Is Baby Powder Safe For Your Kids To Keep Your Little Ones Rash-Free And Smell Good

As we all know every mother is worried about her baby’s soft and delicate skin. For this purpose we are continually learning about baby’s unique skin which needs specific care. Baby Powder is clean Refreshing scent that melts hearts. It nourishes your baby’s smooth skin. There are Pros and Cons regarding baby Powder.


Advantages Of Baby Powder

A baby Powder is an anti- rash medication which protects the baby’s smooth skin from diaper rash. It Creates a dry environment in diapers and soothes even after a rash has started.

The American academy of paediatrics recommends that parents should use baby Powder to protect their sensitive skin from rashes. It is a right treatment for avoiding wetness.

Baby’s urine and stool creates harsh ammonia which causes rash and irritation. Several antibiotics also aggravate your baby’s bottom. Some of baby foods have acid content in them which results in diaper rash.

Baby Powder is especially useful in summer if your baby’s skin is susceptible to heat rash. It is also helpful in case of wetness created by urine.

Baby Powder is recommended by paediatrics because it Provides a dry environment that is good for various types of rash. It rehydrates your baby’s skin and Encourage healing.

Some varieties of baby Powder have anti-inflammatory properties which avoids from redness and inflammation. They also have antibacterial and antiviral properties that prevents infection and stops viral growth.


Buy The Best Baby Powder for Your Kids

Petroleum products used for babies makes thin layer between diaper and skin of your baby, they Don’t provide a dry environment to the baby’s skin and in this way they aren’t rash resistant products.

Paediatricians prefer baby Powder on petroleum products. Baby Powder can be used on daily basis from avoiding diaper rash. Baby powders which are clinically proven and dermatology tested are good for baby’s skin because They are hypoallergenic formulated for the baby’s unique skin.


Disadvantages Of Baby Powder

The earlier concerns were made when the presence of talc was identified in baby products, which had asbestos, a serious cancer causing element. Talc can also cause ovarian cancer. Manufacturers Then recalled their talcum based products to cornstarch products. Cornstarch is present in many baby powders which encourages candida growth.

Even nontoxic and organic ingredients can be harmful for babies when inhaled, because they infect the respiratory tract and cause choking. The fine particles can cause lung damage and asthma.

Some babies have soft and sensitive skin, so baby Powder can make worse their rash if baby have a bacterial based infection. Sometimes some quantity of Powder is remained in baby’s folds and it is not clearly wiped, in this way it may cause irritation instead of preventing it.


Baby Powder Uses

  • Paediatricians recommend parents to apply Baby Powder on their hand at first and then on baby’s skin. As for as concerned with baby powder uses? You can also take a Powder duster and can apply Powder on that and then to your baby’s bottom.
  • You should also wipe away the excess Powder between baby’s folds to avoid irritation. Because too much Powder can harm a baby’s soft skin and also for drying excessive oil from the hair for betterment of healthy baby hair growth.
  • The main point is to consider while buying a Baby Powder that it should have active ingredients.
  • Use it consciously without releasing into the air around your child. Because it’s particles can cause asthma or lung disease.


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Baby Powder Ingredients

Baby powders are manufactured in accordance with the baby’s smooth and delicate skin. Different kind of baby powders are available which contain similar or different baby powder ingredients.

Talcum baby Powder is made of talc, silicone, magnesium and oxygen. It absorbs wetness and Keep the baby’s bottom dry and rashes free. But it is not referred by paediatrician because it has lot of side effects.

Talc free or organic based baby Powder is made of organic arrowroot powder, cornstarch, kaolin clay, organic calendula extract, organic rosemary extract and Non GMO mixed tocopherols. It is better in many ways as compared to talcum powder.


What Is Baby Powder Used For?

Baby Powder is not just for babies. What is baby powder used for? it can be used for different purposes. It is not a baby rash medication; it can do more than this simple ward. There are many uses of baby Powder that you may never have thought of. It is helpful in your daily routine without affecting your budget.

It is useful in following ways:

Pet Shampoo

If your pet does not smell well and is unable to take wash then there’s no need to worry. We have a solution for this. Sprinkle some baby powder on your pet’s furry and then rub into their fur. Leave it for two to three minutes and then brush. It works as a dry shampoo while providing freshness. It will also remove extra oil.


Grease Cleaner

Baby Powder is also useful for removing grease stains. If you have got grease stains on your clothes, just apply a small quantity of baby Powder on a cotton ball and dab on the grease. Then rub the Powder onto the stain and rub until the grease is removed.


Prevent Chafing

If you are running through hotter summer, you may experience chafing. A baby Powder will help you to prevent chafing. It will reduce friction when you run and make your skin smooth and pain free. Just sprinkle baby Powder on the area you chafe before running.


Freshen Shoes

If someone in your house tends to have stinky shoes. Then there is a wonderful way to remove that odour. When your feet sweat in your shoes then it can cause some sort of odour.

You just have to sprinkle some quantity of baby powder in your shoes and allow them to leave overnight. In the morning just shake your shoes or leave it. It will absorb moisture and will make your shoes odourless.


Reduce Waxing Pain

Waxing is useful for removing unwanted hairs but it can leave redness and pain. By applying a bit of baby Powder before wax, the pain will be reduced. It also protects the skin and it remains smooth and less red.


Repel Ants

Sprinkle some baby Powder around your doors and windows will keep ants away. It is an excellent repellent for ants and any other pests like this.


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Refresh Books

Give your moldy books a new life. Just sprinkle baby Powder on these old books. It absorbs moisture and makes your books fresh.


Face Fixing

If expensive makeup fixers aren’t in your budget then use baby Powder instead to fix your makeup. Dust a touch of baby Powder over your face to fix the makeup.


Is Baby Powder Safe for Adults?

Is baby powder safe for adults? The question comes in everyone’s mind. Experts answered this question with “NO”. It is harmful in many ways in children and adults both.

It may cause serious problems such as:

  • Nowadays mothers use baby Powder for diaper rash. But studies show that this is a wrong decision. Baby Powder absorbs moisture and triggers the rash and makes it worse instead of curing it.
  • Baby Powder is widely used by adults and especially in women for skin care and masks. But according to researchers it contains asbestos in it. Asbestos is a particle which causes lung cancer. That’s why it is prohibited in many areas.
  • According to researchers baby Powder used in genital areas causes ovarian tumour. It may pass through urogenital areas and can stay in ovaries. In this way it is dangerous for you and your child.
  • Dust particles of the baby Powder can affect your lungs. It may cause serious respiratory infections by entering into the lungs.

Baby powder keeps skin dry, comfortable &  soft. With a fresh and classic scent, the baby powder formula rolls over your baby’s skin and leaves it fresh, feeling delicately soft and clean while providing soothing comfort. Obviously This fragrant, smooth powder can do Better than absorbing sweat and makes your baby smell fresh.