid’s hair. Have a comb-over fade with the length of the fade increasing towards the crown. Give a unique design by trimming the fade on the front of both sections. Comb the wide track neatly to the other side.


Blur Side Fading Cut

Partition the hair. Have a very short fade at the front with increasing fade at the back. Give spikes to the length in the front while combing the remaining hair. Have medium fade length at the back.


Spiky Hair with Short Fade

In this hairstyle, you make spikes on the whole crown. Slightly side part the hair. Get a skin fade with an increasing length to the middle of the crown and the nape. Neatly comb the front length while having uneven spikes at the back.


Short Fade Gradient Cut

Have a very short fade at the side and the back. Have long hair at the front. Start decreasing its length till you go to the back. You can comb the hair to one side in the front or strip them back, giving it a clean look.


Buzz Crown with Skin Fade Cut

This haircut is very unique and would make your kid look smarter and chic. Have a very high skin fade, about 2 inches from the ear and the nape. Cut the hair short on the crown, making it cover only the top portion of the head.


High Comb Fade with Side Partition

bald fade haircut for kids


Divide the hair into two parts. Have increasing fade from the ear. Follow the same style even at the back of the head. Neatly comb the broader portion of the hair. Push back the front length and do the length to one side.


Spike Length with Short Fade

In this hairstyle, do not part the hair. Have skin fade equally on the side and the back. Slightly increase the length near the crown, where you will have a longer length. Do the hair unevenly with spikes to the front and the middle hair.


Volume On Top With Undercut Fade

Volume On Top With Undercut Fade

All you can find is some volume on top while the sides here are given an undercut fade. It’s a perfect low-maintenance haircut for boys!


Forward Swept With Spiky Front And Faded Sides

This hairstyle is kept simple by sweeping it all forward while the frontal hair is given a nice spiky look. The fade on the sides blends into it rather nicely.


Kinky Dreadlocks With Fade And Design

This is a hairstyle tailor-made for black boys with kinky hair. The surgical design on the sides elevates the faded look to a whole new level.


Side Swept With Hard Part Design

This side-swept hairstyle looks cool with the hard part stretched towards the back at an angle. It looks different and gives a nice casual touch to an otherwise formal look.


Side-Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

The Skin fade starts high on the sides. The hair on top is kept simple and side-swept.


Kinky Mohawk With Bald Fade

This faded look complements the nice Mohawk on top. A perfect hairstyle for kinky hair!


Colorful Spikes With Mid Fade

This mid-faded look is gorgeous with some colorful spikes on top. It will need some maintenance though.


Layered Buzz With Design

This is a beautiful hairstyle that resembles a buzz cut but is slightly longer and is trimmed in layers. The surgical lines on the sides accentuate the fade further.


Volume On Top With Skin Faded Sides

This is quite a unique look with the curly volume on top while the sides have a perfect skin fade.


Forward Swept With Surgical Design

This cool hairstyle boasts of even, forward-swept hair on top which is disconnected from the sides. The sides have a high fade with a cool surgical design. It really makes a style statement on any day.


A bald fade is a go-to hairstyle on any day and it should be your preferred choice in the summer months. The hairstyle can be achieved in so many different variations and you can get a bald fade haircut that goes well with your personality.

Whether it is a low bald fade or a high bald fade, the hairstyle can work wonders for your looks on any day. Make a style statement with this cool look like never before!

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